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Gerard and frank walk for a bit, slight filler chapter.

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chapter 16.
Wow. Yeah I know it's been years and no one is reading this anymore but idgaf I just got back in to writing. Sorry it's short.

When Bob and Ray had finished eating their pancakes Bob lead to me to the loveseat to sit down. He grabbed the clean bandages from the first aid kit and began to take the used ones off. As he unwrapped my sore, bruised hands I could feel the bandage was stuck to some of my cuts where the blood had dried to the material, it was like ripping a plaster off, Bob done it fast so it didn't hurt as much though I still winced and tensed with pain. Bob rinsed my hands and face again with warm water and a soft flannel to get rid of any dry blood still staining my pale skin. The clean bandages felt fresh on my flesh and made me glad and thankful I have such a great friend.
'Thanks Bob, this means a hell of a lot’ I tell him with a sigh in my breath.
'Dude you're my family, I'm not just going to leave you cut up and bloody on the street. And you need to dump that girl. If not for you, for me.’ He replied, gazing at me with his eyebrows raised. He makes me feel so guilty, but I know he's so right. I need to end it with her or she'll end up killing me soon. Just as bob had finished bandaging me back up, Gerard came stumbling through the door to the living room, shirtless, scratching his head.
’why is it so goddamn hot in here man?’ He asked bob as he sat on the armchair of the loveseat. He looked so tired, the purpling dark circles under his dark hazel eyes and long eyelashes never seemed to go away.
’I put the heating on early this morning cause it was cold. Didn't realise it was so hot now’ bob answered Gerard's question as he got up from the seat and took the blooded bandages with him into the kitchen. Gerard moved from the arm of the chair to sit in the loveseat properly next to me. He closed his eyes and leant his head back against the soft cushion of the sofa, and let out a small sigh which seemed to radiate throughout his whole body.
’afternoon frank.’ Gerard said to me with his eyes still closed. He looked so peaceful just sat there, the up and down of his pale but defined torso distracting me. I didn't realise I hadn't replied until he opened his eyes and turned to me. realising he caught me staring I looked away towards the telly and answered him.
’afternoon Gerard.’ I replied, feeling the soft red glow creep up my neck towards my face. I only just realised it was the afternoon, and I hadn't been home (or showered) in a few days. So I got up from the loveseat and walked to the kitchen to find Bob, while leaving a topless Gerard in the other room. ’Hey Bob, think I'm gonna go home and get cleaned up and changed’ I said to him whilst hoisting myself up on to the side and grabbing a pancake from a plate, folding it a few times and shoving it all in my mouth. Bob looked up from his chocolate sauce masterpiece of a plate of yet more pancakes.
’sure man’ he said. then, completely disregarding his artwork, turned to face me. ’could you do me a favour?’ He asked shyly. He knows I'll do anything for him. ’take Gerard with you? He needs to get out of the house before he goes stark crazy. A little fresh air and a cigarette will do him good.’ He asked me seriously, talking In a hushed tone so as Gerard himself couldn't hear him. I liked that idea, it'll be good for him to get out and blow off some steam.
’sure thing man.’ I replied to Bob and he grinned at me and ruffled my hair to which I batted his hand away from my head with my sore hands.
I trudged back to the living room to find Gerard gone, and ray still sat at the dining table reading a book. Assuming he's in his room I walk and knock on the door quietly and listen for a reply.
’what?’ He says in a slightly annoyed tone. I hesitate.
’...It's Frank, can I come in?’ I ask quietly, hoping to God he says yes.
’uh, yeah go ahead.’ Gerard replies. I creek open the door and shuffle in to the room. He's sat on the opposite side of the bed with this head in his hands. ’what's up? You wanna borrow some clothes? Yours are all bloody and ripped..’ He asked me, standing up and walking over to his wardrobe. He opened it and pulled out some back skinny jeans and a plain black top that reads ’fuck off’ in big bold white characters, and chucks them to the opposite side of the bed.
’that's great thanks.’ I say, seemingly nervous about asking him to join me for a walk. I chose not yet and decide to walk past Gerard and to his ensuite where I change in to the clothes he gave me and fold Gerard's pyjamas nicely for him. As I re enter his room all I see is Gerard lying over the covers of his white sheets, face up, a troubled expression upon his sweet face. ’Gerard?’ I ask, knowing he's not actually asleep.
’yeah? He replies, Turning his head to face me and staring me directly in the eyes. I hesitate a little before opening my mouth to speak.
’get dressed’ I say confidently to him, walking over to his side.
’huh?’ Gerard seems confused as he looks in to my eyes.
’we're going for a walk. And I'm bribing you with free cigarettes and starbucks’ I say to him. I feel like I'm bribing a child to get ready for school. He looks shocked as he looks me in the face with a questioning look.
’well,but why? I don't understand, what?’ He asks, still laying on his bed. To help him get a clearer picture I dump his pyjamas on his bedside table and open his wardrobe, pulling out black skinny jeans and a plain white tee.
’get off your arse and get dressed. You need some air and to walk just to get out. You've not been anywhere in the few days I've been here. Just sat in your pyjamas all day.’ I state and so he swings his legs over the side of the bed and gets up to face me.
’fine.’ He says, obviously annoyed. ’but I'm not going Millers!’ He exclaimed very forcefully, grabbing the clothes from my hand and changing in front of me. The shirt I picked was very fitted and showed off his torso well. He looked really good in that outfit, like, actually hot.
’uh, yeah, that's fine. I don't live that way anyways.’ I say, finally dragging my eyes away from him. Gerard sternly nodded at me once then swiftly left the room for the entrance hall. Gerard grabbed a black leather jacket from the pegs next to the door, then grabbed a plain grey hoodie and proceeded to chuck it in my face. He called out after himself as he opened the heavy dark wooden front door.
’see you in a bit guys!’ And stepped on to the doorstep.
’bye Ray, bye Bobby!’ I shout and join Gerard on the doorstep before slamming the door behind me, making sure it's shut properly. I sigh into the air and I can see my breath cloud from my lips like smoke, reminding me I promised Gerard cigarettes. ’come on, you can pinch some smoke at mine’ I say whilst setting off down the driveway. Gerard seems to be increasingly nervous and hesitates before following me down the drive.
As he catches up to me, he keeps his head down. Not once looking up from the grey concrete as we walk in silence. I decide this could be a good time to get to know him better. ’so, how do you know Bob?’ I broke the silence and he jumped slightly before gathering himself again to answer my question. His eyes like hot whiskey were warm in the cold afternoon, sending my fingertips numb.
’I've known him since I was a kid’ he answered with a lopsided smile, his eyes playing memories before him like a cinema. ’it was always me, Bob, Ray and...’ His smile faded as he stuttered on this last persons name. ’and M-Mikey.’ He nodded and closed his eyes tight before a tear rolled down his left cheek. He caught it in time and laughed at himself. ’ha, sorry. Memories’ he said and wiped his face clean from tears. we reached my apartment building and I held the door open for Gerard to walk through first.

I'll be updating again working the next few days!
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