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Darker Side.

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Another short one I'm afraid.

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Markus never saw the shadow behind him until it was too late.

Before he had chance to shout out he found himself tackled to the ground and a large, gloved hand pressed uncomfortably down covering his nose and mouth....rendering him incapable of breathing not to mention speaking.

You are coming with me- I will remove my hand, but if you so much as whisper it will be the last thing you do. Jan warned the terrified young farm hand.

The young lad had turned white as a sheet and was perspiring profusely.

Jan took away his hand and pulled the lad to his feet by the collar of the grubby shirt he wore, tearing it a little in the process.

The pressure he had put on the boys nose had caused him a nosebleed.

Markus tried to quell his nerves- in any normal situation he would have fared well with that....but nothing about this was normal.

One moment he had been making his way to the thicketed woods to fetch wood for a fence to go around the new pasture. The next he had been knocked to the ground by this brute.

Who the hell is this fellow? And what does he want with me? The boy thought to himself.

He didn’t wait long for his thoughts to be answered, well one of them anyway.

His stomach tightened when the stranger’s horse picked up speed- heading straight for a tree, The tree from the legend he had heard so many folk from the village talk about.

Were going to hit it! He screamed inside his mind.

The boy cried out and covered his eyes before impact- he heard a loud crack but felt nothing.
He opened his eyes to the horror around him; bleeding walls and a terrible smell which hung thickly, clinging to everything it touched. He could hear the tortured cries of what sounded to him, like the dying.

He panicked, lashing out at the man clad in black trying to escape his grip.

Pull yourself together!- and you wondered why Embeth left you for someone else....She is more man than you boy! Jan goaded the lad with an evil smile.

Embeth? Markus asked, her name breaking through his panic.

What have you done to her? The red headed boy demanded, forgetting his fear.

Well, Jan started with amusement- she isn’t here anymore....

Jan had to admit, as much fun as he was having he did feel slight traces of guilt for scaring the lad so. But he knew fear was as good as his sword- he could tell this boy would submit easily, all he needed to do was continue playing mind games and throw in the odd threat he doubted if he’d would even need to touch the boy.

Jan suddenly started to laugh, The look on your face would make such a lovely picture....I could just cut it off and put it...lets see. He said gleefully I know! Right over....there he continued while pointing to the wall.

Markus knew very well who he was dealing with.

It’s a shame I have to cut the fun short said Jan in mock disappointment.
See, Embeth is still alive and well...

It was you! Markus said suddenly realising this is where she must have been before.

Jan took a bow, Very clever- It’s only taken you.....probably a little longer than it should have for you to click. Now he paused,
I want you to do something for me.

Go to hell! Spat the red head.

Jan smirked, A little late don’t you think? Take a look around you...Anyway, he continued sharply; Enough games, I have a plan- I’m not much of a gambling man but you are my ace card; See I have a plan for you beloved, and it was only this morning I realised something was missing...That is where you come in; I need you to bare witness of this....plan, Being a farmer I expect you are accustomed to hard work...Well what I want you to do is easy.

And if I refuse? Asked Markus boldly.

I’m a dab hand at Russian roulette Jan replied coolly.

Oh, he added with a cheerful tone- I wouldn’t raise up your hopes of stealing her away from me like a knight in shining armour because as it happens-
her heart is mine.

Markus stared, mouth agape- You? How could she ever love you?

Well, Jan said animatedly, I am quite the charmer- by the end of her stay I had her eating out the palm of my hand....
Quite naive our Embeth isn’t she?

If you harm her I swear i’ll...

Jan cut him off- You will what? Kill me?
He laughed darkly, don’t worry too much you will get to live if you obey.

What if I don’t want to obey?

Then your refusal shall be your death warrant.
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