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In the middle of a gun fight, in the center of a resturaunt.

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Quite literally.

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"What y'all in here for?" Gerard asked, cheerfully.
"Oh, we set the bathrooms on fire. Even Izzy. It was cool." Mikey said, causally.
"Oh, sweet!" Gerard replied.
"Yeah, it was." Smiled a small-ish brunette girl, appearing from behind Regan.
"Oh, hey Izzy! I didn't see you there." Gerard giggled.
"Oh, guys, this is Arrow and This is Poison." Gerard said.
"Oh yeah, we have met Mikey and Regan lives down the road" Arrow said.
"Well, this Frank..." Regan said, pointing to a short boy with a black hair and a side fringe.
"...And this is Ray!" Regan continued pointing to a tall boy with a brunette afro.
"Haaii!" Arrow giggled.
"Heeyy!!" Poison said, going a bit red when Frank shook her hand.
"Izzy's my girlfriend, by the way..." Regan said, proudly, hugging her.
"What are you guys in for?" Asked Ray.
"I produced wrong art." Gerard said.
"I screamed at the bitches that tripped over my sister..." Muttered Poison.
"Ummm... I tipped paint on the desk..." Arrow said...
"Pathetic, I know." She continued, laughing this time.
"Well, shall I introduce you to the rest of the DT crew?" Frank asked, winking at Poison...
...Who went the colour of a tomato.
"Okay, theres...Cassie, Pepper, Hollie, Mellisa, Lucy, Jack, Leo, Jude and Artie." Frank continued, pointing at each person as he went.
"ARTIEEEEEE!" Gerard sang, running up to a girl wearing a home-made band t-shirt and ripped orange skinny jeans, before jumping on her back.
"What the f-" The girl said, clearly surprised.
"Oh! GEE!" Artie giggled.
"Look, Arrtttiieee... I need a..." Gerard said.
"Pen?" Artie asked, finishing his sentence.
"YES!" Gerard replied happily.
"All the BEST kids are in DT..." Mikey grinned, speaking to Poison and Arrow
"...Welcome to the club."
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