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Something in that punch...

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Kyo gets drugged and Kaoru is held at gunpoint because of the $100,000,000 he owes the Government.

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Shinya and his lover found a secretive place: Kaoru's bathroom. Hardly anyone came in there surprisingly. "Are you sure?", Die asked, looking cautiously at the pretty drummer. "Yes", He replied in a very stoic voice. He pulled Shinya down with him to the cold floor and began to lift up the princess dress so it gathered up at his waist and only his little panties were showing. "Shinya", Die whined as he saw him wearing girl's pants. Shinya looked away, embarassed. "I'm sorry...". Well....that was ceratinly awkward thought Die as he pulled off his lover's purple heart printed underwear. "Die..what are you-?", Shinya was cut off abruptly by Die tongue passionatley sucking him. He moaned at the sensation and then Die stopped. "Please, I need it", Shinya pulled him closer, suddenly wanting the guitarist. "Then I can't argue against that", Die whispered loudly, sucking harder. Shinya screamed and shivered. "You-you're s-so go-ood", Shinya managed between gasps of pleasure. This truly was the best night of his dull life.

Kyo was standing alone in the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of the mystical punch which tasted like a tropical fantasy world bursting with crazyness. Someone must've drugged the punch as his vision began to go blurry and then in colourfull swirls. He staggered out into the dancefloor. "What's going on?", He muttered as he felt a burning sensation in his forehead. "Kyo!?", he knew the concerned voice. It was Angie's. "Angie", He said softly, before the whole world as he knew it went black.

Kaoru wandered up the empty stairs of the third floor, up to the forth floor where at the end of the dark corridor, was his office. His pride and joy- the only place he could get peace and the other members of Die En Grey didn't know about. "Oh, this party's gone wild", He breathed a sigh of relief as he slid down the back of the inside of the door after he locked it and hung the key onn the slot in the crimson wall. "Kaoru...I've been expecting you", A cold voice said as a barell was loaded and now a pistol was aimed at his right temple. He turned quickly to see a tall figure. A member from the government. "You still haven't paid us back", The tall figure said in a monotone voice. It was true. Kaoru, the leader-sama of the JRock band had borrowed money from a company asocciated with the government because he couldn't find anyone to publish their "Vulgar" album and so he decided to do it himself in a studio brought by that company and then used more than he should have, actually a LOT MORE than he should have to ship the CD's out to the USA and all around Asia and also to buy more things for the band like daily salon appointments for the drummer which were about $800, new guitars for him, Die and the bassist and also a stack of other crap they didn't need but brought. "I hope you realize that I am planning on raising the $10,000,000 that I borrowed from you", Kaoru was sweating like crazy. He was so scared of that bullet. "Yeah...well we don't really believe you", The man shot the leader in the shoulder, in the foot and in the side of his left thigh. Kaoru let out a loud scream and cfried for help but no one would be able to hear him. Not where he was.
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