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"Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit. I really shouldn't have done that." NEW CHAP GUYS :D

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CHAPTER 3- Marked

A/N thoughts are in italicss

Frank shot straight up in bed, eyes opening wide, and breathing heavily. /shit/ he thought. /I just marked him/
He ran his hands through his tousled hair, then flopped back onto the mattress.
/shitshitshitshitshitshitshit. marking him was NOT part of the plan/

Marking to reaper was a very serious thing, and Frank had no idea why he had done it. When you mark someone, you have to kill him. And if the Ways were unkill-able... well, Frank would just have to be the first. If he failed...
Frank shook his head vehemently, he wouldn’t think of the consequences now. He just had to do his job, and this whole thing would be over, he could just go back to his somewhat-normal life of being a Reaper.
He had to.

~~Gerard’s POV~

I had finally stopped staring at my wrist, and gotten my ass to the park where I was meeting Layla, Artilla, and Lucy. We sat around the tree, Layla was wearing a striped shirt with skinny jeans and two different shoes. Her multicolored hair looked weird, considering she cuts it herself. She had snakebites and a nose ring. Right next to her was Artila, with her shoulder-length brown hair with straight bangs and ripped boot-cut jeans. She was wearing a homemade band Tee with combat boots. Closest to me, on my left was Lucy. Lucy has longish black hair with electric blue fringe and purple highlights. She was wearing a Black Veil Brides tee and skinny jeans. She was playing with her lip ring as we were talking.
“So, what was that about dreams?” Layla asked, looking at me.
“Uhm, nothing...” I said, pulling the sleeve of my jacket over my wrist with the mark.
“Dreams? What’s she talking about, Gee?” asked Artilla, looking confused.
“Art, it’s nothing. Really. I’ve just been having weird dreams. No big deal.”
“Didn’t really sound like no big deal when you were texting me, Gee,” Layla rolled her eyes.
I reached up to push the hair out of my eyes. As I did so, the tattoo-like mark on my wrist revealed itself. I didn’t notice until Lucy gasped.
“Uh, Gee?” She asked, sounding kind of worried and confused.
“Yeah, Lu?”
“What’s that? On your wrist?”
“Oh, shit. Uhm, that’s just...uh...”
“I thought you were scared of needles, Gee! Like me! Trypanophobia, right?” exclaimed Artilla.
“I am!” I attempted to defend myself.
“Then why do you have a tattoo?” Asked Layla, who had a few tattoos herself, “You do know those involve needles, right? Well, obviously. You have one.”
“Uh.. It’s...not exactly a tattoo, I don’t think.”

Shit. Looks like I have some explaining to do.

“See, remember those dreams you were asking about?”

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