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Gerard goes to franks apartment with him

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Heey, this chapter went a little fast sorry not sorry. I apologise for any spelling mistakes ha. Happy reading.

Gerard's POV.

I entered into the stairwell of franks apartment building. The air was musty when I breathed and it was just as cold as outside. Frank lead the way up the stairs, and I couldn't help but notice the way he walked, it was hot. Can you even get a hot walk? Well frank had it anyway. We walked up two flights of stairs, though it felt like 10, and he opened a door at the top of the stairs that lead to an outside front porch. Walking past 2 front doors before getting to his one. Frank walked straight in to the apartment, or should I say house as I realised the buildings were like houses stacked on top of each other, and called out.
’Joe? Are you here?’ He shouted whilst leading me through to the living area, past a small kitchen on the left of the hallway. The whole back walk was windows and a glass double door, with a small balcony outside. Underneath those windows was a large dining table pressed up to it with a tall, skinny man with choppy dark brown hair and a flat cap and shaggy brown clothes, very earthy. He turned as we walked through the doorway.
’Heeeey Frankie I've missed you! Where you been?’ He beamed, standing from is place at the table and enveloping frank in a hug. ’And who's this?’ He continues as he pulls away. He has bright blue eyes, that are heavy lidded, and a great beaming smile.
’this is my friend Gerard, he's a friend of Bob’s’ frank gestures to me. I feel a smile creep onto my lips as he introduces me as a friend. ’Gerard this is Joe.’ This joe character slowly extended his arm out for me to shake his hand.
’Hi, it's nice to meet you’ I spoke to joe whilst shaking his hand cautiously.
’you too bro. Have a seat, relax.’ He told me. I obliged and sat on the small, ripped and scratched black leather sofa on the Right wall of the room. I felt a little bit uneasy, though there was a familiar smell in the air besides smoke, that reminded me of past summers back here in Belleville, when everything was good and grand. Just our group all sat in the local park on the grass soaking up what we could of the sun, everyone smoking and laughing and having fun.
Frank fetched a pouch of tobacco from the dining table where joe had resumed his seat, rolling what looked -and smelled- like a joint, and came to sit in the empty seat next to me. His delicate fingers rolled the cigarette expertly, and he handed it to me.
’thank you’ I really did appreciate it as I left my cigarettes back at Jerry's. Frank continued to talk to Joe whilst pulling out his lighter and lighting my fag for me.
’sorry man, I stayed at Bob’s a few nights. Jen busted me up again.’ He explained. I was shocked to hear that she'd done this to him before and he'd still not done anything about it. I don't understand how anyone can do that to someone, let alone Frank, he's one of the nicest, kindest, most beautiful guys I've ever met. I don't know how someone could destroy and scar that and live with themselves.
’wait, again?’ I questioned him. Frank looked in to my eyes, his eyes swimming with shame, and averted them to the floor as Joe started to speak.
’almost every other day he has a new bruise appear. But she's only gone that loopy a few times. Looks like she hit you up pretty bad this time.’ Joe looked at Frank sympathetically, though it was quite hard to take him seriously with a fat joint hanging out his mouth. I took deep, slow drags on my fag and it eased all the tension and stress that had been accumulating inside my body since I left the confines of Jerry’s house.
’well, I'm gonna get showered and changed’ Frank stated, standing up from the sofa, fag now rolled and lit. ’you coming?’ He looked down at me and gestured for me to walk out the door. I obliged and nodded in the direction of Joe before leaving the room.
’wait, Frankie have this, you need it. And I've still got another 3 grams bro.’ Joe called to Frank, holding out the joint he had just rolled. He took it from him and thanked him before joining me in the hallway, overtaking me and running up the stairs that were to the right of the front door.
Franks room was nothing special, kind of bare, like he didn't spend much time there although he lived here. The wall paper looked like it hadn't been changed since it was built, a sickly yellow green colour, with just a few drawings stuck on it above the headboard. Centred on the far wall was his double bed, with just a plain cream duvet cover. To the right of it was a glass table with a small television placed on top, and beside that a pale wooden chest of draws consisting of a small lamp and an ash tray. There was a built in wardrobe on the right wall that was white and had old fashioned plastic door knobs with a rose printed on it.
’we'll have this then I'll get cleaned up’ he suggested, lying on to his bed with a sigh, and lighting the joint. I closed the door behind me and sat on the edge of his bed. I quickly finished my fag and put it in the heavy glass ash tray. Picking it up and placing it between me and Frank. ’cheers’ he said, sitting up again and passing me the joint.
’thank you’ I smiled at him as his gaze met mine and he blew the smoke into my face. ’dick.’ I said shaking my head at him and taking a toke. I got a hit instantly, and it didn't take long for me to feel more relaxed than I've been in years. This is why i love weed. It does fuck all to you but make you happy, relaxed and helps you sleep. I passed it back to Frank after a few minutes and our eyes met again. This time getting completely lost in his hazel eyes, noticing for the first time the green flecks decorating the chocolate smooth orbs. We were in complete silence, but it was far from uncomfortable. It was probably the most comfortable silence I've ever sat in. We stared at each other for what felt like minutes but was actually a few long seconds. I broke the eye contact, feeling tired, and laid back on franks bed. He passed the remains of the joint to me before standing.
