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I Know The Only Hope For Me Is You

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Gerard makes some new friends and finds out some new stuff. Gerard also talks to Mikey online about things he would never say to anyone else.

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Weeks after, we continued to stay after and school was still away off. Other people thought it was weird when they saw us together all the time, but we didn’t give a single fuck. Whenever we said goodbye to each other as we went to class, we’d hug and quietly say to each other “love you.” It seemed weird to people because we were two guys but there was no way of us being apart. EVER.

I became friends with a lot of Mikey’s friends too, including Frank. He was always chilling with Mikey, even before I met him. He was a cool dude with different colored hair at the bottom of his locks and he was so random. Perfect random and extremely funny too. He even had the attitude we did not give a shit what people thought. Overall, he was just an awesome guy. There was just one boy we all were friends with but got annoyed with easily: Steve. I mean, I was always the nice, sensible one, but when he started putting his arms around Mikey and taking him places without me, I wanted him to back the fuck up. In my head I was saying, “Get the fuck away from my man. He’s my husband,” when he was touchy with him. He was touchy with me too but it soon stopped. There was something about this kid too that people didn’t like. Everyone always said that he smelled, but that wasn’t just the reason. He was nice, but a little too pushy. It was very true. I felt bad for him because he was always in and out of school because of problems he had at home with his family, but he’d use excuses of why he smelled like that. Heaven knows why. Frank was always the first one too to make comments like, “I think he really does live in a dumpster.”

He was always around. Even another guy we didn’t like because he was always starting problems for people. His name was Dan, he was just another person on Mikey’s hate list. I never fought with anyone but I’d always get some stupid response out of her even though we were playing around. This guy never came in my way until later on though because as times went on, I thought more and more about Mikey. I kind of thought about him as more than my friend again. I couldn’t shake that feeling off. But I thought it would be a very stupid idea to bring up knowing one interference.
~Past Few Weeks~
I was walking down the hall with Jason to go with him to get breakfast when he finally stopped talking and said, “You know Mikey’s moving, right?”

“WHAT?!? NO! I DIDN”T KNOW THAT!” I was in shock. “WHEN?!”

“At the end of the year. And he’s moving down to North Carolina. I mean, c’mon. You didn’t know that?”

“No! Oh my god! This sucks! Why’s he moving?”

“He’s going to be with his real mom. Plus, don’t you know about her father?”

“No! I don’t know that either. Please don’t tell me something bad. What happened to him?”

“He passed away only awhile ago.”

“Jeez, that’s really horrible,” I was horrified.
Right after that, my questions were answered. Like why he wouldn’t play specific music, etc. I felt so bad. My mission was to make Mikey happy then. Free from thinking bad every time. I never liked when people were upset anyways. But this time it had to be different.


Knowing that I could make Mikey happy was an amazing feeling. Summer was almost up and the DEADLINE was getting closer. Yes, I said the “Deadline” because it was the day he was leaving. I hated school too, but I wish he never had to leave. It never fails, I thought, I get a BFF, things go right and really good, but then fall slowly until I hit the ground again.
One night I logged on to my computer, signing into my email to talk to Mikey. Here’s the deal. Mikey has a phone; I don’t. And I don’t EVER want one. People look at me like a fucking jerk when I say that but it’s true. I. Hate. Phones. Plain and simple. Anyways, he told met to type his number in and add to the sender box so I could send him messages that would go to his phone as a text. My mom kept bugging me because I had to get some community service paper signed. It was close to the end of the school year, and I had to find out the name of the guy who sponsored it and also signed Mikey’s and Frank’s form too. I sat there as the computer loaded and thought about that day. It was fun; really funny. We had to organize tables with coordinated sandwiches for basketball teams. But the fun part was we were running around, jumping on tables and laughing our asses off. I must add to that that Frank went into the back of the café where they locked things up usually and took some drinks you usually had to pay for. When we were done, we drank up our drinks and walked around the bottom floor, waiting for the instructor to come back. My art teacher from first semester walked out and looked at us, “What are you guys doing down here? What are you supposed to be doing?”

