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Embeth is in for a nasty surprise when she goes into the woods to see Jan.

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Embeth pulled her shawl close around her shoulders with one hand while holding her shoes in the other; she didn’t want to risk putting them on until she was safely outside.

She hadn’t slept all night, forced herself to stay awake.

Today, right now in fact- she was to meet Jan at the other end of the clearing; To tell him she intended to go through with it despite the risks.

Only when she got to the agreed meeting point he was nowhere to be seen.
In his place stood Markus, white faced and bloodied.

What on earth are you doing here? She asked him, angry at his presence and terrified he would see Jan and the whole thing would be ruined and torn apart.

Listen to me he said hurriedly, breathlessly; I know about your arrangement with the horseman...and I beg you not to go through with it, Embeth, just turn around and go back home- He can’t be trusted.

How the hell did you find out? She asked angrily.

Markus looked at her in shock, he had never heard her use a tone like that in all the years he had known her.

He attacked me!

Dragged me to hell with him, he’s tried to blackmail me into being a witness....told me he will kill me if I refuse.

Look Markus, said Embeth impatiently and unconcernedly; Don’t worry about him, he put me through the same treatment....He isn’t so bad, not when you get to know him.....He’s a tough talker- that’s all there is to it.

No! Markus shouted, You must understand; this man...thing- he’s lying to you, he’s playing games- Who knows what he will do to you once this thing is all over with, do you understand me? He just wants to win!.

He finally had Embeth’s attention, what exactly did he say? She asked suspiciously.
Well, Markus started awkwardly, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news.

He gloated over how he managed to win you over with his ‘’charm’’, said you swallowed every line like sugar....He laughed at you, said you are naive.

He....he really said that? She asked feeling hurt, not wanting to believe Jan could really be so cruel after all the time he spent gaining her trust, after he gave her up mistakenly thinking she loved Markus.

Don’t you see? Markus continued, He only let you go so he would have your full trust, he knew you would be back sooner or later, Everything he has told you, he said he had, had it all planned out. He is a madman, he has no feeling.

Embeth’s eyes filled with hot, bitter tears.

How could he be so cold? And why, despite it all did she still desperately want him to turn up so she could run into his arms and then, and then he would tell her Markus was lying.

But, why?

Markus had never lied to her before, she took a long look into his light grey eyes scrutinising them for any signs of deceit- she found none. His desperate, scared face told her everything he had said was the truth.

Thank you she said with no emotion as she turned and began to walk back the way she had ccame.
She felt numb.

She would never give her heart so blindly again.

Sadly she turned around to look at Markus one last time- on the off chance he would suddenly laugh at her and tell her he made the whole thing up, an impossibility she knew, But wasn’t the fact she had fallen in love with a ghost, been to hell and back quite literally just as impossible?

She gasped in horror as she saw Jan had Markus pinned against a tree with his hands around his throat.

I knew I should never have sent you, any last words? Jan hissed into Markus’ ear.

No! Embeth screamed as she ran fast to Markus’ aid.

Both men stared at her, still in her nightgown her shawl had fallen off as she ran to them.
Why are you doing this? She asked Jan, tears streaming down her face.

This idiot has cost me everything...and I will make him pay he said angrily through gritted teeth.

That idiot has saved me! She told him indignantly, unlike me, more’s the pity; He saw through your lies while I believed everything you had said, I gave you my heart once, risked everything for you.

She paused for breath.
You betrayed me.
You know something Mr Von Faust? You really are a monster!

The pain those words caused him were indescribable, so unexpected he let go of Markus and pushed him away, towards Embeth. Of course he did not show his pain outwardly, he wouldn’t humiliate himself like that.

Embeth wasn’t finished.

You should burn in hell, and do you know something?
She said venomously; I’m glad you sent me away last week or I might have signed myself over to suffer the same fate you undoubtedly deserve.

You actually believe this boy? Jan questioned incredulously.

Did it not occur to you that he may have told you a pack of lies because he can’t stand to see you marry someone else?

Unlike you Jan, I know Markus- and he has never lied to me- she replied coldly.

So you think I have lied to you?

When Embeth did not reply, he eyed at them both.

Very well he said without a hint of feeling- go!

He glared at Markus- take her.

Forget me he told Embeth.

He was certain the pain he felt could kill him....if he was lucky enough.

But he must not let it show.

Embeth stood still, silently staring into the cold, empty yet still unspeakably beautiful eyes of the man who had so callously tricked her.
For a moment, however short lived she forgot the whole mess; saw only her Jan.

Without a word she turned her back on him and slowly, uncertainly took a few steps forward in the direction of the cottage.

I’ll walk you home, Markus offered awkwardly- I want to see you home safely.
She said nothing, felt nothing.

They walked in silence until the cottage came into view.

Markus stopped. Embeth? He asked quietly so as not to startle her, she stopped and faced him without saying a word.

I think, perhaps we had better warn your family about him.

You can’t! They won’t believe...well, my mother might...but not father, they will know I have lied to them.

But if he comes around here...

I’m sorry Embeth, they need to be warned, do you honestly think for a moment he will simply leave it and move on?

You're right she sighed hopelessly- Who knows what he would do to them.
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