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Gee talking to himself, trypanophobia, and the lack of male friends.

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Chapter 4

~Gerard’s POV~

“So, let me get this straight? You’ve been having weird dreams about a boy, and he told you his name and touched your wrist and you woke up with that thing?” Clarified Artilla.
“...And you’re still sure you didn’t just get smashed with some guy and woken up with that?” Asked Layla.
“No, I didn’t go get smashed with a random stranger, and you know I’m trypanophobic, I wouldn’t let anyone get anywhere near me with a needle. You guys know that. But yes, I do keep having odd dreams about the same boy. But each is like...a continuation of the other? Something like that....each of them make sense with each other, I guess.”
“Did you know that you can never make up a person in your dreams? That means that everyone you see in your dreams you’ve seen before, even if just in passing. So, where have you seen weirdo-tattoo-frankie-boy?” Lucy piped in
“That’s just it, I’m positive i’ve never seen him before...I would remember a face that pre-- uh, memorable.”
“What where you about to say, Gee?” Asked Layla
“OHMYGOD. he was soooo gonna say Pretty, wasn’t he? Weren't you?” Lucy freaked, looking between Art, Layla and finally turned to me, demanding that I answer.
“AHHH YOU WHERE WEREN’T YOU!” Artilla looked like she was going to start jumping up and down.
“NO! Yes! God just shut the fuck up! Yes, okay? He’s pretty! Geez. Calm yourselves.”
the girls squealed in excitement.

I really need some male friends.
Maybe that Frankie fellow....

Wait, no. Frankie’s a dream, remember?
Not according to the shit on my wrist.
Not so smart now, are we?
You just called yourself dumb...
....shut up

You’re talking to yourself
So are you!
but I’m you, so it’s just you.
You don’t make sense
Neither do you!

“GEE??” Oh. I guess they’d been trying to get my attention. I tried to act like I’d been listening.
“Oh, uh, yeah....donkeys?”
“What?” Lucy looked confused. Layla just rolled her eyes.
“oh shit...uhm...Toasters. Forks. Forks in Toasters? My deranged younger brother?” I tried again
“What exactly are you on about here, Gerard?” asked Art.
“That, my friend, is a very good question.” I said. I realized the room had gone all fuzzy and weird. My wrist hurt. I couldn’t focus. What the fuck?
“Gerard, are you okay?” Lucy seemed genuinely concerned.
“...uhhh...ToasterDonkeyBreakfastMonkey” I mumbled before everything went black.

I opened my eyes to something I thought I’d never see.

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