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Til death do us part.

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This is the final part. I hope people have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it...and I kinda hope people could see past my terrible style of writing and enjoy the story underne...

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The morning of the wedding had arrived.

Embeth wiped the tears from her eyes, It should have been the happiest day of her life, but she couldn’t help her doubt- Her mother, father and Celia wouldn’t be there, they felt disdain and horror over the idea of her marriage to a murderer, Celia referred to Jan as ‘the living corpse’, expressed her disgust freely- How Embeth could bare the stench of the blood was beyond her.

Embeth fretted about the outcomes of it- What if the prophesy didn’t work?

Would she be doomed to spend her days in Hell with him?
And what about children?
Could they even have children?
Even if the prophesy did work?

But she thought of Jan, of spending the rest of her life without him....and her mind was made up.

In 10 minutes she would be his wife- Mrs Jan Von Faust.

She liked the sound of it.

She never heard Markus enter her room.

Embeth! He gasped, you look beautiful.

He noticed the tears, what’s the matter? He asked confused.

Nothing she said, wiping away the tears with the back of her hand- Just wedding nerves I suppose.

OF course he smiled, if it makes you feel any better he isn’t feeling too confident either, he’s been pacing the floor all morning...It’s a wonder he hasn’t worn a path across it, If he ate- I’m certain he would be sick.

Wow, Embeth chuckled; he isn’t so brave after all...

Not by a long shot Markus agreed jovially, Come on then, it’s time.

Oh help me lord... she whispered under her breath as she got to her feet straightening the skirt of the gown and perfecting the veil.

Jan wore his usual armour, which didn’t surprise her- Not that she minded, he looked good in it, as hard as she tried she couldn’t really imagine him wearing anything else.

Jan couldn’t imagine Embeth being more beautiful than she already was, But in that dres....

He knew no vision could be more celestial than the vision of his bride on this day.

His heart swelled as he thought of how wonderful his life would be now that she was going to be a part of it permanently.

With the vows said and the two lovers declared husband and wife, Jan went in to kiss his bride....Only as soon as their lips touched he felt a white hot pain in his chest, He looked at his wife who was wide eyed, worried- She must see the pain etched in his face.

His knees buckled beneath him as he fell, his vision turned blurry and faded out to blackness, He heard his heart; Thud, thud thud thud thud....fade.....thud.....silence.

The last thing he heard was a banshee like shriek- Embeth.

He’s dying! She screamed help him!

There is nothing I can do the priest said sympathetically, trying to comfort the newly widowed woman.

Before their eyes, the body of Jan grew thinner, the skin turned blacker and blacker until there was nothing left but an age decayed skeleton and a few scraps of his now tattered beyond repair uniform.

She collapsed into a sobbing wreck, neither the breast nor Markus said a word- What could they say?

Jan became aware of regaining his sense of feeling, He felt a warm breeze and felt indescribable euphoria, He opened his eyes and saw standing over him a dark skinned, bearded man.

The thing he found most striking about this man was, although his skin was dark, his hair was not- and he possessed clear, deep blue, kind, smiling eyes.

The man offered his hand to help up the fallen soldier, which Jan took gratefully.
The stranger gave him the kindest smile.

I know what you are answer your questions I have a small part of every colour and creed in existence, I am the son.

Jesus? Jan asked in awe.

The man laughed, don’t worry I get the same reaction from every one who enters here.

If I’m in heaven....then, he panicked, what about my wife? We have only just married...I can’t die now!

Relax Jesus said, Rome wasn’t built in a day- You were already dead.

My father asked me to pass on a message before you return to the living.

He said- You are capable of limitless compassion and unfathomable cruelty, As it all of his sons and daughter...including myself.

The important thing is which one you choose to lead you in life. He has said he will fill your new life with untold blessings, all you need to do is choose whether to spread love or hatred- This is just a lucky guess my brother; But since you have had a taste of the shaded path, then perhaps you might try the one of light? My father hopes so...

How long might I live? Jan asked.

Jesus laughed melodiously, I can’t say- Part of the fun in life is not knowing, My advice to you is to make each day count.

And with that, the entire scene began to fade, he was plagued with terrifyingly loud, sharp noise, like metal scraping on metal over and over. His body felt like it was shaking violently.
And then nothing.

And then he felt so still, so steady.

He opened his eyes and found himself back where he had started, someone standing over him, this time it was his new wife, her mouth agape.

Jan! She cried, I thought I had lost you!

Unlike Jesus, she didn’t offer him her hand, so he picked himself up.

She rushed to hold him in her arms, scared of losing him again; barely noticing he was almost naked save for a few scant scraps of material here and there.

You had better find something to wear... said Markus awkwardly.

You look so.... different Embeth stated sounding a little dazed.

And he did indeed look different.

No more was his skin deathly white, he now possessed a healthy glow.

His eyes- though still captivating and attractive were now of a mortal hue.

The only thing which had remained unchanged was his teeth- But no more did they appear to be so they only made him appear quirky.

Suddenly everything around them began to spin and change, almost appearing as though it were being viewed through a fun house mirror.
They heard a rumble deep down underneath the ground it grew louder and louder, until it became almost deafening. Then loud explosive blasts could be heard followed by dark, black clouds of smoke.

It filled their lungs, pushed the oxygen right out of them leaving them choking helplessly.

Hellfire burst up from the cracks in the ground, Orange and red and terrifying.

The 3 humans fell, suffocating, almost dead.

Markus was the first to wake, followed by Jan, who then instead of following Markus’ advice which was to leave her to sleep it off, he shook her violently, with a start she lashed out at him and then finally opened her eyes.

Jan was the first to notice; the tree of the dead was no where to be found....

He felt mortified, that was the one thing he hadn’t thought of, Where on earth they would live once he did become human again....He should have realised they couldn’t stay in Hell.

Well...we could try to talk my parents around I suppose? Embeth told Jan hesitantly.

Jan had to stop himself from laughing; I think I would prefer to be back in Hell he muttered under his breath.

Well, I know it’s not much said Markus, bur you are welcome to stay in my fathers barn until you find somewhere else?

They didn’t take long to consider it before graciously accepting the offer.

That night as the newly weds sat with only each others company upon the stacks of hay they drank champagne- provided as a wedding gift from Markus.

They made a toast to life.

Embeth looked at Jan lovingly and said:

I still stand by what I said- Christine should have married Erik.

The End.
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