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Chapter eleven- This is the best day ever

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Stephanie's POV

I look over at Blake as the strobe lights come on and he's singing his heart out and we're both looking at each other now, 'Welcome to the Black Parade' ends and the band takes a break and then Gerard's laughing but I'm not listening, I'm kissing Blake and its like all the beauty in the world is right here in this moment, I'm inches away from touching my favorite band, the band that saved my life and I'm in the arms of my prince charming.
Gerard's clapping, so is everyone else,
"This song goes out to you two love birds right there" he says just as we stop kissing, he's staring down at us pointing a long finger and Franks laughing in the back ground there.
Everyone's clapping to the beat again and 'Teenagers' begins. He flases us a sassy grin and we're laughing with them.
My hearts beating fast, following the beat of the song and we're screaming and signing and going crazy.
After 'Vampires will never hurt you', 'Sleep', 'Planetary (GO!)' and 'Thank you for the venom' they stop for a little while and we're all catching out breaths,
"I've got another surprise for you!"
Blake tells me,
"Noo" I say wearily,
"After this, we're meeting the band"
My eyes go wide,
I scream loudly and Mikey looks down at us as if he's looking for a fire or something, but there's nothing so he just goes back and continues talking to Ray.
Then Frank winks at Mikey and Ray and Ray says something to Gerard and Gerard goes over to the drummer (whose name I forget).
"See guys, tonight there's someone special we're here for. We didn't know if she was going to show up but I can see her now. I'd like to dedicate this song to her, you all know it so join in, this is for you Stephanie Parker"
I'm stunned, did Gerard Way really just say that?!
"3-2-1!" The drummer screams,
Then the band is singing happy birthday to me, the crowd joins in and I'm hoisted on stage by a tall security guard that Frank spoke to before they sang happy birthday, I'm staring at the crowd, pale faced and shaking and then I'm crying. I'm sooo embarrassed but the band is really encouraging, they pull me into a group hug and I hear Frank whisper,
"You were at our 'Orange Juice' show, I remember you!" and I'm smiling a huge grin, I KNEW he smiled at me at that show!

