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Chapter 19

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Ponyboy’s heart was beating a hundred miles per hour. He couldn't believe what had just happened, he tried not to think about it but he had to. Ponyboy remained in his numb state until they reached the cooler.

The officer got out and opened the doors for the two brothers.

"Come on out kids," the officer said.

Soda and Pony obeyed and slowly came out of the car. He was scared out of his mind, he knew he was dead. Pony could only imagine how Darry would react when he found out.
Another cop came over and patted the two of them down, searching for drugs and weapons.

"Move it," the officer said leading them in.

Out in the rooms there were a lot of other officers. There were kids lined up down the hall being read their rights and being handcuffed. Down towards the end of the hall he recognized the socs who had attacked them that was also arrested.

Ponyboy and Sodapop were then led into an empty room and into a chair.

"Sit here and stay." The officer instructed. Pony took a deep breath and closed his eyes, resting the back of his head against the wall.

“It will be okay, Pony.” Soda assured. “We didn’t do anything.”

He didn’t respond and just continued to keep his eyes closed.

"Hey!" said a voice.

Ponyboy jumped and looked up to see the cop that arrested him standing at the door.

"Get up you two," he said. Pony and Soda stood up and were led into another room. There was another officer at a desk, Pony sat down across from him and he started taking down information.
As he took down more info, the officer who brought him here stuck his head in the door.

"Hey Joe, the kid's brother is here. Would you like to bring in now?"

"Let him in." said the officer. The other officer walked out of the room and returned a few minutes later. Ponyboy was scared to look at Darry.

"I'm Officer Mitchell. Please have a seat." Darry sat down next to Sodapop, and Pony looked over a little to see Darry's eyes were full of anger. He could tell it was going to take everything to keep him from going off in here.

"Sodapop and Ponyboy Curtis have been charged with fighting in a public. I understand that your their legal guardian am I correct?" asked Officer Mitchell.

"Yes sir," Darry said.

"Very well then. I personally decided not to draw any charges on them. Since they have a clean record and we are way to full now to book him. But this is his only warning. So I'll let him off easy but next time it won't happen."

"Thank you sir. It won't happen again. I'll make sure of it." Darry said glaring at his brothers. Pony started to get more nervous. Officer Mitchell came over to Ponyboy and undid his handcuffs, then undid Sodapop’s.

Once they were off, Darry put either hand on Pony and Soda’s back and led them out of the station.

The ride home went by in silence, Darry staring straight ahead at the road as the windshield wipers wiped away the rain that was now coming lightly down.

Ponyboy looked slightly over at him, noticing his still angry expression.

“This wasn’t our fault!” Soda finally yelled. “The socs attacked us first-“

“It doesn’t matter, Soda.” Darry responded. “You guys got yourselves arrested, can you imagine how the social worker is going to react when she finds out. You guys could be put in a boys home because of this.”

“That ain’t gonna happen.” Soda said.

“Don’t be so sure.”

The rest of the ride home went by in silence.
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