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Everybody jump up up on the beat kick off your shoes like ya do at the beach

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I went back to the main room, wearing the biggest shirt of Frank's and his sweats, sitting next to my boyfriend. Subconsciously I started stroking his hair. "Don't," he whispered when I touched his head. "Don't touch me, talk to me, or look at me."
"Why?" I asked, glaring at him. "Why can't I touch you? What did you do to get arrested?"
Mikey cleared his throat, patting the floor next to him with his foot. Nodding, I crawled over there in despair. 
"Well," the cop said rubbing his blonde beard. "My name is Officer Bryar, I'm Franklin's parole officer, and he's only been to juvie for assault and battery. Same reason why I'm here today, he found a young man and hurt him. He could've killed the sweet boy, and for no reason."
"Wait," Frank whispered softly. "I had a reason. It was right before I arrived at the park, I was walking towards the swings when I heard someone say 'Hey! Hey you EMO FAG!' I stopped and looked over at them, pointing at my face. 'Yeah you!' they yelled charging after me. I didn't know what was going on until I was on the floor, my ankle and my knee felt broken maybe fractured. I looked at the guy standing over me, looking accomplished, but little did he know I fight back. I got up, grabbing a fallen branch, and hitting his head with it. It was a small cut, but it was still enough pain for him to hit me again. He punched my side, not hard enough to break anything but to knock me down, and I wrapped my foot around his ankle so he could fall with me. 'Don't mess with me,' I said getting up. I saw his blood soaking into the grass, before I kicked his face over and over again."
"That's why Frank is always so quiet," Hana said, getting up. "He doesn't want any trouble and he doesn't want people to know he's there. I did a good job of hiding you Frank, if you didn't comment on my hair that night you to met, you wouldn't be in 'cuffs again."
I was in shock, all things said had such impact on me, so much I just got up and ran out the door. I ran the familiar streets of Belleville, until I got to the beach. Getting to what I call mine and Frank's spot, I laid down and cried. It was all my fault he's in handcuffs, it's always been my fault. I couldn't help it though, I LOVED HIM! I dream about Fun Ghoul all the time,Frank is the only thing on my mind, he's the one thing I've been looking for my whole life. Someone to make me happy, someone to make me smile, someone to make 
I laid on the sand for what seemed like an hour, crying my eyes out, normally I would be opposed to crying in public, but the fact that my boyfriend almost killed someone. That sweet, small, quiet boy, who cried on the first day I met him when I mentioned taking him home, who would hide what he is behind a black and red stripped shirt, is going to be convicted of assault and battery. 
"Gerard," I said to my self. "Stop being a baby. He obviously isn't what he told you, he can protect himself, he doesn't need you."
"Yes I do," I heard him say. 
Oh no I'm hearing things again, no no no. I grabbed my red hair, very close to tearing it out. 
"Gerard stop!" It was Mikey's voice this time. "Officer Bryar wants to talk to you."
"No," I sobbed sitting up. "He's going to tell me he's putting Frankie in jail, and that...I would never get to- get to see him again."
Mikey hugged me, calming me down as I let out little hiccups of sobs. "You can see him right now," he said rubbing my arms. "And if you would just let Officer Bryar talk to you, you'll get why we're here with you. With Frank."
I nodded, standing up to face them all. Frank was next to the officer, Ray next to them, Bing and Jay were looking at me worriedly, phones at the ready, and Hana behind them all, looking at the ground. "Ok Gerard," Officer Bryar said motioning me over to Frank. "Frank told you about his parents, and what led him to be how he is. Now I'm going to tell you the more dark side, the side in which he became violent. Frank and I were close friends, I'm only 26, but we were always there for each other. I visited him as much as I could at work, school, here, and his home. Every time I showed up he was covered in blood. First few times it was his, but soon it was his and other peoples blood. I got worried, so I asked him about it. 'It's fine Bobbert,' he would say. 'Just messing around with some friends.' 
Now, I knew he was lying, Hana and I were his only friends. He had no one to mess around with, and he knew I would never goof off around him. A few months passed, and I joined the police, I got a call about a violent fight, possible gang fight. I got in the squad car with my partner and drove to the location of the fight."
Bryar stopped talking, so I guess he was allowing Frank to finish. "It was a messy fight, I knocked the dudes front teeth out and broke his nose. When I was about to knock him out I heard sirens, so I did it quickly. I started to go through his pockets, looking for money when I heard Bob yelling," Frank whispered, looking up at me. "'Put the wallet down!' he said pointing a gun. I was terrified so I dropped the leather square, raising my arms. 'Bob,' I sobbed. 'Dont arrest me.'
'I'm sorry Frank,' he said walking over to me, gun still raised. 'It's the right thing to do.' Bob put his gun back he realised I wouldnt fight, I would never fight him, and walked me to his squad car. He did the whole you're under arrest deal, grabbing my head and shoving me into the back. I cried, wondering if I was ever going to come home."
Frank fell to the sand, sobbing just as violently as I was. I fell to the ground with him, wrapping my arms around him. His life was messed up, and he needs me to make it right. 
Fun Ghoul I cried throwing his pillow across the room. Why did you leave? I need you! I need you with me, I can't fight without you.
I saw him enter the room, worried. I came back, why can't you see I came back for you? he sobbed. Just for you
Youre not Ghoul, you're just my mind playing tricks on me
Oh my God Party Poison, stop it! Stop crying right now! I'm back see?
I shook my head, that wasn't Ghoul. He would come an comfort me, regardless that I'm in restraints. Regardless that I'm in the crazy ward of the zone HQ.

SORRY I HASN'T BEEN POSTING ANYTHING! I just ran out of brain juice, but that's only on this story, I'm working on another MC and two OS.....I'm really excited about them, that I forgot about this...So PP'SG is my main priority for now, but I may post Chappy UNO of my MC next week...we'll see... KEEP IT UGLY
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