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Chillin' with 2 guys!

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Someone called and Victoria hang out with them.

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The next morning i woke up feeling better. Suddenly the home phone rang,

Sam: (yelling) ILL GET IT!!!

After few seconds later my brother knocked on my door.

Tori: Who is it?

Sam: Sam!! DUHHRR..anyways the phone call is for you..

Tori: Kay, come in then...

Sam: (opens door)(walk in) here take it!

Tori: amm okay(grabs phone)

Sam: (left the room)

Tori: Yeeellowpp???

Seb: amm heyy Tori its me Seb? amm anyways you'll probably wondering how and why I called...How? because when I came back from the band meeting I passed the concert arena, while I was walking passed it I found a phone and it turned out to be yours...and Why? Because I wanted to give it back to you...

Tori:...My phone???but isnt my (checks pocket) Phone (didnt find anything) not here.

Seb: (chuckles) How about we meet somewhere?

Tori: well...Im not sure of trusting a famous person...but okaaaaayy..(thought)For a second I regreted saying that okay but...

Seb:... so where do you wanna meet??

Tori: how about (thinking) err...McDonalds?

Seb: sounds great, meet you there at 3.

Tori: kay cya (hangs up)(put the phone away)

So i was still thinking about what to wear...Not too fancy but casual, so I just got a GC top (Not SP cuz that would be kinda awkward) and not too short shorts...

AT 2:49

Tori: ( done getting ready)(got out of the house)(and drove to McDonalds)(arrived at McDonalds sees Seb)

Seb: (Sees Tori)(wave)

Tori: (wave back)(moved closer to Seb) heyy

Seb: Amm heyy are you..

Tori: good i guess...sooooo....can i have my phone now?

Seb: amm sure (gives phone) so wanna hang out.. and get to know each other?

Tori: ahhmmm...yea ok (kinda smirk)

Seb: (big smile on his face) awesome..and also i hope you dont mind Pierre wants to he'll be here in a minute..

Tori: No i dont mind at all(smirks)..

(Pierre walks in McDonalds)(sees them and walked closer to them)

Pierre: hey guys, so lets go (too excited)...

Seb: dont be too excited Pierre!!

(after taking for abit, they all went to Tori's car and drove off because Pierre and Seb Just walked cuz McDonalds is like 5min away from where they're staying)(in the car)

Pierre: (in the front seat) Sooo Tori....Where do you live?

Seb: (back seat) STAKLER ALERT!!!(laughing)

Pierre: hahaha (sarcastic laugh)very funny NOT! seriously where do you live TORI not Seb!?

Tori: (driving)In a house(laughing)

Seb: (laughing) hahaha good one Tori!

Tori: Anyways thats just a really random question Pierre!!

Pierre: soz im just really bored and thats the first thing that popped into my head...

Seb: (slaps his own head, looked down and shook his head slowly) ohh god!

Tori: (thoughts) WHATTT!?!?! The first thing that popped into his head is where do I live??? okaaayy..very weird...

(back to reallity)

Pierre: WWWWhhhhaaaaatttt??

Seb: Nothing.

Tori: kayy guys here we are...At the mall that took us half an hour to get there!

Seb&Pierre: (Chuckles)

(soooo they got in the mall)
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