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Chapter twelve- How many?!

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Frodo's POV

I wake up next to Steph in a tangle of blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. I look up and realise why I'm awake so early, Frank is standing over me with a bucket of ice water and I'm drenched,
"FRAAAANK!" I yell
"Shuuush! Your girlfriends sleeping!"
"Not my girlfriend, yet" I joke
"Whats n-not ye-yet?" she says as she yawns,
"This!" Frank laughs tipping the rest of the bucket on us, she screams
"Oh m-my god!"
Gerard walks in, "Frank! There's SNOW outside and you're drenching them in ice? Do you want them to catch like pneumonia or something?"
Thank you! Someone around here is intelligent!
I sit upright and Mikey drops a pile of clothes on both of us,
"Some clothes for you two" he smiles, "Sorry Steph, we don't exactly have any female clothes around here" he says making this kind of face :/
"That's o-okay" she half-smlies
She takes a shirt and jeans and comes out of the bathroom two minutes later dried off and dressed, 'lucky we took pjs with us last night' I thought- I knew they were going to make us stay.
She's wearing the 'Homophobia is Gay' shirt and what looks like a pair of Gerard's jeans, they're both pretty tall- Gerard's taller (obviously) but its a smart idea and she's wearing her purple docs that she wore to the concert.
She caught me staring at the docs,
"What?" Mikey says looking up,
"How many?!"
"I have si-sixteen pairs of doc m-martens"
"Whoa" I say in surprise.

I go into the mini-bathroom and dry off and change into a plain black shirt and someone's jeans, I (think they're Mikey's) and lace up my converse before noticing my hair look limp, I shake it around like a wet dog and go back to the rest of them.
It's Mikey, Gerard, Frank and Steph sitting at the small table together,
"Frank, didn't you name your band Pencey Prep?" I ask
"Ha! Yeah! We got sued but they dropped charges because I'm a former student" he replies
Steph drops her spoon into the white mug that's sitting in front of her, it cracks and coffee comes spilling out everywhere.
She jumps but she can't really go anywhere, she's sandwiched between the Way brothers, she screams and she's biting her lip and it's bleeding again but worse than before, it's not just a drop anymore.
They force her to go jump into the bus' mini shower to cool her down, Ray drives us all to the hospital and they get swarmed my fans as soon as they step out, a random security guard (who was following us in the purple lambo) pushes past the fans and makes a pathway for us to help Steph through.
She has burns all on her thighs and legs and her hands and wrists, they bandaged her up pretty good and she was in good spirits,
"W-Why would I-I-I be sad w-when the mcr g-guys are like a f-foot away from m-me" she joked, I saw her smiles but I could tell they were fake, they just didn't quite reach her eyes, it's all an act- a game.
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