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Death or victory!

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Tee, Poison and Arrow walked down through the garden, about to get into Tee's car.
Just then, a boy appeared at the gate.
"Oh! Hey Regan!" Tee said casually.
"Hi, Tee, who are they?" Asked the boy, smiling at Poison and Arrow.
"Oh! This is Arrow, and this is Poison!" Tee said, gesturing to each girl as she said their name.
"Oh, Hello, Poison and Arrow, i'm Regan. Its nice to meet y'all!" Regan said, smiling at both girls.
"Tee, I just came round to see if I could borrow your lawn mower, dad wants me to do some gardening." Regan said, finishing with a sigh.
"Sure, its in the garage, you know how to get in, me and the girls were gonna get ice cream. See ya later" Tee replied, getting in the car.
"Oh, girls, you guys will be getting the bus to school, with Regan" Tee said, smiling, once they were driving.
"Oh, sweet, he seemed nice." Poison replied absently, staring out the window, at the houses rushing by.


"GETUPGETUPGETUPGETUP!" Tee shouted bursting into Arrow and Poison's room.
"YOUR FREAKING LATE!!" Tee screamed.
"Whaaa?!" Arrow asked, sitting up... Looking confused and rubbing her eyes.
"YOUR LA..." Tee stopped mid sentence.
She pointed at Poison and said "Shes still asleep?"
"Yeah, headphones. Hold on..." Arrow replied, jumping out of bed, waking over to her sister.
She shoved her hands under the covers, and retirved a small silver iPod.
She unlocked it, went on to 'music' turned it up as loud as possible, and switched to 'leATHERMOUTH' screams blasted through the headphones.
"OWOWWOOWWOOWWOWOWCCHHHH! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" Poison screamed, suddenly sitting up in bed. Wide awake.
Arrow motioned to Tee.
"YOUR SO FREAKING LATE GUYS! GET UP GET UP GET UP!!" Tee screamed, laughing this time.
"Oh... OH!" Poison said, shooting out of bed and into the bathroom.
"Breakfast in 10, Arrow" Tee said, smiling at Arrow.

A few moments later... After both girls were showered and dressed... And in the kitchen

"QUICK!" Tee said, handing both girls a pop-tart, and $5 for lunch.
"Thanks Tee, see ya laterrr!" Arrow said cheerfully, walking down to the bus stop.
"Byeee, Tee! Have a nice day!" Poison said, following her.
"Byeee, guys!" Tee shouted after them.
"IMSOEXCITED." Arrow giggled, to Poison as the waited for the bus.
"Stupid little sister" Poison replied fondly, giving her a hug.
"Oh... Hello." Said a friendly voice.
Both girls turned round to check out who it was.
"Oh, hey, Regan!" Arrow said.
"Hello!" Poison said, waving.
Before Regan could say anything...
A bus full of shouting kids sped round the corner, slowing to a halt at the bus stop.
Regan, Poison and Arrow got on.
"HEY." a angry voice shouted. "Didn't I tell you not to get on this bus anymore?!"
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