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Embeths mum is being nosey, and Jan has got a problem.

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When Embeth arrived back at the cottage Nettie was already in the kitchen making breakfast.

Where on earth have you been at this hour? She scolded.

I...well, she paused. I was visiting a friend...she told a half truth.

At this hour girl? What’s gotten into your head? It isn’t safe to be in them woods at any given time!

Why not? Embeth challenged.

Nettie sighed, lets not get into this.

No, Embeth replied tell me, why isn’t it safe?

She knew well what Nettie meant but she wanted to hear it anyway.

Are you daft? All those stories of the murdering ghost.....

Do you want your head chopped off?

Embeth stifled a laugh, Oh mother,
I can assure you that wouldn’t happen because...

Before her tongue slipped she saved herself by asking not to talk about it.

Who is he then? Nettie asked her daughter suddenly.

Caught off guard she answered who?

Her mother wiped the perspiration from her forehead with her sleeve, you know who....the gentleman you sneaked off to.

She paused while she took the frying pan from the stove.

Only reason a young lass sneaks around at dawn is a lovers tryst.

Embeth wasn’t sure her mother had said it to her or said it to herself, but realising she couldn’t lie anymore she decided to tell her mother that she had in fact met a man when she were away- and that she should like to marry him.

I knew it, Is that the reason you spurned Markus?

Oh mother, Embeth replied irritably, you know very well I didn’t spurn Markus!, I ended things yes, but I never said one nasty word to him...Nor would I.

But yes, to answer your question- I left Markus for...well, him.

Well, Nettie answered feeling a little relieved, who is ‘’him’’?

Does he have a name? Is he a good lad?

Embeth couldn’t help but smile- I think so.

What do they call him?

Embeth almost burst out laughing as she said Lots of things.

But his name is Jan, she didn’t know whether to continue but she did.

He lives not far from here.

Jan? Nettie asked with a surprised tone that’s not a name one hears often....

Oh, he’s German Embeth explained.

German? What’s he doing round ere then? He won’t fine many of his lot knocking around.
Mother, do you have a problem with....his heritage? She asked slightly aghast at her mothers apparent distaste.

Me lass? Nettie asked in a high-pitched squeak, Nah, I don’t mind where folk come from, alls I meant was very few of his lot are living here- there are some soldiers from the war settled....mind you I expect most of them are dead these days...

Well, I expect he may have been related to one of them, Embeth stated casually.

How did you meet this young man then?

He showed me to the next town, May I be excused to my room? Said Embeth finally, not wanting to answer any more questions.
She hated to lie, a
and the realisation of how good she were at it made her feel even more uncomfortable.
Despite her love of Jan she couldn’t help but wonder where it would leave them if what he had told her failed.

She wasn’t really sure she could cope with living in...well...Hell wasn’t it?
But she couldn’t just leave him there- it would look a little strange if she didn’t live with him.

Then there was the matter of meeting the in-laws.....his appearance wasn’t exactly inconspicuous was it? Surely someone would believe in the legend and recognise him, whether that would pose a threat or not she didn’t know.

The only thing she did know was she loved him and had no intention of deserting him when there is a chance of happiness.

No matter how unbelievable it all felt right now.

5 days later Jan had come upon a hitch....

I’m terribly sorry, but that is the rule- there must be at least one witness attending the ceremony... The priest explained.

What about God? Said Jan with distaste- isn’t he the one witnessing the marriage, isn’t that always said? Married before God?

Well, the priest stuttered, if you want to split hairs, yes. Unfortunately what I said before still stands,
I am sorry but that is my final word on the matter, No witness; no ceremony- It’s all here in this book.
Said he holding up leather bound book which Jan assumed to be a bible.

Jan’s face darkened making him take on a heart stoppingly sinister appearance.

And I would put money on it- that the rules also state it is wrong to molest children- said Jan with an acidic tone.

Without skipping a beat the priest asked him just what he was getting at.

Don’t act all innocent, you are incarcerated here as I am- there are hundreds of your kinds down here...Most of them are here for the same reason as you are.

He paused briefly to study the priest’s expression.

Don’t play innocent, you know as well as I what you have done Jan continued with a smirk.
I will take my leave the priest answered coolly. Either have a witness ready or I can do no more- Good day.

With that, the priest faded out to nothing.

Angered, Jan punched the wall.

He hated when things didn’t go his way-
Not to worry though he found he still held the ace.
He knew exactly what he would do.
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