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Honey, This Night Isn't Long Enough For The Both Of Us

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Gerard has to suffer again because Mikey is leaving to go back to North Carolina, but leaves a good ending to something beautiful down the road.

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I grabbed all the stuff we needed to occupy us along with my father’s TV and music. We had already changed and we sat criss crossed on the top, him writing as I looked for something to watch. Finally, I ended up on MTV2 which had music videos all day and night again. “Don’t you just love my father’s bed?” I asked, bouncing up and down on it.

“Yeah. You’re right. It’s really comfy.”

“How about his room alone? It looks like someone died in here,” I laughed. “You know? I’ve always wanted to know what was in this drawer over here.” I pointed to the bureau on the side of the bed. “He always told me to not touch or come into this drawer.”

Mikey smiled and watched as I opened the drawer. I pulled out some tissues and then a glass. “What the fuck?” me and Mikey said as we same another glass in there. “Oohh… Bingo!” I said, before pulling out a box of condoms.

“Aah, now I see why too,” Mikey laughed.

I put them back in the same spot they were before scavenging through more of the stuff he had. Nothing good though. I came back over to the spot, sat next to Mikey and sighed. “It’s really creepy thinking about my father having condoms now. Ew!”

“Well, no you know where to go and get on if you’re going to have sex,” Mikey smirked.

“Guess so,” I actually felt pretty conscious now that Mikey and I were on the same page. “Have you ever had sex before?”

“Nope. Never done it with a girl or a guy. You?”

“Me neither,” I said, shaking my head. “It’s okay. We will someday from whoever we love. Jeez, what time is it?” I turned around to look at the digital clock saying 1:13 am.

“Time for you to come over and kiss me again,” Mikey said with my back still turned.
I turned around and smiled, grabbing for his arm and leg. I pulled him toward me in the middle of the bed, dragging the sheets, and climbed on top of him. I pushed myself up and aligned ourselves, sensitive spot to sensitive spot before leaning down and looking into his eyes. “Yes, it is that time. It’s always been that time, “I said before kissing his wet lips.

I pulled up and watched him lick his lips with his tongue as I pushed my hair back. His hands reached up for my neck, pulling me back down on his lips. His tongue was already tracing the inside of my lips as my tongue did the same. Each time my hands felt over his arms onto his neck and twisting around his hair, he was getting hard in his jeans. Once I started feeling his hardness, I instantly got hard also and my hands felt down his chest, lifting up his shirt to feel his bare chest. I let off his lips and kissed his neck, nibbling and sucking on the soft skin lightly before pulling his shirt off. “You really want to do this?” he asked, breathing heavily.

I slowed down, “Do you want to? We don’t have to. Because if we’re going too fast, we’ll slow down and this can wait.”

“No, Gerard. I’m all up to it. Are you?”

“Yeah, of course. I love you,” I said, going back to kissing down his chest.

“I love you too, baby,” he said, his breathing even heavier.

I stopped going down more and crawled back up to whisper in his ear, “Do you feel like this is so right but wrong at the same time?”

“Yeah, I was going to say the same,” he kissed my cheek, “But I’m so happy with you, Gerard.”

“Same here, Mikey. Same here.” I thought ahead, “Do you want to go all the way?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, like in our stories. Being inside each other….” I felt kind of ashamed saying it.

I kissed back down, across his shoulders, a path down his chest to his lower stomach, “Yes, Gerard. Do it…” he breathed.

I started unbuttoning his jeans when suddenly I saw a picture of myself that other night of when I got nervous, so I slowed down. I wanted Mikey comfortable. Instead of just pulling his pants off fast, I just unbuttoned them and unzipped them, followed by my hand massaging his stomach under his belly button. He moaned letting me know he liked it, so I crept my hand down more, touching around gently. I pushed down his pants a bit more, boxers followed until they were around his ankles and he kicked them off to the side of the bed. The room was already hot I knew from the summer air and how wet Mikey was on his chest. My hand gripped around Mikey’s stiffness and started pumping him, making him moan like crazy. I did it slow so the moans I liked drew out as his hips met up to my hand wanting more. Suddenly I felt his hands draw up my shirt, pulling it off, with my hand retreating back to pump his pleasure. His hands felt down for my jeans, undoing them and pushing everything down so I could kick it to the side where his was. His fingers crept down and played with me for a second, making me harder before he pumped me as I did for him. Words were useless to describe the sensation of his hand around me. “Baby… mmm…uuhhh… can I taste you baby?” I moaned.

