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Modern Day

by Haze 5 reviews

Art is dead, kid.

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modern day

break a heart
break a sweat
drop a name
it's all the same.
another nameless could-be that will never hit the grid;
hit the street-
kill the beat-
kill the lights
we'll never be more than what they tell us.

art is dead, kid, get in line.

don't make noise and you'll be fine.

show me
feed me
a hush-up pipe dream
drink the Kool-Aid, shut your mouth and
stay where I can see you;
stitch up your bleeding heart
bleed for money-
bleed for fame-
bleed the same.

art is dead, kid, move along.

the last thing we need is another song.

live fast, die young.
join their club and atrophy
sign your name on the dotted line
become another puzzle piece.
everyone's a winner
and keep in mind
there will never be enough of you to go around.

art is dead, kid, listen to me.

scream all you want, you will never be free.

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