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Ain't Afraid To Die...

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Horrific events take place in Kaoru's office....

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Kyo awoke to the sound of Angie's hysterical voice. "W-where am I?", He asked, suddenly noticing his suroundings. Kaoru's bedroom. "Kyo!", Angie exclaimed happily when she saw that her love was still alive. He kissed her lips softly before asking, "what happened?". He remembered passing out but the memories before that were still cloudy. "You were passed out for an hour", she said with a woried edge to her voice. "I can't remember-KAORU!", He exclaimed, sitting upa t once, causing colourful stars to swirl his eyes. "Careful", Angie winced, holding the vocalist's hand. He felt like something was wrong. Out of place. "When was the last time I saw Kao?" He wondered aloud. It really ahd been some time. He'd dissappeared just after..just after...he'd failed to remember.


"L-look, I'm s-sorry", Kaoru stammered, his pupils diluted and distressed. "We've heard it all before", The man said again as four other figures stepped out of the shadows coming in from the window. "And we DON'T take..," He spoke slowly, emphasizing the word don't. His commrade finsished his sentence, "Things like this very well". He pulled out an even bigger gun and said a few final words to the leader of Dir en grey. "Goodnight, Kao-sama, tell my mother I said hello"
Goodbye Shinya, you talented perfectionist whom I adore. Goodbye Die, take my place, you're better than any other guitarist. Goodbye Toshiya, I'll always miss you and your emotional ways and finally, goodbye Kyo, you've been the best friend and vocalist anyone could have Those were Kaoru's last thoughts.....


"Hey Shinya", Die said softly, helping to dress his lover again. "What m'dear?", He relied happily. "Where's your cell phone?". Shinya patted down his sides until he reached the pocket in the inside of his bolero. "Here", he gave the pink phone with the bunny keychain to Die. Die kissed his cheek and called Kaoru's number.

Kaoru's cell phone rung. And rung and rung. No answer. The guitarist was dead.
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