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Cover me in gasloine, wipe away those tears of blood again.

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"...Umm... I'm sorry... But I have to get on this bus..." A quiet, nervous voice replied.
"SO?! DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?!" The angry voice shouted, clearly now super pissed off.
"Oh jeeze... Mikey!" Regan muttered, before hurrying down the bus isle, making his way to the back, motioning for Poison and Arrow to follow him.
At the back of the bus, the was a large jock-type boy, threatening a smaller, scared looking boy by holding the collar of his shirt, and holding his fist up as if he was just about to punch the smaller boy.
"Dean." Regan said, calmly.
"Put Mikey down."
"And what if i don't?" The large jock-type boy said, dropping the smaller boy's collar and turning his attention to Regan.
"You know what I will do. You know I will not hesitate to do it." Regan said, sticking his hand in his pocket, and pulling out a small object.
Dean paused, running his finger over what seemed to be a scar, just below and to the right of his belly button.
"Okay. Whatever. Its not worth it anyway." Dean said, slinking off, to his seat.
"REGAN!" The smallish boy exclaimed.
"YOU TOTALLY SAVED ME, THERE. Mum would NOT be happy if I got another black eye..." Mikey said, running up to Regan and giving him a quick hug.
"Oh... Hi..." The boy said shyly, suddenly becoming aware of the two girls stood behind Regan.
"Poison, Arrow, this is Mikey" Regan smiled, motioning to the small boy.
"Hes always getting in trouble..."
"Wait... If your alone, where's Gee?" Regan said, suddenly looking worried.
"Oh, yeah. He spent the night at Artie's house, and their walking to school." Mikey said, causally.
He looked over at Poison and Arrow and waved, smiling.
"Well. We better get seats." Regan said, looking relived.


"Want me and Mikes to walk you to your first lesson?" Regan asked, smiling.
"Yes please..." Arrow said.
"We have NO clue where to go..." Poison laughed.
"Okay... What have you got first?" Regan asked.
"Art..." Poison and Arrow said, at the same time... Before laughing at each other, for doing so.
"Cool! Gee has that too..." Regan said, beging to walk.
"Gee?" Asked Poison.
"Oh, you will know my brother when you see him..." Mikey giggled.
"Here we are!" Regan said, holing his hand out, pointing to a door.
Arrow pushed it open, she and Poison thanked Regan and Mikey, and went in.
"Oh, your late. Sit down." The teacher said coldly.
Poison and Arrow found seats together at the back of the class.
"Right, class. Today, we will be painting still life. Everyone get your paints." The teacher said, aranging various plants, fruits and pots to paint.
The class stood up and made their way over to the paints and brushes.
Arrow and Poison ammbled over, and picked their paint.


"All right, class. Time to tidy up." The teacher said.
The class, obidiently stood up and began tidying.
Arrow walked over to the paint closet, holing a tub of crimson paint.
A girl, smirking, stuck out her leg and tripped Arrow up, before turning to her friends and laughing.
Arrow fell forwards, acidently tipping the contence of the tub onto the bottom of the boy infront's jeans, and all over his shoes.
"OMFG. I AM SOOO SORRY!!" Arrow said, picking herself up off the floor, and tried to help the boy get the red paint off.
"Its okay, dear. My shoes needed a little colour anyway!" Laughed the boy.
"I'm sooooo sorry..." Arrow sighed.
"Hey! Bitches! DON'T FUCK WITH MY SISTER!" Poison said, running over to help Arrow and verbally abuse the girl that tripped her up.
"Hey, I'm Gerard by the way." Smiled the boy.
"Hey, I'm Arrow, 'nd thats my sister, Poison" Said Arrow motioning over to Poison, who was verbally abusing a chino wanker, in the corner.
"GIRLS! I don't allow language like that in MY CLASSROOM! DETENTION!" The teacher screamed at Poison.
"And, YOU! GERARD. DETENTION FOR YOU TOO! THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!" She screamed at Gerard, waving a sheet of paper, with a hand wrapped around a bleeding heart, that was certainly not still life.
"Oh, well." Arrow said. "I might as well get DT too." as she tipped a pot of paint allover the table.

Later, in detention...

"Oh, hey, Mikey! Regan! Ray! Frank!" Gerard shouted, into the detention room, as he had arrived with Arrow and Poison.
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