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Live and Let Die

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Frank is trying to move on, Gerard isn't letting him do that easily.

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Hey kiddos! This chapter is going to be the start of alot of things and three main events will be happening! I hop this is worthwhile of your time and i hope it has the effect i kinda was going for! I hope youre all well and you're all as gorgeous as ever and love always! :) xo

[*Franks POV

Two Weeks. Two weeks since i've been in that courtroom being watched by my favourite hazel green eyes and anyone who ever meant a thing to me. My Mom, Dayle, My Uncle. Him. Him.Gerard came and although he wasnt there letting off fireworks and party poppers or throwing confetti my way when I was let out, he still showed. He still cared enough to have me save myself from me. Have me continue living although i didn't think my life was worth anything anymore. Especially not without him. By my side, getting me through each agonising second of every shit day.

My Communtity service was making my days a whole lot worse in honesty. My alarms had become alot earlier than my body was used too or obliged too and my workmates were complete douchebags. Especially one in particular. One who had a particular dislike for me, though i did not know why. We hadn't even spoken when his jibes and taunts started almost two long weeks back. He was a bully. Pure and simple. And as selfish as it is, why the fuck did he have to pick on me? Oh yeah yeah, i know you're thinking all sarcastic. Poor Frank who can't handle life, who fucks up everything, it's all his fault but he wont accept it at all. Well this isn't actually my fault. All i remember is sitting in front of him on the shitty little minibus they transport us to work in and he hated me from then. He kicked my chair, called me names and was downright insensitive and impolite from day one.

Today was going to be a big day for me and this guy that happened to despise me actually. We were building a barrier near a pond in a Park that was densely populated with families and teenage couples. Sappy, loved up, smitten....." Oh queero, pass me that hammer would ya?" His venomous voice spat. Fucking what? He called me queero. Oh i'll fucking give him queero, right in the front teeth that resemble wolverines. " Who do you think you are? No." I snarl at his ugliness, more pissed than ever before. "Oh shut the hell up bitch." He retorts and without thinking i approach him ready to use my fists to prove my point. Again, without even stopping to think first. I lower my fists deciding to be the bigger person, and then? He shoves me and sends me falling backwards into the murky, dark waters. As if i wasn't feeling lonely and unloved enough.


I slowly fled the bus and wanted to run from all of them. All of the entire situation. Not return tomorrow, not face that asshole again and just wait for death or fatal illness to consume my tired, hideous, unworthy body. " Frankie!" I hear the familiar call from my ex biggest crush ever Bob and turn to see him hurtling towards me, rubber gloves and dungarees from work still on and covered in wet, thick mud. " Hey Bobbert the farmer." I laugh lightly as he flips me off. " Wanna go out tonight? It's pay day for moi." He says happily, almost bouncing up and down. Yes, his parents pay himto work on their family farm. He would do it for nothing. Everyone around knows that, but i guess his parents like to hand him wages. He doesnt have to pay board and theres pretty much shit all else around jobwise so it makes perfect sense in my book. If only i were that lucky.

" Yeah alright, i'll go home and what not. Meet you in the Riders at Seven?" I ask arranging where we'll meet later on to skip off out into town. I guess this could be exactly what i need after today, a night with someone different to who i normally spend my time with, a night drinking and dancing. Being a normal, happy kid for once. If that was possible for me.

"Hey, you alright Lad?" Dayle asks wiping his eyes on his sleeve as he chops up onions in a super speedy, sonic the hedgehog kind of way. He loves to make thing involving onions and mushrooms, despite the fact that the mass amount he makes often goes to waste as i hate vegetables, especially Mushrooms. We had became close again like before yet still he insisted i eat mushrooms. " Yeah i'm alright thanks." I reply simply setting my bag on the table. "Oh god!" Dayle suddenly exclaims coughing and spluttering away, violently banging on his chest. "What? Dayle? What is it?" I ask, frightened he was going to kick the bucket right before my eyes. " You.. Y-Yu- That smell!" He exclaims and i cant help but laugh and feel horribly embarassed. "I fell into some dirty water." I say simply as he continues to flap like a headless chicken. "Ugh, get in the bath!" He squeals as i gladly oblige and make for the stairs.

"So we're heading i-in there?" I ask a grinning Bob as he points to the well known Gay Bar. "Yeah, i'm a genius i know, plus i hear some girls like to hang in gay bars." He winks at me. He's such an amazing best friend. Reluctantly we stroll inside and approach the bar. After ordering a simple beer and ignoring the flirtatious gaze of a group of men i turn around, there's only one man i can think of right now. The toilet door swings open, revealing that exact person, both us looking a little more than shell shocked.
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