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Frank is jealous :)

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Jealousy turning saints into the sea! :)

Faturing Jared Leto :)

Franks POV
We stare at eachother for a few anguish filled moments too many. And then he leaves my field of view, sauntering in the pretty way i've grown to adore as he approaches a crowd of people gathered around a snooker table. A tall, red and black haired man hands him a snooker cue and Gerard gladly gives him a chaste kiss upon the cheek as he spins to face my open mouth and hurt face flashing his wicked grin at me. It's like he's saying "you could have had me, if you only tried harder". And don't i know it. If i could turn back the past few weeks i would in less than a heartbeat.

The guy Gerard kissed so lovingly watches in awe as Gerard takes a smooth shot and pots one of the balls, earning a cheer from the surrounding men and women all clutching beers and hi fiving one another. Gerard joins his new companion once more as he throws an arm carelessly around him, Bob watches my face twist in pain, as though shards of shattered glass have become stuck permanently through my cold, twisted heart.

I'm not bulletrpoof, no matter how much i wish i was.

Gerards POV
I look at Jared and we exchange smiles. " Dude, you're acting was great then." I giggled in his ear. All a facade to make Frankie Jealous and i think it worked quite marvellously in all honesty. Jared was an old friend of mine, just visiting from New York for a few days, we always had an arm around eachother like all good friends and like my little brother, Jared knew how much i liked Frank despite everything that had gone on. Naturally, he didn't want me anywhere near the guy but he was more than happy to help me make him absolutely crazy.

After the few soft kisses were exchanged as Frank watched intently ( i felt his eyes burning through my skin like radioactive substances.) Shortly after that he had gone outside, telling his friend to remain at the bar to wait for him. I assumed this guy was just a friend of Franks, i was good at telling the relation two people were. Friends. Lovers. Siblings. I could tell what they were to one another as well as what they thought of one another. "I'll be right back." I say in Jared's ear as i make for the entrance doors, Frank's companions gaze following me all the while. "Hey." I say as i approach a small, shivering figure puffing on a cigarette. "H-" He goes to return my greeting until he realises it is in fact me standing before him wearing a fake smile. " What do you want?" He snaps all of a sudden, man i knew he was hot tempered but i nevr saw exactly how hot it could be, this shit was on fire. "Well i came to say hello." I say innocently, although the real reason was to look and speak to him again like i craved and maybe admittedly to continue making him jealous. "Yeah, well don't, go inside and snuggle up to pretty boy in there." He says fiercely. I draw closer to him. "Did you see all the guys looking at you?" I ask, it's true they were looking at him the way i did, like he was god's gift and they wanted to call him their own.
"No." He says shrugging.
"Well, i mean you're not that bad looking, are you?" I smile before pressing my lips cautiously and softly to his, taking him by surprise. I turn to walk back inside greeted by Frank's blonde companion, throwing him a wink as i disappeared back into the bar, a smile growing upon my face.
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