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And Summertime Begins... Now

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Mikey comes back to see Gerard and they a very fun filling day first day together. (Author's Note: Just wait for the next chapter. It gets good. Love ya!)

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The day I waited all year for was finally here. I hacked into my mom’s old make-up bags and found a dark brown eye shadow. I dusted it on lightly all over my eyes and searched for her black eyeliner. Once I found it I lightly lined my eyes and smudged it with the eye shadow. Like always, I had on my classic leather jacket with a few pins over one of my Misfits t-shirts, along with my black jeans and black converse.

As soon as I was done and read the message from Mikey on my email saying: “Coming home hon!” I knew I was going to freak.

G: You need to come over like, right when you get here.

M: I promise I will. YAY!!

G: Where are you staying? 

M: I’m staying up the street with Shelby.

G: OMG! That’s so cool! Awesome! Soo fuckin’ happy right now.

M: I know, right? I am too!

My father was still sleeping like usual and now that school was out, I was all rested up and ready to go. That’s what I though. I put my head down on my arm and automatically fell asleep. That’s another reason I hated school. It would tire me out to no end; to the point of dying. It was only 12:30 and my father was still in bed, but I was most likely tired because I stayed up from being excited about seeing Mikey.

I finally woke to the sound of my father up and walking around on the phone talking loud to people. Always yelling when he didn’t get what he wanted or annoyed if someone didn’t understand what he was saying. He was doing his usual: boiling water for his god damn instant soup. That fucking soup! I hated even looking at it because he ate it so much. I stared at my father for so long that I didn’t even notice my email I had gotten. When I finally woke out of my tired stage I was in, Mikey sent me another message.

M: I’m officially here. I’m coming in just a few minutes. About 15 or 20. 

G: I’m sorry. I fell asleep. You can come over. OMG! I’m freaking out! :P

M: KK! Coming now! Me too!

G: Alright! :D

I grabbed my iPod and put on Black Sabbath as I stood on the porch, leaning against the railing. I think it was the 11th today. It showed how fast a year goes by. Once the song ended I clicked for Aerosmith’s “Sunshine” to play until I saw Mikey at the top of the hill of my street. My heart raced as he walked down towards my driveway, smiling. I hurried down the stairs of my porch and ran towards him at the edge of my driveway, hugging him tightly as he tried to regain his balance. Instead he fell to the ground softly, me on top of him. I pulled out of the hug and stared at his eyes with a wide smile. “Hey Mikey.” I said quietly, his face growing with joy.

“Hey Gerard,” he said quietly back.

I leaned my head down slowly to his, our lips close, and kissed him slightly. I got up off him, pulling him up with me and pushed him back against the trunk of my father’s car. I forced my lips to his, lips parting as I felt his tongue roughly devour my mouth. Trying to hold back was so hard. I couldn’t hold back my strength from the love that built up before the time he had gotten here.

One hand ran up the side of his waist as the other went up the car to caress his neck. He responded by pushing his mouth harder against more and gripping a hard grasp onto the back of my shirt on my back at the bottom. As soon as I felt the urge to go further, I pushed off the back of my father’s car and hesitantly pulled off his not-wanting-to-let-go lips. When I opened my eyes his eyes were closed.
He opened them. “More later.” I said, pulling away more.

He nodded and I kissed him fast one more time before pulling his hand to lead him up my driveway into my house. I let go as soon as I got to the top step in front of the front door. My father was still doing his usual except this time he was watching a movie and eating a sandwich now. I stopped on the side of him and yelled, “MIKEY’S BACK!!” and hugged Mikey, him hugging me back.

“Hey! How you doing?” my father asked him.

“Ah, I’m doing good. You?”

“I’m good. How was North Carolina?” He said, taking another bite of his sandwich.

“It was nice.”

“I want to go back to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I loved that place.”

“Oh, yeah. That is a nice place.”

I started pulling Mikey away with me to my room. When we were in my room I asked him, “So… what do you want to do?”


“I know, right? Me too! Ooh, I know what.”

I was soon soaked from top to bottom. Yeah, I changed first, wouldn’t want my leather jacket wet. I laughed at myself from the crappiest clothes I had on. It was even funnier to see Mikey holding my water gun spraying me at every angle with cold water as we ran around. My hair was dripping wet too. It stuck to my face as I ran breathing heavy and my heart beating fast. Finally, I stopped in my backyard and tried to catch my breath. “Okay, you got me.” I stood there putting my arms out to my sides. “Wet me.”

“Yess!” he said and hit me again with the icy water.

“I made that sound so dirty.” We laughed as I rubbed my face and my eyes which were covered by my dark sunglasses. He walked over to me and unscrewed the cap to my water gun and poured the rest of the water over my head. I was now not an ounce dry. He laughed as I shook my head like a dog trying to get the water off.

