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You Said Goodbye Before you Said Hello

by KobraBlaze 3 reviews

First story! Frikey! You made your choice. Why would I take you back? Because I love you.

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This is my first and possibly last story ever. I don't know what gave me the idea. But I have certainly been inspired by authors like DisenchantedDestroya and youcanstakemyheart and lots of others. You are all fantastic writers!

]You Said Goodbye Before You Said Hello[

I thought you liked me. I thought we could be friends and we could hang out. You seemed cool with your red and black mohawk and Misfits shirt. The way you smiled at me when you saw me at the office offering a bit goofy smile. You talked to me a bit. I learned a couple of things about you. I was happy to be making a friend. You were a really nice guy then.
Before you knew I wasn't popular. Before you gave into peer pressure and became just like everyone who hate my guts. Things were okay I guess but it got worse.
I just couldn't take anything else when you behaved just like them. Slamming me into lockers and throwing balls of paper at me. I thought we were friends once for a small while. But you barely gave me a chance to be friends with you. Or maybe you just hated me because I was just a scrawny lanky loser who never has friends.
That's when I lost it and I completed your wish to have me dead. Well almost completed.

Because now your sat here beside my bed holding my sliced wrist blocking my exit from this hell you have created. You're begging me not to leave when just last week you said to "just fuck off and die!".
Do you expect me to think that it's all fine now?
Do you think I can trust you?
Do you think I still love you when you tell me that you love me?
Because I do!
I love you
I love your face with your adorable smile. But with that malicious smirk I hate it.

I love your soft hands. But when they are covered in my blood that you caused to spill I hate it

I love that you love me after everything. But I hate that I trust you when you say it Because I know it can't be true. Why would you love me?
But you do love me. I know you do. You may give into peer pressure but you have that quality of a sense of trust and I love you too.
And now I'm falling asleep in your arms as you wrap up and lock the exit to hell through my wrists.

Not very good and a shitty ending but its 20 to 1 in the morning and Im tired. but it's my first and I really just wanted to finally write something here. Review please and tell how to improve!
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