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Shuichi and Hiro

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The boys and their love lives on Saturday.

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“Text”= Japanese talking
“/Text/”= English talking
“+Text+”= American talking
“#Text#”= Australian talking
Hiro and Shuichi didn’t get it. Their friends were crazy. Drinking, pot, coke, sleeping around, partying. Somehow they got swept in as well. All started as early as junior high. Even Darcy did all those things and she didn’t go to Tokyo Cram College yet. Two-thirds of Bad Luck couldn’t get it. Felt surreal. They should tell them to stop. But yet…
Shuichi turned to Hiro.
“I don’t understand them,” he whispered.
“I know,” Hiro said. “I don’t understand them either.”
“Why is that?”
Hiro shrugged. “Who can say?”
There came a long pause.
“Ah,” They stared on at their friends. Such a strange bunch. But yet, that made it interesting. In a good and bad way. All the same to them in the end.
Subject: Shuichi and Hiro
Bad Luck has busy lives when not in recording music. All three boys have lovers for one. Fujisaki and Emma lived together. Shuichi and Yuki were cuddly together lately. And Hiro? He is currently alone. But, not for long.
Around three o’clock, Hiro picked up his phone. Twice rings and then someone picked up the phone.
“Hello?” a girl asked on the other line. Hiro quickly stood up straight.
“Ayaka-chan?” he asked.
“Hiro-san!” she replied.
“How have you been?”
“Good. And you?”
“Good.” Hiro timed himself to speak again. “Hey, you doing anything Saturday?”
“No, why?”
“I was just wondering if we could go out a date or something. That’s if you want to, of course.”
“And go where?”
“I don’t know. Maybe the movies or something. I’ll let you choose.”
“Would you really?”
“Yeah.” Please say yes.
He heard a small chuckle. “Alright.”
Hiro breathed out in his head. “How does noon sound?”
“Noon is good.”
“Okay, I’ll pick you up then.”
Hiro hung up smiling as he tried to fight down his urge to cheer out in joy.
Meanwhile, Shuichi got an interesting date offer himself. Yuki leaned over on his lover near the window. The vocalist’s face turned bright red.
“Y-Y-Yuki!” he stammered out. He glanced over at the novelist. Yuki gave him a naughty little grin.
“I want to take you out this Saturday,” he whispered. Shuichi quickly froze up.
“R-R-Really?” he asked. Yuki licked his ear.
“Of course,” he said.
“This Saturday.”
Shuichi turned red all over now. “Uh… well… well…”
“Come on. Say it.”
Shuichi quickly broke down. He tightly shut his eyes. “YES!”
Yuki smirked to himself. His plan worked smoothly so far. Just keep him so busy that he couldn’t think about anything else. Oh and don’t show any motives. Other than that, smooth sailing. Shuichi was just so easy to please at times. He just wanted attention and affection.
Shuichi’s mind was too wrapped with love to see the plot unfolding before him.
Hiro waited at the train in his best t-shirt and jeans. He held a sunflower in his hand. It had been so long since he last saw Ayaka. In fact, he hadn’t seen her since spring break. Sure, they talked on the phone every day. Yet, that just didn’t cut it. He wanted to talk to her in person. He wanted to hold her hand. He wanted to kiss her lips. Maybe, they could take their relationship further after that. But first, he had to get through this date.
At noon, the train pulled up to the station. A flood of people exited through the opening doors. Hiro looked for his date as they all passed by. Ayaka finally stepped off the train in all of her cute glamour. Hiro straightened himself out the best that he could to look nice. His date spotted him and walked right over. He gave her a little smile.
“Hi there,” he said. Ayaka bowed her head at him.
“Hello Hiro-kun,” she said. The girl looked and saw the sunflower in his hand. “Is that for me?”
“Yeah,” Hiro replied as he headed it to her.
“Why thank you,” she said as she took the flower and smelled it.
“Shall we go?” Hiro asked.
“Alright,” she said. They both got out from the underground.
Meanwhile, Shuichi sat in the car looking at his phone. Yuki tried to stay civil the whole time.
“What are you looking at, Shuichi?” he asked.
“Checking if Lexie or Luke called,” his lover replied. Yuki frowned.
“You don’t have to do that.”
“But I do.”
