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laughing teenagers, pained sounds and pancakes.

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Okay i am SOSOSOOSOS SOOOORRRYYYY!!!!! YOU CAN ALL THANK TheDisenchanter91080 FOR THIS UPDATE! I SAW IT WAS JUST LIKE OH MY LORD IT'S BEEN SO LONG!! i am really sorry guys, if anyone is still reading that is. well I hope you like it, it's a bit filler-ish and i apologise for the pov changes. well i hape you're all good and i'm really sorry!

I wondered who the fuck Bob was on about, we really didn’t many friends, only each other.
’who?’ I eyed him suspiciously as his grin got scarier and scarier, looking slightly like the motherfucking joker.
‘It’s not Halloween yet dude, take the mask off.’ I said in a bored tone. Lame, but true. He was creeping me out. He never smiles like that, I mean he’s Bob, the sarcastic, creepy but lovable lunatic that I have known for almost my whole life.
‘sorry.’ He apologised, his ear-to-ear grin only slipping slightly from his face. ‘anyway, an old friend. Three guesses who.’


I can’t sleep. I am currently lying flat on my back, staring up at the dark shadowed ceiling, waiting for my mind and body to show the slightest signs of sleep anytime soon. Thoughts where buzzing around my mind like an angry swam of wasps, and I just couldn’t get away no matter how hard I tried. I’ve taken two sleeping pills and they have and no affect on me whatsoever, they probably made me even more awake, but that’s probably just the coffee I’ve been living on most of my life.

I creaked my dry eyes closed, forcing myself to at least try to sleep, and listened. Listened to the main road not too far away, distant cars driving numbly in the dead of night to distract myself of my thoughts. I could hear some teenagers up the street, and could hear them dully through the fog and glass as they passed the house, talking about a party they had just been to. One of them giggled, her high pitched drunken laugh sending light chills down my spine. It was not a smart idea for them to be roaming around the streets of New Jersey at 2am in the fucking morning.

There was in interruption in the silence, and my eyes opened easily, no sleep holding me back. I must have imagined it, it didn’t sound again .So Ignoring it, I closed my eyes once more, this time the pills taking moderate effect on me, making my eyelids feel heavier than before. Something moaned again, sounding even more pained than the last time. I perched myself up on my elbows and listened properly, hearing more faint mumbles and whines coming from across the landing and into my batlike ears.

Sleepily, I tossed the soft warmth of the duvet cover off my pyjama bottomed body and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, my body feeling heavier than ever, and stood up straight. My shoulders slumped as I shuffled over to my bedroom door, yanked it open without making too much noise, crossed the chilly landing and pressed my listening ear up to the baby blue wood of the living room door, the cold taking me by surprise. I listened tiredly, and more prominently heard the pained sounds through the wooden surface. Taking the cold metal handle into my hand, I twisted it and poked my head inside the room, squinting in the dark to make out Franks figure sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. What the fuck was he doing? He seemed not to have noticed my presence, so I clear my dry throat, realising it hurt more than ever and started mildly choking on air. Clever, Gerard. Very clever. After a few seconds of silent wild spluttering and clutching at my throat , I calmed myself enough to breathe properly and look back at Franks horrified expression. He got onto his knees, leaned on the sofa seat and placed his head in his shaking hands.

’Gerard. You scared the shit out of me.’ he mumbled sleepily into his palms. Ignoring him, I asked the obvious.

‘Frank, why are you on the floor?’ my raspy, husky voice was painful, and I rubbed at my throat (I don’t know, maybe I have healing hands.) His wide eyes stared up into mine, and he looked away ashamed. I’m sure my expression was confused, but I don’t think he could see it was so dark

‘Nightmares.’ He stated ‘I fell off the fucking sofa.’ Ah, I sympathise. I know exactly how he feels. Me and my brother both shared nightmares when we where kids, and we would comfort each other as much as we could without being caught running around the corridors at night by our parents.

Cold sweats, banged heads and falling out of beds, I’ve had it all. Waking up screaming, waking yourself up with your own violence and no sleep whatsoever. Shit sucks.

’I know what you mean.’ I replied. And that sofa was not fit for a nightmaring teenager to be sleeping on. Didn’t Bob have another bed? At least a mattress or something? Apparently not, but he needed a proper place to sleep, not just the cold living room sofa with a thin blanket across his half naked body. As he stood, I fully recognised he was only wearing his boxers to bed, due to the nightmares no doubt, and my mouth spoke without permission. ‘You know my bed is kingsized, you can crash with me. And I have spare pyjamas?’ I asked him, unsure of the answer. He could just think I’m some sort of paedophile or some shit like that, but any decent person would do it right? Right.

