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Our Famous Last Words

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Gerard becomes closer to Mikey at the last moment right before he is moving to North Carolina. Gerard has trouble letting go of him because he is so attached.

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Over the weekend I woke up with a good intention, something I hoped Mikey agreed with when the computer loaded though. I thought of all the time we had, only 16 days. I logged on and typed:

G: Hey Mikey? Can I ask you something? Promise me you won’t get freaked out. And you can say no.
M: Yes, I promise. I won’t.
G: Are you sure?
M: I’m sure.

I hesitated at first but finally had the guts.

G: Do you want to go out with me for 16 days? You don’t have to but I woke up thinking it.
M: Hell yeah!! Why only 16 days though? Why not longer?
G: Awesome! Well, I thought you wouldn’t want to do it and that’s all the time we have until you leave. We’ll go out longer. :D
M: I see. Yeah, cool. So, do we tell people?

And this conversation continued with who we could tell and the only person we couldn’t tell. Dan. Definitely not bitch Dan. It was on Mikey’s terms so we decided together. Besides, Dan loved saying things to other people and starting trouble. Well, weeks after, 2 weeks and 2 days to be exact, were spent well. I was getting scared though when Mikey stopped saying “I love you” before we went our separate ways for class. I didn’t want him upset because I knew it would be the same for me. He and I had a connection, and if he was happy, I was happy. If he was sad, I was sad; it’s just the way it worked. We had to use up all the time we had. I had him and Jason over one time and then he invited me to sleepover. I had to go, I told my mom, because this was going to be like the last time I would spend some good quality time with him.

That night when I slept over, we slept on one of his mattresses into his sister’s room which was deserted with just a couch. Yep, even she was gone. She had left only a couple of weeks ago. I plopped down and read part of his story as he changed his clothes. I decided to just sleep in my regular clothes because it was chilly that night. We talked and fooled around for awhile as we made a 5th period massacre list of all the people we hated and wanted to kill. Mikey went through some of the stuff left behind from his sister and threw it around. I stayed on the side laughing my ass off. He stopped and started writing in his story as I thought back.

I remembered what I told him. I said to him that we would live together in a house in LA, form a band, and everything else. He agreed when I said this and added some more details, making me giggle. I giggled out loud catching Mikey’s attention. “What?” he asked me, smiling and looking at me laying beside him.

“Ah, nothing.”

“Okay,” he said, turning his attention back to what he was writing.

I hated “okay” because I wanted people to wonder what I was thinking. I forgot about it as Mikey laid on his side, facing me like I did to him. “So… What do you want to do?” he finally asked.

The same question. I promised I wouldn’t relive this night. If it was with Mikey and he did, it was different story. It wasn’t something to bring up though. “Whatever you want to do.”
He put on his CD player and stuck on one of his CDs I made him. I started getting really tired finally, and you know what happens when I get sleepy. Words come out of my mouth as if I was drunk, and I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. The usual sleepy Gerard. He lay beside me with his head down as I laughed and made some jokes that made no sense. Part of me started thinking “Kiss, Mikey, kiss Mikey, kiss Mikey, you big woos.” I knew exactly what to say too.
It was, “I think we should totally make out,” because I realized I was obvious and unsure of my speech. Finally, my mouth moved saying, “I think we should totally…” I stopped.

Mikey picked up his head and looked at me, smiling once again as if he knew what I wanted. I swear he felt the same way, but I was still unsure. “We should totally what?” he asked.

“We should totally, I don’t know,” I gave up. He put his head down again and soon he was asleep. I didn’t sleep much that night because Mikey had to get up to babysit Ray again. We went downstairs after we changed and heard his step mom yelling for him. When she left for work, me, Mikey, and Ray watched TV. Ray jumped on us, exposed himself, everything you can imagine, until he got tired and went to watch a movie he liked in his playroom. Mikey went to lie down on the chair close by and a scene played in my head again. I saw me crawling toward him and our lips touching, lips parting, and then it snapped me out of thought. I couldn’t do it but, instead worked my way up to cuddling with him by laying my head on his hip and putting my legs on top of his. I couldn’t see his reaction, but I hoped he liked it because I love everything I did with him. For some reason, I felt like I was being a little too pushy or romantic to him and he didn’t like it and that’s why he never did anything back. I would never ask him that because I didn’t want to lose him especially now. Later on, before my parents picked me up, I went with him, his step mom, and Ray to watch him go to swimming class. I wanted to bring up the fact that I wanted to kiss him. Bad. Real bad. I worked myself up to it, “Can I ask you something?”

He looked kind of upset. Probably from leaving again. It was too close now. Only 3 days. “Yeah.”

“Oh god, I can’t say now. I’m afraid to tell you.”

I just realized his brother’s class was over as he handed me his phone, “Here, type it out.”

I typed in: Before you leave, can I at least kiss you one more time? You don’t have to. But, I love you…

He read it as we all walked back to the car. He handed me back his phone and I read: Hell yes!! When though?!?

I replied: It’s all up to you.

He replied: The next time I see you.

We both smiled to each other. Soon enough, his step mom dropped me off at my house and I said goodbye and our classy “love you” quietly as she pulled away. He also said he would try and come over later to my house, but I turned up to be busy with plans, unfortunately.

The next time I saw him was when me and Jason came over to say our farewells before he left. I knew I wasn’t going to take it well. We basically started watching movies and walked with them to a grocery store nearby with both of them in high heels as I laughed my ass off. Then, we had lunch and watched a scary movie, which was at the ending; me and him were close together, legs touching and his head on my shoulder. I would give anything to make him stay there like that with me. His cell phone rand and he handed it to me saying it was my parents. I talked to them briefly and they told me they would be there in a couple of minutes to pick me up. Shit! Jason sat up, “Uh-oh! Time to do your thing. Time to say your last goodbyes.”

“Shut up!” I yelled, laughing at him.

Mikey walked into the kitchen with me following. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Moment was here and I actually was nervous. Jason was behind me and we yelled at him to go away. I held myself back, afraid of fucking this up, but moved a little closer. He stood, leaned back against the counter, laughing at me telling me, “It’s alright. Don’t be nervous. You never have to be nervous with me. “

My head and heart wanted to kiss him and not come back for breath, but my body wouldn’t budge. Jason came in and pushed me all the way up against Mikey, forcing us to laugh. He hugged me tightly, as I did for a few minutes until I heard car doors slam outside and he said, “Your parents are here.”

“This sucks.”

Right as that happened, I pulled Mikey’s hand and let him into his living room, pulling him in a hug and kissing his soft lips for the last time until I saw him again. We giggled and hugged for some time, “I’m going to miss you,” Mikey said.

“I’m going to miss you too.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” the words felt good coming out of my mouth.

I felt some tears swell in my eyes as my breath because jagged. “Don’t cry,” he said.

“I know,” I replied in the shittiest way as I choked up.

“If you cry, I cry,” he said, making me laugh.

I let go and put my sunglasses on as my parents talked with Mikey. I chimed in, “Are you leaving tonight or tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure. I’m supposed to go tomorrow but they’re on their way now so…”

The last minute I hugged him one more time and he told me he would email me later. I walked away with Jason, realizing for the first time I might’ve been in love.
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