After the show Blake leads me outside and through a row of cars and he swings open a bus door, he puts his hands over my eyes and leads me in. He removes his hands and I can't see still, there's no lights; then suddenly they flick on and there's Mikey, Ray, Gerard and Frank and their new drummer sitting at the table right in front of me.
My jaw drops (how attractive right?) "Oh m-my g-god BLAKE!"
He smiles and then the band is just laughing,
"Happy birthday Stephanie" Mikey smiles, I'm shaking again and I can't believe it.
"H-how did you d-do this?!" I asked Blake,
"That's my dad" he says pointing to Frank,
"You h-have a son?" I ask, stupid, stupid question! I face-palm,
"Yeah sort of adopted him though, Cherry and Lilly need a big brother, the media hasn't exactly caught on because they think he's like a relative or fan whose always around, they're not big on details"
"But-But Jinx-?"
"Is my real brother" Blake says
"Oh" I say softly, "Blake"
"I'm g-going to f-fucking kill y-you!"
"What! Why?"
"Because t-this is the b-best day ever"
He kisses me softly and once more the magic disappears quickly because Franks pulling us apart, "Should I get a crowbar?" he asks, "Or one of those spray bottles, yeah I use those on my dogs. I spray them with water when they do something wrong, ha! I'm getting one for you two!" he laughs and returns a moment later holding a small spray bottle full of water,
"Frank, relax!" Mikey says
"Yeah how would you have liked it if someone sprayed us when we were kissing" Gerard winks from his seat in the corner, we're all laughing.
Ray disappears to go have a cigarette, Mikey goes to call Alicia and soon it's just Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Frodo Blake Wisman and me, Stephanie Parker.
"Stephanie" Gerard's voice says softly
"mm" I say looking up from my hands,
"Are you alright?"
I nod,
"You're gone pale again" Blake whispers,
I sigh and pull out the mini zip-lock bag that's in the pocket of my way-too-skinny jeans. It looks like drugs or something but they're just Xanax.
I take out four and chew them for a while, it tastes horrible but I swallow them without even flinching,
"What was that?" Gerard asks,
"Alprazo-" Blake begins, "Xanax" I finish.
"You took four?!" he asks alarmed
"I always d-do"
"Steph, you're getting addicted, I can see it in your eyes when you were chewing them" did Gerard Way just call me Steph?!
"I'm n-not"
"Really? I used to chew them because it tasted worse, and having that taste left over made things feel the slightest touch better, is that what you do?" he asks, I can't lie to him, I nod.
"You k-know, I k-know you p-probably hea-hear this every d-day but y-your music s-saved my life"
"Normally we get 'You saved my life' or 'MCR saved my life' it's not often people say our music"
I nod,
"How?" Frank asks curiously
I take a deep breath and exhale quickly,
"My b-best friend Joey passed away o-on his fifteenth b-birthday, l-last year and s-so much s-shit was going on at h-home and s-shit and I was f-f-feeling really low and I t-tried to k-kill myself. Joey's g-god sister Jessica t-tried to talk m-me down b-but it wasn't happening, s-she said to me 'What if J-Joey was here, what would he say?' I t-told her 'If h-he was h-here I wouldn't be d-doing this' and she k-knew I was right, but s-she wasn't g-giving u-up on me.
In the b-background 'Famous Last Words' was al-almost over b-but she still turned up the vol-volume, full b-blast,
'I a-am not a-afraid to keep o-on living, I a-am not afraid to w-walk this world alone' s-she knew it was my insp-inspiration, the n-next song s-started
'Stand up f-fucking tall, don't let them see y-your back and t-take my fucking hand a-and never be afraid again' that w-was me and Joey's s-sort of... Anthem I g-guess and s-she kept talking, she skipped t-to the next song and it was 'Headfirst for Halos' 'Think Happy Thoughts' i-is the last thing I r-re-remember sa-saying t-that day"
"Whoa" Blake whispers, Gerard smiles a very weak smile and goes outside for a cigarette.
"And you still self harm?" Mikey asks from the doorway, it wasn't really a question more of an accusation. I frown and wonder how he knows but then I look down at my wrists and the bandages are still there but there's another patch of blood seeping through my shirt that happens to be white.
"Here" Frank says throwing me a red shirt, I hold it up and my jaw drops,
'Homophobia is Gay' is scrawled across the front, it's Franks famous shirt,
"Whoa!" I say
"Yeah, I've made a new one" he says, he holds up a white tee that says "Fuck your tank top" I smile,
I go into the tiny bathroom and clean off the blood and put on the homophobia is gay shirt, I walk out smiling and Ray's back too,
"That shirt looks better on you than it does on him" he says nodding his head to Frank.
"One more surprise"
"Pwease?" he says cutely
"Aw look, he's begging. Go on, Steph!" Gerard says,
It's just past one am and we're about to leave but the silent drummer passes us a small box on our way out, Blake thanks him and we say goodnight to all of them, he takes my hand and were now in an empty parking lot apart from the MCR boys' bus and the purple Lamborghini.
"Oh w-wow, i-it's AMAZING!" I say
"Your dad told me you love cars"
"He's right about one thing at least"
"Get in loser"
"Get. In"
He takes the small box the drummer gave him and pulls out a key, he presses a button and the doors go up, we slide in and I swear I saw Frank wink from the window of the bus but I look again and the curtain is drawn.
"C-Can you drive this thing?"
"Pft no!" he laughs
"We're fucked"
"No, your dad told me you drove a lotus when you were twelve, I'm sure you can manage a lambo"
I shake my head and swap seats with him, I drop the keys and put my foot on the clutch, its a push-to-start and it roars to life, oh I love that sound.
We're off,
"Is this e-even legal?" I ask him
"Not really, shh!"
"We're fucked! This c-car must b-be a-a cop magnet!"
"Shh, just drive to the nearest Burger King"
He directs me and we pull up slowly, I climb out and there's a group of guys on the sidewalk also going into Burger King but once they see the Lambo they're all going crazy, they come up to us,
"Bro can I get a photo with your car?"
Blake shrugs and takes the pictures for them while they pose by the car,
"Can she be in the photo?" they joke, Blake raises an eyebrow but I smile for a photo because it would make them leave sooner and go back to Blake's side, he slips his hand into mine and pass the guys their phones and we step inside.
After we eat we return the lambo and the MCR boys are mature now and they're worried about out safety so they force us to stay the night.
"This is t-the best d-day e-ever" I whisper as I fall asleep on his chest on the blanket covered floor of the MCR bus.
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