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"Goodbye, Kao"

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Toshiya and Shinya find out about Kaoru's disturbing death...

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A pained expression clouded Die's face. "Die, what's wrong, baby? Die? Please answer me!", Shinya said in a panic, shaking his lover by the shoulders. "Kao-kao always answers his cell phone", Die said gingerly, collapsing in a heap on the ground. "Die!", Shinya exclaimed as he fell. "Are you-" He was cut off by Die: "Shinya, I'm fine, would ya, lay off?". Shinya stared at him in horror and tears started forming in his eyes. "Aww Shin, I didn't mean it like that", Die felt really bad now. "No", Shinya said, backing away before turning to run away. Oh shit. Die thought as he scooped his face up into his hands. He'd messed up. Shinya stays mad at people for ages. Die, now crying stood up. "I may aswell go home", He muttered to himself. He hadn't been expecting an answer but he heard a "Or you may aswell join your precious leader-sama". He felt a sharp pain in the side of his head before he passed out.

He'd left Akiyo on his own and now Toshiya was laying, sprawled out on the stairs leading to the fourth floor. "Shiiiiiiiinyaaaa", He called, in his drunken haze. Yup, Totchi was drunk again. And it was quite bad this time- he'd already thrown up 4 times. "Oh my god", He stumbled up the top of the stairs and came face to face with a red door at the end of the corridor. "Huh? Secret room for Kao-kun?", He tried to think abck if his friendd had ever mentioned this, but he failed to miserably. He threw himself at the door to open it and surprisingly, it wasn't locked. "Kaooooo-kunnnn, guess whooo?", Toshiya called, walking in a curved line. He stopped in shock and horror. "He-he-he-Kao-No-Kao-no it can't be", The bassist was crying as he fell down beside his leader. "KAORUUUUUUUU!" He cried his eyes out for about half an hour straight before rising up and reaching for his cell phone. He tried to dial Kyo's number but he rung Shinya instead.

"Toshiya...what's wrong?"
"'s kaoru!"
"What's happened?", panic was rising in the little drummer's voice
"He's dead- he's been killed", toshiya still couldn't believe it..
"I-I-In his secret s-study"
"...And where's that?" Oh he hadn't told Shinya either. Makes me feel a bit better Thought Toshiya
"Look...where are you- I'll come look for you now"
"I-m the kitchen..getting wasted...Die said something mean to me and I'm not with hi- OH MY GOD! DIE'S ALONE! WHAT IF HE'S...." Shinya started sobbing like crazy.
"It-it's okay Shin, I'll come for you now"

Toshiya leant down to kiss Kaoru's cheek softly. He was cold. "Goodbye, Kao", He whispered softly before getting up to run as fast as his fairy wings could carry him to where Shinya was.
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