“Mmmmm… yes... fuck yes, Gerard. Unh, “he moaned back.

Our hands let go of each other as I crawled down, licking a wet path down his chest to his more than ready dick. I licked the tip before sucking him to the back of my throat making him moan out louder than ever. His hands grabbed onto the sheets and then to the back of my hair as I went up and down on his length. As I sucked harder and faster, Mikey’s moans increased volume and his hips bucked up, wanting to feel more of my mouth. My hands held his hips, one massaging his leg, while the other played with his sac. “Oh, God, Yes, Gerard! I’m cl-close,” he moaned.

I came up off him, “Don’t cum yet, baby. Let’s do it together since it’s our first time.”

He nodded with excitement as I came back up and looked into his eyes again. He looked at me with an urge to hurry up because he was about to explode. “Hold on,” I told him. I got up off him and grabbed a bottle of new oil off the front of the table near the mirror. I poured some in my hand and rubbed Mikey and myself for some lubrication. Before I aligned myself, I pushed my finger in his tight hole slowly, stopping as he felt hurt. Once he was relaxed, I pulled back my finger and pushed back in with another, seeing Mikey past the pain and liking it. When I thought he was ready, I placed the tip of me inside of him as we stared at each other, “Ready baby?” I asked.

He nodded and I pushed into him slowly, letting him adjust to my thickness. As soon as he moaned and pushed up to meet me the rest of the way with an “UHHH” from both of us, I pulled in and out, building speed each time. “Mm, MIKEY!! MIKEY!! You feel, unh, so fucking good!” I moaned loudly.

He was milking my cock into an intense orgasm that shook us both. My hand went back to pumping his desire, knowing now we both were incredibly close. “Right here, babe!” he moaned at me as I continued pounding into him.

I finally let go with a scream, releasing myself into him hard as he spilled in my hand with a scream as loud as mine. Once I knew I was completely spent, I stayed in him for a few seconds, looking into each other’s eyes, smiling wide. “That was amazing, baby. So good.”

“Fuck, Gerard. It was! You were so good!”

“Back at you, love,” I slid out of him and lay on his chest, our bodies sticky.

“What time do your parents get back?”

“My father won’t be back until tomorrow morning, later, along with my mom.”

Our breathing had returned to normal and I was cuddling with Mikey in his side, my head between his nose and shoulder, “Cool. Shit. I’m glad I’m up here this week. I still got enough days.” His breathing back to normal.

“I know, right? I’m glad you do have that much time.”

“So, what have you been doing up here while I’m gone?” he sparked conversation.

“Nothing really. Just singing, writing, reading, drawing, listening to music, making t-shirts,”
I laughed. “I do everything creative.”

“I see. Damn! You do a lot. Yeah, I haven’t even done too much,” he spoke as my fingers tapped his tummy.

“I forgot something. I play a lot of video games. I’ve been playing a lot of Guitar Hero lately.”

“That’s cool. I still think about the band. I want us to form it so bad.”

“We will, don’t worry. You’re not up here for good right now though, so we’ll do it when you settle. I’ll make it happen,” I assured.

I knew we’d never get too much sleep that night. The adrenaline was still rushing through me and it wasn’t stopping. By the time my parents were almost home, our clothes were on and I checked around for any evidence of our night finding nothing. The next time I saw Mikey, he was getting ready to leave again in a day and everyone was out visiting their friends. I always hated this part. “I hate this part,” he said as if he could hear my thoughts.
We stood in his kitchen in his house have to say our last goodbyes once again before leaving for what it felt like an infinity. “Me too,” I agreed, “We have a little time, right?”

“Yeah,” he said, thinking something.

He giggled and ran out of the room, probably going upstairs until I heard no noise. “Should I follow you?”

“Yeah, if you want to find out what I’m doing and where I am,” he laughed.

I smiled and went into the living room to the stairs which led up to his room. I looked over in his sister’s room; no one in there. I walked into Mikey’s room and also found nothing until he closed his bedroom door and locked it. I looked at him confused, but he came at me full force knocking me into the window. His lips were so warm and plush as they started taking a hold on mine. He pushed me more into the window, wiggling in between my legs, pulling my legs up to his hips. His lips kissed back and forth between my lips and across my jaw line, “Mmm, Mikey,” I kissed any part of him I could reach, “Please stay… Don’t leave me again. I, uh... yes, need you…” I continued moaning.