I turned around with much confidence, “Hey! Yeah; we’re just waiting for the lady to come back.”
Mikey and Frank helped me to explain. I actually felt pretty good that day because, mmmm, I had my leather jacket on, baby! Yes, some sexy stuff. We walked back, got everything done, and soon went upstairs into the lobby. I still had my drink and walked into the packed guy with kids and parents in the bleachers and teams shooting hoops. Mikey and Frank had to take down the sponsor banners all around the gym. When it came to the last one on the highest bleacher (the one that wasn’t out to sit on0 Frank threw himself up the bleacher, getting yelled at on the way, and ripped it off. I soon noticed a girl that Mikey was friends with one day and she started talking to me. “Hey! Gerard, right?” She popped up next to me.

I took a sip of my drink, “Hey! What’s up? Yeah! That’s me!”

“Cool! Ah, nothing. Just playing in this game,” he pointed to the court, “You look like someone I know.”

“Really? Who?” I smiled.

“Ah, it was this guy I was friends with a long time ago.”

“That’s cool. You guys winning?”

“Nope. Their beating us.”

“That sucks,” I noticed Frank and Mikey leaving, “Well, sorry to cut you short, but I gotta go. I’ll actually see you downstairs.”

“Ok, see you later then. Bye!”

I waved goodbye and walked out to meet up with them. I snapped out of my thought again and brought my attention to my email, finally loaded. It’s probably so slow from the couple of thousands of pictures I had. I began to type:
G: Hey! What’s the name of that guy who signed your paper for community service? My mom keeps bugging me about it.

I waited a few minutes each time he replied.

M: Hey! I think his name was Mr. Parce. I’m not sure if I spelled it right.
G: Thanks! I still got to get it signed and my mom might kill me if I don’t.

He replied back wit a usual “haha” or “lol” like always. I thought about asking him something, but it would take guts to ask. I mean, it was over the computer so it was harder to judge his reaction, but it was less weary or afraid.

G: Can I ask you something?
M: Of course, what is it?
G: Do you think I’m bisexual? Because I don’t even know myself. I ask this to myself all the time.
M: You could be. But you’re the only one that knows for sure. You could just be insane like me.
G: True. Agreed. I am just like you in that way but I like like David Bowie, if you know what I mean. Plus, if a guy asked me to kiss him, I would do it.
M: Well, I would too.. I think most people would say yes.
G: See, I just can’t see the people saying yes because they would think like me that it would ruin the relationship.
M: Trust me, guys would say yes. Depends on the person of course.
G: But then after that I would think about it meaning something more and they don’t think the same. And then you regret it.
M: I wouldn’t. :D
G: Whatcha mean you wouldn’t? Which part?
M: I wouldn’t especially if it’s a great friendship and stuff. Still depends on the person, but you gotta make sure they aren’t an asshole.
G: HAHAH!! But I mean like if you have a good relationship and then you do that and you’re not that way. They never like talk to you again.
M: I would find a new friend who understands me and isn’t an asshole.
G: But then I’d feel like I ruined everything.
M: I wouldn’t. I’d say they ruined it for being so messed up about it.
G: Ok, use me for an example. If I came up to you and kissed you, you wouldn’t back away and be like, “What the fuck?”
M: Haha, no I wouldn’t be like that. I wouldn’t care because it’s you. If it was someone else, yeah, but you, then no.

I smiled at the sentence. Then, right away I though about what I said. It was like I was hinting.

G: See now I feel like I’m trying to make you think I want to do that. I would never do that to hurt you. I’m sorry. I’m creeper. Just an example.
M: Read the message I sent you. Silly little creeper of mine. :D haha, I love you.

I wondered what he meant by that but I went back to the message where he said he wouldn’t act that way.

G: Cool! :D I love you too!!
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