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First Move/ Hanging out with 3 guys!

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Now Victoria met another guy but this one is hot!

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Chuck Comeau,David Desrosiers,Pierre Bouvier,Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2012-03-06 - Updated: 2012-03-07 - 454 words

(so they went in the mall)

Tori:Why are we here anyways?

Pierre: (sarcastic) hmm let me guess-(cutted off)

Tori: Shopping?

Pierre: well duh (said jokingly)

Seb: accually were meeting David here...


(after half an hour of looking around the shops David called Pierre)(on the phone)


David: hey Pierre you im in the shop called me there!!!

Pierre: kay

(they went to Hot Topic)

Seb: Hey David!!

David: hi Seb!!

Pierre: Hey David!!

David: Hi Pierre and you must be Tori...Seb talks about you all the how beauti-

Tori&Seb: (blushes)(looks at each other)

David&Pierre: Look they're blushing...

Seb: Kay enough David!! I think she heard enough!

David: come on...

(After they shopped for abit)

Seb: amm...guys I need to go home now!

Pierre: why? cuz mommy needs to change your nappies...(laugh so hard but no-one else laugh)

David: Not funny Pierre...(serious)

Tori: (giggles)

Seb:Annnyyyywaaaaays because I need to go somewhere really important(lies)...

Tori: where ya going?

Seb:My mom's wedding...

Tori: at night?

Seb: yea isnt that awesome?!

Tori: ya whatever..kay bye

(everyone else says bye and he left)

Pierre: I need to go too because...ammm..err...i need to write more songs..

David: Cant you do that tommorrow?


Tori: woah calm down dude...

David: Bye then...

Tori: bye..

(Pierre walks off)

David: so I guess it's me and you then so watcha wanna do?(sees movie sign) How about...wanna watch a movie?

Tori: ok?!

(so they went to the person that sells the ticket)(they bought the tickets)(went to the seats)(they are watching Horror)

David: So not scary(whispered)(lies)(tries not to react at the scary parts)

Tori: (Jumped of scaredness)wow really...(whispered)

David: yea...(whispered)

(scary part comes on)

Tori: (got scared)(jumped)(grabs david)

David: (cuddles Tori)(chuckles)

Tori: (toughts)AWKWARDD!!! I JUST MET HIM LIKE 3 HOURS AGO AND LIKE WERE CUDDLING!!!!(Gets of david)(reallity) Im sorry..

David: amm noooo its okay!!

(movie finnished)

David: that was really fun...we should do it again..

Tori: what was fun?? the part where you watch me jump out of my seat and I getting scared or the part where we were cuddling?(smirks)(curious)

David: Both!(:P)(smirks)

Tori: (smiles) Kay then...we should do it again...some other time..

David: yea ammm need a ride?

Tori: its ok got my own..

David: can i ask you one more question?

Tori: amm yea sure..

David:......Can I get your number?

Tori: Ofcourse(gets phone out and they exchange numbers..)

David: kay thanx...
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