‘That’d be great.’ He looked relieved and took one hesitant step towards me and the door. Stopping mid-step he said ‘Are you sure?’ and nibbled his soft, plump bottom lip. He looked almost guilty. I mean, it’s not like his, way too skinny, frame will take up much room in the fucking beastie bed of mine (well, Bob’s)

‘of course I’m sure.’ I shrugged, turned tiredly away and walked with lead feet back into my room, making a beeline for the chest of draws across the room, looking for my spare pyjamas. Frank tiptoed into the warm room and clicked the door shut behind him, while I threw a pair of black and red pyjamas at his face. The left side of the button up shirt was a blood red as with the right side of the bottoms, with the opposite sides a jet black.

My heavy lidded eyes where calling me to the comfort of my bed, so I slumped on top of it, tugging the covers from underneath me and wrapping them around my drained body. Frank sat on the edge of the messy bed, hesitant.

’Uh, thanks Gerard..’ he said shyly, snagging the duvet over his cold body and welcoming the Inviting warmth of where my body was the last time. I pried my eyes open and peeked at his form, knees tucked up to his chest. Slightly shivering, bandaged hands gripping the duvet for dear life around his neck and a small smile playing on his slightly chapped busted lips, Black hair falling into his puffy eyes.

It dawned on me that I caused the sweet smile to spread over his sweet face, just such a simple act can make someone’s day a little better, and he needed it. I smiled at the knowledge and couldn’t help myself. I reached out and tucked the loose strand of shiny, smooth black hair behind his cold ear and whispered.

‘Goodnight Frank.’
He sleepily grunted a reply and let his vicelike grip on the duvet go, only to place his fragile, damaged hand on top of mine on the side of his face. I was sure he didn’t have a clue he was doing this, as a couple of seconds later his light breathing and the rise and fall of his chest indicated he was sound asleep, a small smile still playing at his lips. I let my hand stay there, and felt my own smile creep across my face as my eyelids unwillingly began to close and the black of dreams filled my minds vision.


The dull grey morning light was seeping through the tiny gap in the curtains, right onto my tired, restless eyes. Screwing them tighter still, I pulled the duvet cover over my head, touching something cold on my chest by accident. My eyes pinged open, and I tilted my head downwards, glancing at the ghostly white pale hand, palm down resting on my chest. I followed my eyes up the arm to see who it belonged to, and came across a vampireishly pale face turned towards me, eyes closed, moth slightly open and breathing softly, his raven black hair falling all in his face and sprawled across the pillows he was laying his sleepy head on.

I thought I slept on the sofa last night, but then is occurred to me. Gerard came into the living room, zombified with sleep, and asked me if I wanted to crash in his bed. Obviously I said yes. It was fucking freezing last night with just a blanket, and yes I had taken my clothes off because the experience of sleeping with black super skinny jeans is not a comfortable one and Bob must’ve forgotten to give my pyjamas. But Gerard so kindly let me borrow some of his, and they where pretty cool too (and super fucking comfy) so I gave in.

I turned my head to the right, the analog clock screaming 12:30pm. Wow we slept in quite a bit, it felt good to catch up on much lost sleep. Carefully, I took Gerard’s wrist between my thumb and finger and lightly placed it on the pillow next to his head, trying not to wake his sleeping form. He was pretty out of it anyway. Trying my best not to shake the bed, I stood up from the warmth of thick duvets and Gerard’s and headed for the ensuite bathroom across the room.

Water wiped the sleep from my tired eyes and I dabbed it dry. Unlocking the door and tiptoeing past a sleeping Gerard, creeping out into the entrance hall and closing the bedroom door behind me. My feet dragged behind me as I entered the living room, Bob and Ray both turning too look at me from the dining table where they where munching on freshly made pancakes, the sweet smell lapping into my nose and making me fully aware of my surroundings.

‘Hey, Frankie’ Bob said with a mouthful of chocolate pancakes. He swallowed them before continuing. ‘I thought you slept on the sofa last night? I came in and I thought you left.’ oh whoops, well he knows I’m not exactly an early riser so why would I leave, he could’ve just checked in Gerards room. I crossed the distance between us and sat in the empty chair next to Bob.

‘I had a nightmare. Gerard heard me fall off the couch and let me crash with him.’ I said simply to him, eyeing up his pancakes. Bob and ray shared a knowing glance with eachother. Fuck, what was wrong? I shouldn’t have said yes, I fucking new it.

‘Ohhhkay, well I’ll change your bandages then I’ll make you some pancakes. Sound good?’ he asked me kindly, something was up, I could tell. Bob is never this friendly. Unless it’s just stupid sympathy. I don’t need anyone’s sympathy. It’s my own problem and I don’t need anyone feeling sorry for my own stupidity. I took a breath to calm, I couldn’t get angry at Bob, he’s my best friend and he wants to help me. So I should let him.

‘Uh yeah, sounds cool. Thanks Bob.’ I uttered a reply, hanging my head and suddenly feeling guilty for doubting bob, even if it was just for a couple of seconds.

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