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One of the guys is asking out Victoria.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Chuck Comeau,David Desrosiers,Jeff Stinco,Patrick Langlois,Pierre Bouvier,Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2012-03-06 - Updated: 2012-03-07 - 669 words

~Tori's POV~

So we got of at the mall and as we walked in we found Pierre with a girl, he has his arms around her. To be honest I had a crush on Pierre, I was quite jelous when I saw them.

"ahh you kay there Tori?"David asked. "Guess so..." I answered back with a weak smile. "So anyone hungry?" Seb asked. "I am!"screamed Ella. "So Ella what do you wanna eat?." "Dont mind, dont care." She said politely. "Guess its McDonalds then."he said."nah uh you havent asked me yet." I said.

"ok ok so what do you want Tori?"

"Can I get McDonalds?"

"no!"He said sarcasticly "well course she can Seb im paying anyways. I mean I will pay for everyone and no complains."Chuck offered. "But I thou-"David was cutted of by chuck. "No buts..Im paying, end of conversation, kay?" "kay" everyone said.

After we got our lunch we went back to the van. When we passed the exit David said hi to a girl that was annoyed when he said hi."Go home David" said the girl. "No way, Im staying here..maybe not staying here." "Whatever." "who's that?" I asked when she left."its just my annoying sis, her name is Danielle but I call her Dani." "ohh."Then we went to the van and drove of to my house first cuz its closer.

We said bye and me and Ella went inside my house. "so had fun Ella and Tori?"Asked Sam. "why would you care lil bro." "FYI im not younger than you!" "ya you are!" "maybe just by 2min!" "yea so im older than you!"

~After Arguing~

After we argude(well yea I always win and yes im older) Ella went home and I went upstairs. Then the phone rang. It was an unknown number so its probably one of the guys. So I picked up-

Tori: hyellowp?

David: Heyya err Tori...Need your help..

Tori: Whats up?

David: My sister's bestfriend has this huge crush on me so heeeeeeeeeelllppp!

Tori: hang on ill come to your house..Not that I know where that is...

David: wait dont! cuz im not in there im in the mall.

Tori: kay whatever.

David: Kay see ya and hurry up!

Tori: kay bye.

~then we hang up~

So I walked to the mall since its 5min away from where my house is.

"Finally, What took you so long?"Asked David in relieved."Err that only took 5 minutes." "Well it felt like 5 hours to me." "Whatever, so where is this girl that has a huge crush on you?" "Ohh about that I just wanted you to come with me to the shops..sooo yeaa." "Why didnt you just tell me, I could've brang my wallet." "Ohh well ill buy you whatever you want."

After we went around the mall David dragged me somewhere private. "err David where are we going?" "amm Victoria..." "yea David?" "I wanted to tell you this for a loooonnggg time." "What is it?" "Well..I..I..I.." "I what???" "Did you know that I really like you." "I know you do, well as a frie-" "NO! not as a friend, I mean I really REALLY like you." "in what way?".Then he suddenly kissed me and said "in that way." "naww really." "yes really..and even though I just met you like 2 or 3 days ago I really wanted to ask you out so I made that "Someone has a huge crush on me" excuse and it worked....anyways errmm..Tori..will you go out with me." "ermm, you see I kind of like someone else but.." "Please" he said with a cute but failed dog eyes thing."And that person is you?!" "YES!" he said excitedly. It acually wasnt him remember how I said that I kind of like Pierre..But when I last saw her I saw her with another girl soo..Anyways lets just see how David goes in a first date.
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