“Well…” The vocalist looked away some. How could he explain this to him? Yuki had already had enough of Lexie and Lucas-related problems. They had started to cut into his personal life for some time now. It would be nice to get away for a change…
Yuki gave him a fake, sympathetic smile.
“Look,” he said. “I’ll make a little bet with you.”
Shuichi looked over at him, perplexed. “A bet?”
Yuki gave him a little nod. “Yes. If you can don’t talk about Lexie or answer her calls, I will do anything you want to you for an entire night.”
Shuichi raised an eyebrow at him. “And if I do?”
Yuki tenderly grabbed his wrists. Shuichi broke out into a cold sweat as his lover leaned in close to his face.
“You will be my slave for the whole night!”
Shuichi tried to turn his eyes away. Okay, he hadn’t expect this. Both options looked rather tasty. But, Lexie needed him like always. So hard…
Shuichi finally lowered his phone. Yuki gave him a dirty little smile.
“That’s a good boy,” he murmured. He let go of his boyfriend and drove off.
Lucas sat in his living room in stress. He looked at his phone. It was ten o’clock and she still hadn’t gotten called back. Where is she? This didn’t look good. I hope she’s not in trouble again.
Only one thing left to do… Lucas dialed a familiar number.
Shuichi’s phone buzzed in the car. He looked at it nervously. He wanted to answer it, but Yuki cut him a cold glance. Shuichi drew back his hand. The writer smiled at him.
Good boy, he thought. Shuichi sighed to himself. This was going to be a long date.
Hiro and Ayaka had a simple date. The girl didn’t really want much. She was just happy to be with Hiro again. He fit the idea of the perfect boyfriend. Kind, polite, and quite charming. She felt giddy next to him.
“Can I hold your hand?” he asked.
“Sure,” she said. Hiro slowly held her hand. Ayaka could feel her cheeks redden. Has he always been this cool?
“So where do you want to go?” he asked. She smiled and shook her head.
“This is just fine,” she replied.
“You sure?”
“Yes, this is fine.”
Hiro could only smile. “Yeah.” They continued their walk around the city.
Shuichi and Yuki went out to eat at a maid cafe. The pink-haired vocalist sighed as he waited for his food. His boyfriend looked over at him.
“Something on your mind?” he asked. Shuichi shook his head. He had to hold his tongue today. Yuki held his phone hostage too. Might as well smile and enjoy.
“Nothing,” Shuichi said. “Let’s just enjoy the day!” Yuki smiled at him. Very good. A waitress returned with their food.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” she said.
“Thank you,” Yuki said. Shuichi nodded at her. She gave them her food and left. The men began to eat.
Lexie leaned up against a brick wall. Her head ached in pain. She had no clue where as she was. How did I end up here? Why am I here? She would try to call, but she was told not to. Lexie pulled out her phone and looked at the time.
It’s only 1:09. Lexie sighed aloud. Thirty-one more minutes to go. She sighed aloud in her misery.
“Really?!?” she asked. The poor soul had no choice but to keep walking.
Shuichi got lost in his thoughts. Lexie had been acting strange lately. She seemed locked in her mind lately. His friend wouldn’t talk to him at all. She seemed more worried about something more than ever.
Has she figured out that she was sick?, he thought.
“You okay?” he heard someone ask. Shuichi quickly looked up. Yuki looked deep into his eyes. His lover kept up his fake smile.
“Yeah!” he said. “In fact, can we go to the park after this?” His boyfriend gave him a little smile.
“Sure,” he said. Shuichi smiled back at him.
“Alright,” he replied. He took another bite of his ice cream. This is hard.
Ayaka sat on a hill overlooking the city. She leaned on Hiro’s shoulder, asleep. Her date smiled at her. He lightly pushed some bangs out of her eyes.
Maybe we could go further in this relationship, he thought. But not right now. Just enjoy the moment to this closing date.
By Monday, Shuichi and Hiro watched their foreigner friends once again. Shuichi turned to Hiro.
“So, how was your date with Ayaka?” he asked with a grin. Hiro looked away, blushing.
“Good!” he yelled. “And your date?” Shuichi looked away sheepishly.
“Good,” he said. Both friends turned back to their wilder friends. Shuichi held his eyes on Lexie. She looked half-dead at the moment. He was going to figure her out—no matter what.
Don’t worry, Lexie, he thought. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m still here for you.
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