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Dreamers, Parks, and Mystery Boys

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~CHAP 2~

[*Gerard’s POV

“Stupid, good for nothing, little-”
“Woah, sorry Gee. Its just-”
“Just Nothing!”
“Yes, you spilled MY coffee all over my newest sketches that I WAS WORKING ON.”
“It’s no big deal. And what were you drawing, anyway?”
“Oh, who is it?”
“No one!”
“Yes, really. Now go, like, molest your straighteners or something.”
“Okay, okay, grumpy ass.”
As you could see, Gerard wasn’t in a very good mood.
And he wasn’t in a very good mood, not because Mikey had just spilled his coffee all over his new sketches, though that was part of it, but because he was trying to figure out who the sketches were of. And as most artists know, you can never draw the same thing twice. Ever. And it just so happened that these sketches were of a boy. A boy who kept popping up in his dreams.
“And I forget just why I taste
Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
I found it hard, it was hard to find
Oh well, whatever, nevermind”

Gerard’s phone sounded from his pocket. He fumbled with it for a moment, and opened the text. It was from Layla, one of his best friends.
Layla Hey Gee

Gerard Hey

Layla you seem glum?

Gerard: glum?

Layla yup.

Gerard okay then. Im not glum...pissed but not glum

Layla I take it, its not a good day?

Gerard not at all. did I tell you about the dreams?

Layla dreams? no.

Gerard oh...well....nevermind then.

Layla ....oh well, whatever, nevermind? :b

Gerard Nirvana-geeking on me?

Layla ...maybeee.... can I come round in a few hours?

Gerard uh, maybe not such a great about we go to that park? climb a tree or whatever....maybe I wont kill all the plants this time. Plus the sun isn’t insanely bright today

Layla Gee, you're so pale, if the sun did come out, you’d turn to ashes. But whatever floats your boat, gee. around 3, yeah?

Gerard Im not a vampire! (A/N but i feel like one...heh) great. Hey, tell Artilia and Lucy to come round too, kay?

Layla yeah, sure gee-tard.

Gerard thanks

Gerard sighed as he put his phone back into the pocket of his lethally tight skinny jeans. Outside, hints that rain was on the way were really evident. He glanced at the clock, it was noon-thirty. That means he had just under two and a half hours to kill, seeing as the park was about five minutes away. Well, no better time for a nap. Gerard went down the stairs to the basement which served as his room, and flopped onto his bed. As he tried to get to sleep, however, the annoying sun’s feeble rays were coming in through the singular, small window. Of all places, just before it rained, the fucking sun had to come and shine on his face. Right when he was trying to sleep. Goddamn it. He took a spare blanket and a few tacks, and pinned the blanket over the window. The sun’s rays no longer infiltrated his sanctuary. He sighed as he sank back down into his bed, closing his eyes and sleeping for a few hours until he had to get up to meet Layla, Artilla, and Lucy at the park. Once again, however, his dreams were full of nothing but that mysterious boy.


I sat alone, at a small park. The swings creaked and swung with no inhabitants, the stone structure of the shitty restrooms a few meters behind them. Slides and a jungle gym were behind me. I faced the swings, my back against the cold, hard, decaying plastic that the slide was mounted upon. This park was abandoned. Everything here seemed like it was black and white, like an old film. I looked down at myself, I wasn’t in the clothing I’d normally wear. I was wearing an extremely tight, black shirt with no sleeves. It was torn and ripped up. Very, very tight black skinny jeans adorned my slightly awkward, and very pale legs. The jeans were also ripped. My long, ebony hair flopped into my face. My normal converse were gone, replaced with tall black boots, buckles adorning the outward side in a vertical line. They almost went up to my knee. A tight black choker was on my neck. I closed my eyes for a moment, I liked this place. It seemed dead, like no one inhabited the entire area. For once I was peaceful.
I felt someone sit down next to me, but my eyes remained closed. It wasn’t until I felt warm breath on my face that I opened my eyes. His face was inches away from mine, he looked curious. His gorgeous hazel-green eyes shone in the dim light. A small lip ring on his bottom lip shone silver. His black hair flopped into his face in a messy side fringe, his eyes were rimmed with red liner.
“Hi,” he said, still sounding curious.
I smiled, “Hey,” I whispered softly.

“What are you doing here, Gerard? I thought we agreed...”
“Agreed what, that I wouldn’t show up?”
“Uh, yeah, kinda”
“You never even told me your name, why would I listen to you?”
“Good point...” He raised his arm to one side of my head, supporting himself on it against the plastic. Tattoos went up his arm, and I knew he had the word “HALLOWEEN” across his fingers. A scorpion with 7 legs was on his neck. I looked at his adorable face, it looked as if he was considering something.
“Are you going to tell me your name, or not?”
He considered for a moment, then leaned in and kissed me. It lasted only a moment, he pulled away too soon. I felt him touch the inside of my wrist briefly.

He got up, and started walking away. I stared after him. He turned and faced me.
He spoke only one word, “Frankie.”

Then he disappeared.


I awoke with a start, sitting straight up in bed. I looked down at my wrist, a small, black, scythe was there, with the word “Frankie” underneath it.
My hone went off, signaling the alarm I had set so I could get up to meet my friends at the park. I let it play. I kept staring at my wrist.

OKAY so, I loved all of your reviews on the last chapter. Layla, I hope you don't mind that your character likes Nirvana? I'm so sorry this update took FOREVER for me to get up, don't hate me guys! And I do not want to see anything about LittleBitch in the reviews, okay? If she reviews and is being mean, don't do anything unless its really bad. No drama. Thank you. R&R, I want to know how shitty this is :D once again, don't hate me for late updates, and don't give up on this story. THANK YOU GUYSSS. I love you!

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