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Chapter ten- My Chemical Romance

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Frodo's POV

Okay so I sort of cheated, I kissed her and she smiled even after her dad caught us. She smiled! This was the first time I'd seen her smile and it was beautiful.
"It's you" she whispers into my ear, she made her choice.

She's at school the next day, sitting in the field under a big tree behind the main block and drawing in her black book, I walk up to her slowly but then I stop dead in my tracks, there's Criss with her (of course) and he's actually making her laugh.
I thought it was a huge deal that I'd made her smile by kissing her but he's making her laugh by playing with her hair and tickling her.
I turn around and head the opposite direction, I go back home- fuck school!
I dump my backpack on the floor downstairs and take out my anger on my bedroom door, first by slamming it then by throwing darts at it without the dart board.
It's her birthday!
She's 16 today, I forgot. I open my draw and take out the long rectangular black box with a bright red ribbon on top that has her present in it, I sigh and go back to Pencey Prep but I don't plan on staying for lessons, just to give her the birthday present.

I find her with Criss (surprise, surprise!) at a table in the cafeteria together, she picks at her food, she doesn't eat.
I sigh and sit down next to her,
"Happy Birthday" I say into her ear, she looks around frantically
"SHHH!" she says, she takes my hand and pushes me into the nearest classroom (that's empty because it's lunch)
"D-don't tell p-people that it's my bi-birthday!"
I frown,
"This is for you love" I smile and hand her the box, I watch as she takes off the lid, hands shaking.
She takes out the small paper that's inside
"OH MY G-GOD BLAKE!!!" she yelled.
I grin, she loves it.
"Y-you got me a mosh ticket f-for m-my chemical ro-romance?!"
"No I got it for myself I just put it in a box and gave it to you on YOUR birthday so you could give it to me" I say sarcastically and were both laughing
"Thank y-you, tha-thank you!" she squeals
"P.S I'm coming with you to that" I wink
She nods, "Good, I don't w-want to be s-squashed by a-all the sweaty f-fat ch-chicks in t-the mosh a-alone"
I wink again,
"Don't worry, I'll make sure all the sweaty ones from the middle touch you"
"YUCK!" she yells
"We have to be early so we can get to the front"
She nods in agreement,
"Its t-t-tonight?!" she says reading the ticket
I nod, "We're camping out so would you rather see my chem or stay at Pencey Prep?"
"My Chem"
And now we're watching the support band, Closure in Moscow, and we're leaning carlessly on the metal barrier, she's singing along to every song, without stuttering, and I'm talking to the security, when the band leaves the stage it's quiet for a bit while guitars are being tuned so Steph talks the security into giving us a set list, she turns to me,
"This is at-almost t-the same as when I-I saw them l-last year!" she smiles,
"Even better" I say.
"LONDON! ARE. YOU. READY?!" it's Gerard Way on stage now and he's right in front of us and everyone (including us) is going mad!
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