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He's Working Where?

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Gerard's family business is thriving....

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Hey loves! ;) xo

Franks POV
Last night ended spectacularly well. Gerard kissed me. He really actually kissed me. And Bob nearly passed out. Haha he was fucking taken aback man. All makes entertaining viewing for me though so i can't really complain now can i? Plus the way he shocked him was exceptional, if he'd smacked me in the face like i deserved i wouldn't be too admirable of the whole thing but he didn't smack me up, he treated me well and as cheesy as it sounds, he made all of my recent dreams and hopes come true. Well to me they were hopes and dreams to you they were probably pathetic little fascinations.

I stroll out of the front door on my way to another day of shitty community service, but today there was another thing on my list to complete. I had a job interview at the local garage as i was qualified enough to work and i was happy i'd be able to actually get a real career this time around, rather than work the odd shift for my Uncle. Sure it was always enjoyable and fun at times but i needed regular wages and i needed some independance so i didn't feel completely shit about my almost non existent self esteem. There was also the possibilities i had been looking back into like before. College for example. I could begin a course there if i worked hard enough. Gerard would be so proud. I mean my.....Mum! Mum, would be bursting with rpide if i went back to school and got a decent enough education. Yeah, i'd be doing it for her not for him.

Shit, i needed something fast. I needed Gerard out of my system pronto. I needed to forget his existence. Forget his perfect face and his pure sweetness. I needed the name erased, the pictures that replayed in my mind gone forever. I needed to move on. That kiss meant the world to me, yet i knew it was nothing to him. Just payback, and boy payback was sweet. This time on both parts.

Gerards POV
"Yes, that should be fine. Thanks." I hang up the phone and smile at my Dad. We had a job to do, and it was right next to a Garage on the Outskirts of Franks home village. Sadly, it meant i had to get my hands dirty again and pretend i'm professional and can construct suitable affordable homes, although that's really my Dad but hey, he needs an assistant and Mikey is even worse with electrics and water than me, and trust me i didn't think that was humanly possible.

It also meant i could make the odd detour nearer to Franks actual home. I could accidentally call into the pub for an "unexpected" lunch with just me. Accidentally but on purpose of course. That kiss hadn't been planned but i knew i had to do something. It just seemed kinda..right i suppose you could say. And it did what i didn't want it to do, it only made me like him more and i liked him a fucking lot before anyways. I knew i wanted him but i knew he was forbidden fruit, he wasn't good for me. Yet, the things that make us happy aren't always good for us, are they? ....
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