“I wish I could,” he said as he undid our pants, opening just the front and not pulling them down all the way due to the interference of the window. He still pushed me up against the wall as he did this, pushing and rubbing his hard on against mine. Shivers went down my spine as he thrust against me as if he were inside of me. “Shit, neighbors,” he said as his head was on my shoulder, looking out the window, “Fuck! Everybody’s coming home actually.”
“M-Mikey, we can finish this later if you, uh, want?” I breathed heavily in his ear.
He grabbed the string of the blinds on the window, holding me tight until they got to the bottom and let go of the string, holding me tighter. “No! I’m not leaving you this time! This is my moment. They always got what they wanted and who they wanted to stay happy while I didn’t Now that I have you, I’m happy. They’re not going to ruin this. Plus, the door’s locked,” he took even, steady breaths.

“Mikey!! You upstairs?” his step mom called.

“Mikey, go in your closet,” I whispered hotly in his ear.

“Hey bitch! She asked you, are you upstairs?” his sister now called.

He dropped my legs and pulled my hand to the closet where I pushed inside as he checked the door if it was locked once more. He then ran by my side in the closet, closing the door and snuggling close to hide under his clothes. “Pretend we’re not here,” he said, as we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Do you think you can be quiet? For me?” he asked, lying on tope of me completely, still hidden under his mound of clothes.

“Huh?” I whispered back, confused.

In second, I was no longer confused as Mikey found my erection, begging for his touch. It was so hard to stay quiet as his hand pumped me at a fast rate. I put my hand to my mouth, biting my finger to stop the noises that Mikey was making me almost do. I could no longer hear the footsteps at the door, just his hand on my soft skin which now was completely solid. His hand suddenly stopped as his sister tried opening the door and spoke, “Mikey, you better let me the fuck in there. Why is the door locked anyways?”

He opened the closet door slowly and silently and leaned his head out, “I just want to be alone. Besides, I’m working on something and I kind of don’t want to be bothered.”
I felt like an idiot as I lay there, holding myself in my hand. When his touch was gone, I felt like screaming because I was so swollen. I stared at Mikey from head to toed, from his hair to his toes as I rubbed myself slowly, thinking of his hands all over my body. He turned back to me, watching me of what I was doing and smiled dirty. “Baby,” I closed my eyes and listened to his seductive voice, “Don’t finish yourself off. That’s my job.”

I opened my eyes and smiled wide, stopping my hand and tried to wait patiently. “Well, why don’t you let me in and show me what you’re working on?” his sister asked.

We looked at each other with an oh-fuck look and he started getting up, zipping his pants and whispered, “Gerard, try to hold that put. Stay under my clothes, don’t make a sound, don’t move, and don’t come out of the closet.”

I nodded and buried away as he blew me a kiss and closed the closet door. He opened the bedroom door and his sister walked in. “So, whatcha doing? Or should I say, who you doing?”

“Very funny. I was just working on my stories. I wasn’t “doing” anyone.”

“Well, you should. How about Gerard? Seems perfect for you if you were gay or bisexual.”

“Can you just go? I gotta finish this scene before it leaves my mind,” he said, but she sat down loudly on his bed.

I pulsed in my hand that bad I had to look around the closet to keep my mind off Mikey and what we hadn’t finished. His closet was small, but big enough for 10 people to fit in. He had his bass in there, along with sheets of music he practiced a lot. Besides that there was an old rocking chair where he would practice. I was learning more and more as time went on. “You’re so boring so… I’m getting out of here now. Oh!” she stopped right when I was feeling a bit relieved, “Were you… um… masturbating or something in here and that’s why you wouldn’t open the door or some to it immediately?”

“OH MY GOD! NO! You’ve got to be kidding me!” he laughed, “C’mon, just get out!”

“Okay, I’ll see you later!” she laughed and left with Mikey closing the door and locking it once again.

I climbed up onto the rocking chair, crossing my legs to hold myself back from finishing myself off once again. He opened the closed door and closed it behind him as he eyed me on the chair, smiling a teeth grin. “Damn.”
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