’have that, I'll go shower now’ he said and left the room. I was alone now. Normally I love being alone, but not so much now. I finished the joint and stubbed the roach into the ash tray and placed it back were it belonged.
I hadn't realised how smoky the room was now, but I liked it. It was calming.
My face close to the covers on franks bed I could smell his sweet scent, cigarettes, weed and coffee all in one. It was amazing. Shit why did he smell so good?
I must've laid there unmoving for about 45 minutes as I was still in the same position as Frank returned from the bathroom with just a blue towel slung loosely around his hips, revealing that torso again. My breath hitched slightly. He was so pale and smooth, and scattered with colour from his tattoos. I couldn't help but stare, and I didn't give a fuck if he saw me staring either. He did see.
’what?’ He said, cocking his eyebrow at me cheekily and smirking. It just came out, I couldn't help it. I must be pretty stoned.
’nothing. You're hot.’ I said, siting back up on his bed, my face turning scarlet as I looked back down to the ground. Dumb fuck. Why'd you say that? I just seemed to have no filter when I'm stoned, words just fall out. To my surprise, Frank took it well. He replied, though I still kept my gaze firmly on the ground.
’well, I know.’ I could hear the grin in his voice, he is a cocky motherfucker, and footsteps padding towards me. Frank gently lifted my chin to make me look at him in the eyes, his face closer than I was expecting. ’but you're hotter’ his voice was deep and sexy as he spoke to me. I stared into his glazed eyes, but they found their way to his rose tinted lips, soft and plump, only centimetres away from mine. I subconsciously licked mine in desire, but all too soon his hand dropped and his face was no longer close.
I frowned in disappointment, and sighed heavily before looking back up at frank, now beginning to get changed. He slipped on some boxers and black skinny jeans and he threw the towel to the floor. I noticed something I hadn't before, how hadn't I? On the right side of his waist was a long wide scar, a slightly discoloured white disturbing his smooth pure ivory skin. The injury he had must've been pretty bad to have a scar that large, and that made me very sad. And again I couldn't help it. It just slipped out.
’did Jen do that?’ I asked him bluntly, before realising what I had said. Fuuuuuuuck Gerard you should know better to not ask people about scars. Frank looked confused for a second before looking down a the scar and running his fragile fingers over it. His face sunk in to sadness, a deep hurt evident on his face at the memory of the injury.
’, no’ he muttered, not looking in my direction, his eyes glazing over.
’sorry frank, I didn't mean to-’ he interrupted me.
’no it's cool, Jen didn't do was someone else’ I frowned deeper, my eyebrows furrowing, poor Frankie.
’oh Frank...’ he still wouldn't look at me, so I stood and walked over to him slowly, placing a hand on his bare shoulder, feeling his hot damp skin under my fingertips.
’Frank...’ He still wouldn't look at me so I pulled his cheek to look at me direct in the eyes. ’you know you can talk to me, I know it seems weird cause we've only known each other a few days, but I'm your friend. And I'm here. You just need to know that okay? I really like you Frank and I...’ I stopped myself there, in case I said too much. ’and I consider you a friend. And I'll do anything for my friends, and I mean this, forever.’ I blurted it all out pretty quick, so I just hope he understood. The fact that someone actually done that to him, fucking slashed his flesh so deep they left a permanent reminder of pain and hurt deep in his skin, made my angry, I could feel it bubbling at the seams.
’thank you Gerard I...I don't know what to say really, no ones ever said anything like that before. I really do like you too Gerard, you're an amazing guy, a great friend to me and I really appreciate that.’ He finished speaking and i became aware of our close proximity, I hadn't noticed the gap between us get smaller as we opened up to each other, my hand now snaked round to the back of his neck, Franks breath hot on my face, whispering past my lips letting me taste his sweet aroma. The hand I previously placed on his shoulder slowly ran down his waist, feeling every inch of his flesh, and wrapped around him, pulling him closer to me still. My breathing was heavy, and so was franks. Painfully slowly, he leaned upwards, and placed his lips softly on mine. They were as soft as petals on my chapped skin, and it felt amazing to have him so close. Franks hands lightly ran up my chest slow, touching and feeling as he went, and wrapped them around my neck tightly,creeping his fingers into my hair and gripping tight. Our lips moved rhythmically together, always staying perfectly in sync with each other.
we didn't kiss for long, so we mutually, but reluctantly, pulled our lips away and panted lightly, our foreheads touching and gazing into each others eyes as we caught our breath. Frank loosened his grip from my hair and pulled back to look at me. A beautiful, genuine smile creeped up on his features. It was so beautiful. The first smile I've seen that actually reached his eyes, like he was genuinely happy. I smiled back at him, grinning and showing my tiny discoloured teeth in all their glory.
Frank just hugged me then, just a hug, like what someone does to share happiness, just because they want to. I hugged him back happily and rested my chin on the top of his head, my mind playing through what had just happened. Frank had kissed me, and I don't really know what this meant. He was upset, and he had a girlfriend. I'd need to talk to him about that, but for now I was too content to feel anything but happiness.

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