“Now you’re getting me wet,” he laughed.

“Oh I’ll get you wet alright.” I started running after him, chasing him all around my yard until I got a boost of speed and caught up to him, tackling him with my weight and falling on my back this time pulling him on top of me.

His whole body lay submissive on mine, soaking up the water from my clothes. He held onto me as I held onto him, desperately wanting to get even with him but found myself having a want to just feel his body on mine once again. He kissed me soflty, sliding his hand between our bodies under my shirt and onto my hot skin. It was a beautiful out, sun shining bright on us making me warm. The cool water cooled me down but my temperature rose as he slid his hand around the side of my waist as he kissed me. He stopped and pulled his face away from mine, leaving me in a frenzy to have him right there in the grass. “Now I’m wet,” he said to me, smiling.

I smiled back. “No, not yet.”

He looked at me strange but I touched through his hair, looking at the highlights as the sun shined down. I turned his head slightly and watched his eyes close as I continued running my fingers through his beautiful locks. He was gorgeous. Everything shone as he lay over me here. His love for me, his personality, everything. Sunshine. I placed my lips upon his soft cheek and kissed it tenderly before lightly licking a small path with my tongue from his jaw line to his cheekbone. “God… I love you, Mikey.” I whispered in his ear as I kissed his neck.

“Mmm… I love you too, Gerard.” He said, still with his eyes closed. I could tell he liked when I ran my fingers through his hair.

I grabbed onto his waist again and rolled us over so he was on his back with me on top. I jumped up off him and ran, him getting up after me. “You bitch!” he said, laughing.

I laughed too and stopped running. Turning around and watching him come towards me. I slapped my ass and ran off to hide. I hid on the other side of my mother’s car in front of my father’s in the driveway waiting for Mikey to come around. I felt like the car hadn’t moved in ages because my father drove my mother in to work for so long. When he walked around I came up and hugged him, kissing his fore head and walked up the porch.

I went towards my usual spot on the porch, the corner that aimed towards the pavement. I turned around and sat up on the ledge watching Mikey take his place standing up besides me. “So… now what do you want to do?” he asked me.

“I don’t know. I’m brainstorming. My mom might come home and take us somewhere. I told her you were coming over today so…”

“That sounds cool.”

My father opened the front door. “I gotta go make a stop at the church. You wanna come?”

Mikey looked at me. “How long are we going to be there?” I said, thinking.

“Umm, I don’t know. A half hour to forty-five minutes.”

“Yeah, okay. We’ll come. I just got to get dressed real quick.”

“Kay,” he said, closing the door.

I just remembered my list of three things. “Wait, wait!!” I yelled.

He opened the door again. “Yeah?”

“Can you bring us by my high school for a little while you’re at the church?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. “ He closed the door.


“What are we going to do there?” Mikey asked.

“You’ll see.” I told him and hopped down, walking inside with him.

Since my father was caught up in his room watching something on his TV, I went into my room telling Mikey to not worry about my father, closed the door and took off my wet shirt. My clothes were almost dry so I threw them on the floor to pick them up later. I took off my somewhat wet shorts and put on my black jeans I had on earlier. Mikey’s eyes searched my body as I slipped into my pants and top. When I caught him eyeing me from bottom up he looked at me in the face. We smiled at each other as I went slower on working my belt through the loops and putting my leather jacket on. When I was done, I looked in the mirror at my eyeliner smudged even more and my hair super messy.

I combed my hand through my hair and licked my finger to use it as a q-tip to fix my smoky eyes. “Stop worry of what you look like. You look sexy.” Mikey said, winking at me when I looked at him leaning against the door frame. “Trust me. You do.”

“Thanks, Mikey. You look fuckin’ sexy too. Damn!”

“Oh, thanks, hon.” He smiled again.

Thank God my door was closed. I didn’t need my father to hear that conversation. I opened my door and I called out to my father, “You ready?!”

“Give me a few minutes. Like 5.”

I looked at Mikey and pulled him back outside, closing the front door, “He’s probably watching a game that moron.”

We laughed as we returned to out same spots. I sat up on my ledge as Mikey stood next to my legs. “ I love this jacket. It looks good on you.” He said, touching over the pins and seams on it.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite. Thanks baby.”

I grabbed his roaming hand and bit his skin softly on his knuckles. When I let go of his hand it dropped on my leg. He placed his palm fully out on my thigh making both of our eyes watch what he was doing. He rubbed my leg as he placed his other hand on my other thigh. He moved to stand right in front of me and pushed my legs apart to squeeze between them. His arms lightly wrapped around my waist as I relaxed mine around his neck. Right as I leaned down to kiss him, the door opened and Mikey backed out from between my legs.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Yep!” We both answered.

He locked the door and we headed to my father’s car.
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