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Shit started happening.

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helloooooo, here's is the next chapter! Sorry it's skittle short and fast. And again sorry for spelling mistakes! Read along lovelies.

Franks P.O.V

After mine and Gerard's little moment we just chilled in my room, watching movies and chatting. I really don't know where the kiss came from, and I hardly realised I liked him until our eyes were locked and I felt Gerard's soft fingers on my body. Nothing really happened afterwards, we just hugged, and smiled and went on as normal. I just don't know what happens from here, do we talk about it? pretend it never happened? Carry on like, together? I don’t know what to do. But I'm sure of one thing, I really do fucking like Gerard. I wouldn't say love, too early for that for me, but he's an amazing guy. I love his hazel eyes and his stunningly long eyelashes. His cute little upturned nose that he crinkles up when he's thinking, and his lips, candy floss pink and slightly chapped, tasting of sugar, cigarettes and coffee.
But I don't know what to do now, not to mention my girlfriend. If she finds out about this she will quite literally try to kill me, she's a psycho bitch. I know I need to end it with her soon, but I don't want to go alone. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared, who knows what she’ll do. I needed someone with me to do this.
’Gerard?’ I turned to him, we were just sat watching a movie, sprawled horizontally on the bed with our arms hanging of the edge.
’yeah Frankie?’ He spun his head to me, looking into my eyes.
’will you come with me to Jen’s?’ I asked him, biting my lip nervously. He sat up on the bed and crossed his legs, so I followed his actions.
’well, wouldn't it be better to do it alone?’ He questioned, and I knew he was right but I just can't go alone.
’yeah, but I don't know what she'll do to me, she’s a fucking psycho Gerard’ I told him with my eyebrows raised. He's seen what she's done to me. That convinced him. He sighed heavily,
’okay. But we're not going inside the house. do it at the door so I can stay with you.’ He spoke authoritatively to me and I agreed. I needed to do this and Gerard being there will make it so much easier.
’okay. Thank you Gerard’ I said and touched his hand. He held mine for a few seconds and grinned at me his toothy smile and let go, leaving a warm feeling inside of me.
’we should probably go now. Get it over and done with.’ He stated, and stood up. Suddenly I felt sick with nerves. I was doing this, finally after so much hurt I'll be free of her. I took a deep breath and stood with Gerard, nodding.
’okay.’ And I planted a smile on my face to which he returned with a hug, his warm embrace making me feel slightly less nauseous.
’you’ll be okay frank, I won't let her touch you.’ He mumbled in to my ear stroking my hair. I breathed in his cent, calming me still. We walked out my bedroom, walking so close our shoulders touched with every step, and exited the house, shouting a goodbye to Joe on the way out.
The walk seemed like the longest walk of my life. Every step I took I grew more nervous and could feel my breathing getting more and more heavy. We reached the corner of Jen’s road and I froze. My feet wouldn't take another step and I was struggling for breath. I can't do this, she's going to kill me. It’ll be so embarrassing if she hurts me in front of Gerard.
I felt something touch my shoulder and jumped out my skin, I was so jittery and jumpy and I hated that someone could make me feel this way. Gerard stood in front of me, furrowing his eyebrows in worry.
’Frankie, c'mon you're gonna be okay.’ He ducked and looked in to my eyes, his hands running down my arms to intertwine our fingers together. His fingers in mine slowed my breathing and he pulled me closer, planting a soft kiss on my forehead before pulling me into a hug. ’I'll be right there standing with you, she will not hurt you. I will not let her, it just won't happen.’ His voice was muffled by my hair, and I found comfort in his words.
Nodding into his chest, I sighed and pulled away, instantly missing his body heat on mine. As we begun walking again Gerard linked our little fingers, and I couldn't help but smile, he knew how to make me feel better.
The house now stood in front of us, and I stared up the drive to the big house, hesitating and looking at Gerard for comfort. He smiled an nodded, whilst wrapping an arm around my wait and pushing me forward, letting me go just before we reached the doorstep. I sucked in a deep breath an knocked three times before I chickened out. I was terrified when I heard rushed footsteps from the opposite side of the door, and something smash.
