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The Gift

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Embeth’s face stung from the slap her mother had given her upon learning of the situation.
You foolish, foolish girl!

My daughter, a friend of the devil!

We are all surely for the grave!

How could you be so stupid?

Raged Nettie, realising she didn’t know her own daughter as well as she had thought she had.
Jacob gripped onto his daughters shoulders.

Where in the woods will I find the gateway? I’m going to burn the damned thing to the ground! He shouted.

No! Father you mustn’t, you will be killed!

And if I don’t we shall all perish, now tell me where I can find....

He was cut off by the large crash as the door was broken through.

Standing there amongst the dust particles and splintered bits of wood was Jan, holding his weapons menacingly.

Unhand that girl he ordered with a dark edge in his voice.

Nettie squealed and fainted.

It’s him....Jacob stated dazed, hardly aware of his unconscious wife.

Embeth jumped to her feet, marched over to the intruder and beat her fists against his hard, armoured chest.

Leave! Do you hear me? I want you to go back to hell....and rot there! I won’t let you touch my family.

Jan’s face turned dangerous, and I suppose you could defend them against me?

If you must, take my life, do it- but please...spare them.

His face softened, I didn’t come here to hurt anyone.

She met his gaze and relaxed slightly. What do you want?

Isn’t it obvious? Will you talk to me? He quickly glanced around the room, first at Jacob, who just seemed to be staring into space and then at Markus who had done and said nothing since he had made his dramatic entrance and then finally at Nettie who still sat slumped over the table unconscious, then back at Embeth, adding; in private.

Jan, Embeth started with a sigh. There is nothing left to say, you have lied to me...only wanted me to get you ahead- you manipulated me then laughed at me behind my back!.

I don’t know you at all....and now, I never will.
I want you to leave before you hurt me more than you have.

Please? She asked weakly praying not to shed a tear.

Jan shook his head and looked away to where the door should have been, considering her pleas.
Truth be told he had no idea what he was going to say.

Like a fool he had just followed his heart, gone barging into the cottage to collect his prize- but he hadn’t even thought about what he might say once in.

He didn’t want to walk away now and risk never feeling the same way again- she had brought him hope, had a way of making him think there was a lot more to him than blood, death and senseless violence.

But was there really?

He only had himself to blame.

Right now, he didn’t even for a moment consider harming anybody....not even Markus.

If only he could have ignored his killer instinct the day before, if only he hadn’t used threats and mind games- If only he had been man enough to have told Markus truthfully how he felt....

If only she was still his....

He had to make things right....but how?

How could he make her trust him enough to listen to anything he had to say, let alone believe any of it?

Markus, a word? He asked the boy formally.

He and Embeth exchanged glances before he shakily got to his feet and followed the warrior outside.

No stay there, Jacob told his daughter gravely as she rose from the chair to follow after the 2 men.

But father, he could be killed!

Yes, and so could you, better to let them alone for now.

Embeth feared the worst.

Just short on half an hour, a dazed Markus came back indoors.

What happened? Are you hurt? She asked concernedly.

Markus shook his head, I’m fine, and he only wanted to talk.

Where is he?

He’s gone.

Where? She asked surprised at how easily he had given up.

Markus shrugged his shoulders, back to...well, he couldn’t bring himself to say Hell, so instead gestured towards the floor; down there, I suppose.
He stuttered- I don’t think he’ll be back.

Jan had spoken truthfully to Markus, what he had told him he wasn’t sure he should repeat to Embeth.

He had given him something...2 items meant for her.
And although it would be wrong of him he was seriously considering saying nothing about the matter.

He believed what Jan had said, he doubted anyone could have feigned such heartbreak; His words had been those of a broken man, his appearance that of the mortally wounded. He could recognise the awkward, twitchy agitation Jan presented while talking- almost like a child owning up to a broken heirloom.

That’s when the guilt began to sink in. True he still loved Embeth....but she did not love him back, whether he told her what had been said or not it wouldn’t bring her back to him.

Could he really deny her a chance at happiness?

Even though it wasn’t the most conventional love affair.

Still, he didn’t know if she would even take on board what he had to say on Jan’s behalf.
So he chose not to say anything, Instead he put his hand inside his pocket and pulled out a small square of parchment, a little rough around the edges and handed it to Embeth.

What is this? She asked him confused while studying the untidy handwriting.

He gave me it, for you.

Jan’s penmanship was terrible; So much so she couldn’t understand most of it.

Embeth, look Markus said awkwardly with reluctance, he...he was lying...lying to me, Not you.

He wanted to scare me, make sure I would do what he asked of me.
The thing is, the Priest won't perform the ceremony without a witness.

She cut him off- Don’t tell me you believe him.
Good God Markus...he’s a compulsive liar!

Yes, I could easily believe that of him....except he told me you wanted to marry him, he didn’t want to let you down.

She rolled her eyes; he’s really laying it on thick isn’t he! She stated scornfully.

He doesn’t care if you marry him! I really think he loves you, says he would resign himself to Hell forever more- happily if only you knew you were loved by him...that is God’s honest truth of it, Embeth...he has gone- for good.

He reached into his pocket once more to retrieve the second item.

Embeth studied it- it was a tarnished silver serpent, a ring.

A miniature copy of the one on the hilt of his sword- Only this serpent was designed for wearing instead of killing.

He told me, while ever that ring is in your possession you will know you are loved- He wants you to keep it.

A broken Oh was all she managed to say before he finished.

That ring though....he said you will always be able to find him as long as you have it.

Confused, what does that mean? She asked.

She studied the detail and noticed on the inside of it was an Latin.
Finally it clicked.

Markus, this is the key! This ring opens the gateway, the’s the words he uses to open it..But...

She paused.

If I have the key, how will he get inside?

Well, Markus said why don’t you go to him and find out?

As much as it hurt to let her go, he wanted her to be happy...Besides they could still be dear friends.

Do you really think I can trust him? She asked seriously.
I don’t know if I can take all the pain,
I don’t know if I could survive another let down....

It’s the 14th tomorrow, there’s still time, Do you love him or not?

Embeth remembered when Jan had asked her the same question in regards to Markus.

She stayed silent, remembering every look he had given her. Yes despite all the odds, misunderstandings....and pain- I do.

Then, I can’t believe I am letting some other guy walk away with my woman...but, and I really mean this- You have to trust your heart and marry the guy.

Here, I’ll come with you he told her encouragingly, I still need to give him my blessing....and I will be your witness so long as you promise me you won’t be a stranger- I can’t lose you completely.

He almost cried, for some reason it felt like a goodbye.
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