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Terrified, she stood still tying not to cry until she figured out what to do next her racing train of thought was cut short by the sound of a sword being unsheathed, she gasped in fear when she felt the sharp tip of the weapon pressing into her back between the shoulder blades.

Jan? She asked timidly after managing to regain some composure, is that you?
She felt the pressure lessen, and disappear completely and heard the quiet scrape as it became sheathed again.

What are you doing here? He asked harshly.

I’m sorry. She paused...I’ll just be leaving then...I can see I have disturbed you.

What a stupid thing to say! She chastised herself, it’s not like you can really go anywhere!

Jan took a hold of her arm roughly and the next thing she realised was how they were back in the room she had grown so used to.

Again he demanded to know why she was there.

I wanted to see you, she told him as coldly as his welcome had been, I can see I shouldn’t have bothered! She spat.

There was silence, deathly silence for a few moments as both stared blankly at each other, each waiting for the other to say something more.

Finally, Jan awkwardly apologised for his shortness towards her, explaining he hadn’t expected to see her again.

Just as Embeth prepared to tell him what she had come for he told her she shouldn’t have, that she should go back home to Markus.

The thing that hurt the most was the way he said it, without feeling, No anger, hurt... No emotion at all.

Embeth soon got over the hurt, but a new feeling took over.

She was livid.

I don’t know why I bothered!

If this is how you feel about my company then you are quite right, I shouldn’t have come at all!

She turned away from him, away from the temptation of thumping him one.

She sighed.

I only came to tell you I had left him...and that I....
She paused.
It doesn’t matter, I shall leave this minute and tell him...

She was cut off by Jan suddenly pulling her close to him.

Tell him what?

Said Jan with a seductive expression playing on his pale face.

That I, she stuttered. She kissed him, unlike the last time he didn’t pull away or lose his temper.

When the kiss ended she swallowed and told him she couldn’t have married Markus, because her heart didn’t belong to him.

A playful expression danced across Jan’s features and he asked why she would love a monster.
Nervously she laughed and told him:

I read a book once...about a girl and she weer kidnapped by a monster who wanted her all for himself...But she loved a nice man and wanted to marry him instead....
Jan looked confused. And how would that make you love me?
Because...she paused.

Erik seemed a monster, but he had a dark past, the world had been so unkind to him....He was a genius a composer an artist and and had the most gentle soul inside....but nobody ever saw that side of him, they saw only what they wanted to see....a monster.
And Christine- the girl.

She chose to be with the other man Raoul in the end and left Erik all alone....just like everyone else had.

And? Jan asked.

Well, she said.

Raoul were boorish, I wanted her to choose made me wonder how the story would have ended if she had seen past the monster to the man he were inside.

She smiled, I know the man inside and I love him,
I want to give that story a happy ending with my Phantom.

Jan laughed not knowing what to say, He thought comparing a story to real life were an absurd, dangerous move....But he didn’t want to be the one to say it- He had gotten what he wanted all along, in fact way more than He had dared to hope for.

I just need to know one more thing Embeth continued.

I want to know if, you wanted to marry me for the sake of it, or if you genuinely felt anything for me.

Embeth, Jan started.

There was a prophesy...If I married you on or before February 14th, My life would have been restored to me...whereupon I would live, grow old and die....and depending on my actions, be spared from Hell.

I let you go because....

He paused momentarily, he was wary of the ‘’L’’ word.

I loved you, I loved you from the moment you wore that veil.

Later after hearing your love for Markus....I couldn’t have kept you.

I wanted you to be happy even if it was with him.

Embeth held him tighter.

You didn’t know, but everyday I stood in the clearing, watching your home....His face reddened, he cursed his beating heart.

I hoped to see you even for a moment.

He looked away embarrassed.

Being away from you was worse than Hell.

Embeth felt a tear- this time one of joy slide down her cheek and admitted she had thought of him often and wanted to see him sooner than she had.

Overwhelmed and confused by Embeth's unexpected confession he wanted to know what she were thinking about him.

She knew exactly what he was, what he had done.
She knew very well what he was capable why did she choose to stay when she knew he could with ease destroy her.

That scared her- she did think of leaving but something kept her there.

I suppose I shall just have to trust you.

Jan for the first time realised the 14th were only 7 days away.

The prophesy is almost upon us said he.

Then, Embeth said, I will marry you Jan, I want you to have a second chance, please lets go ahead as soon as possible.

This is serious Embeth,
I don’t want to make any arrangements so soon, What I want is for you to leave....go home and think long and hard about your future.

He paused momentarily to give his words chance to sink in before continuing.

There is the risk of the prophesy being false, the last thing I would want for you is for you to raise your hopes up and it to be for nothing.

How can you say that? She asked, offended, feeling a small stab of pain.

It’s not for nothing! I love you and whether or not it works, I’ll still have you anyway.

No, Please, Just, Embeth please go....and think about what you are doing, and if it it is still what you want then I will be waiting for you at the clearing on the eve of the 14th.

He paused once more.

Come to me before midnight and I will come back here and make the arrangements.

Embeth didn’t need to think, she knew what she wanted there and then, but she would do as he asked if only to keep the peace.

She put her arms over his shoulders and held him tightly, all her past fear seemed so silly, she had almost forgotten the fear he put through her....almost.

So, said she- Until the 13th then?.

She grinned wickedly and let go, waiting for him to free her once again.
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