’shit!’ The person, who I recognised as Jen, shouted loudly before the gold handle turned and the door swung open. My girlfriend stood in front of me, wearing a black long sleeved crop top and red tartan jeans. She was just about sober, for once, and this filled me with confidence.
’Frank! How are you?’ She smiled wide, before looking at Gerard who stood a few feet behind me, and her smile turned in to a scowl And she crossed her arms over her skinny body.
’I'm alright. Listen Jen I've really got to say something to you.’ I watched her face turn from a scowl to a frown, end half expected her to explode in anger.
’okay, do you want to come inside?’ She asked, opening the door wider, but I stopped her.
’um, no it’s okay thanks. I just wanted to tell you that I think we-’
’- shouldn't be together anymore.’ Jen finished my sentence for me, looking down at her hands. I was shocked, and almost regretted it as I remembered how she used to be.
’uh yeah...’ I replied, and waited for her response. She flicked her head back up and smiled at me slightly, a single tear rolling down her cheek, glistening in the evening sunlight.
’that's okay frank, I understand. I'm a bitch and a drunk and you deserve so much better’ she laughed lightly an looked in to my eyes. Her soft hand reached up to stroke my cheek lightly, before dropping it with a sigh. ’ I'm sorry frank, for what I've done to you. I'm going to sober up, no more from right this second. no more.’ Jen had regret swimming in her bright green eyes, and tears threatened to spill over her cheeks. I pulled her in to a tight hug, closing my eyes and breathing in her scent of stale alcohol. She pulled away and kissed me on the cheek, wishing me farewell.
’thank you for understanding, take care okay?’ I smiled at her sadly, holding her hand before stepping backwards from her. The last thing I saw was her figure smiling, and her walking out to put bottles of alcohol in the bin. I smiled, I was happy she decided to change her ways and be healthier, maybe we could stay friends.
I walked away relieved that it went so well, relaxing. I felt like I could breathe again, and I wasn't tense anymore. It wasn't till I reached the end of the drive that I realised Gerard wasn't with me anymore. Where could he have gone? I needed him here where the fuck was he? Well there was no other place he'd be but Bob’s, so I headed in that direction.
As I walked up Bob's driveway I could hear shouting and banging from inside the house. Confused, I jogged up the steps and opened the door, hitting Bob and Ray who were stood in the hallway.
Ray was banging loudly on Gerard's bedroom door, with a worried expression carved onto his face. Bob was pacing behind him, arms crossed over his body and chewing on his lip, his eyebrows knotted together. Ray's hand continued crashing loudly on the pale blue wood, causing it to bend out of place
’GERARD! Open the FUCKING door. PLEASE!’ Ray screamed in panic and I was frozen to the spot. I had no clue what was going on.
’come on Gerard please open up?!’ Bob shouted sounding thoroughly distressed. He was almost begging. Panic surged through me at seeing both their faces etched with concern.
’what is going on?’ I asked them. Something was very wrong, I could tell.
’Gerard came back. He was breaking down, and he's locked himself in there. Fuck.’ What does that mean? He broke down? Something must have upset him pretty bad.
From behind the door we heard smashing, things breaking, wailing, heavy objects hitting the floor with and loud crashes echoing through the house. Gerard was Yelling angrily and screaming and crying and I didn't know what to do. He needed help and fast.
’GERARD! FUCK! OPEN THE DOOR!’ I rushed over to where the noises were coming from and started whacking it with my fists as hard as I could, kicking with all my tiny might to break the door down. It was no use, the door was so ancient and solid nothing would break it.
’NO! FUCK YOU ALL JUST FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE!’ Gerard's voice cracked as he continued screaming in pain. The emotion in the screams upset me, and my eyes started to water in panic and worry for my new friend.
I walked away, pacing through the threshold of the living room and hallway. Ray tried to get him to open up again, continuing to bang on the door and shake the door handle violently. He spoke firmly through the wood.
’Gerard open this fucking door right now or we’ll fucking break it down. You know I'm not bluffing. I've done it before and I'll do it again.’ After speaking, all that was heard was quiet sobbing, directly from behind the door.

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