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No Work and All Play

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Hey kiddos! :) xo

Gerards POV
I bolt down the stairs to join Frank as he sprawls out across the couch, his bones clicking at the sudden stretch. He lets out a content sigh and upon realizing my presence scoots over and pats the new space beside him as Ice Road Truckers starts to play in full swing. "You know, I never realized how dainty you are." I laughed to myself as I lay down beside the small, skinniness that is that desirable fucker. "What in the fuck of fuckers does Dainty mean?" He asks, leaning on his elbow and looking down at me with a confused expression across his features. "It's like small. Dainty is like little and cute I guess. Like you could call a baby girl dainty." I smile at him.
"So basically you're calling me a little wrinkly pink little girl who is small?" He says gawking slightly in offense and pure shock.
" No, i'm saying maybe you're a little like that. Wait, no-" I realise my error but it's too late Frank has jumped over me and ran out into the hallway, leaving his beloved TV favourite filling the empty space. I walk out to search for him, the coldness suddenly hitting me like a ton of bricks. The coldness is not the only thing hitting me though, I soon realise as a high pitched laugh that sounds like tweeting birds echoes down the hallway, coming from a familiar five foot four skinny man clutching a rather large silk red cushion. "Little Brat!" I exclaim running after him as he squealed and sqwauked, well until he harshly collided with the solid back door. "Shit!" I cursed as i slowed down and leant over his body. Running a hand through my dishevelled unwashed hair. H was unconscious, again. I turn away and reach for the telephone when i hear a squeal so feminine I think it's next door but to my pure amusement and relief it's Frankie, he stands shakily and tries to dodge me but i catch him and begin to kiss all over his face tackling him to the floor as we laugh like a pack of wil Hyenas.

Franks POV
" Your hairs grown alot Gee." I say absent mindedly as i run the straighteners through every raven strand, smiling a little as i look at our reflections in the mirror.
"Yeah it seems to grow faster every time i cut it." He sighs in frustration.
"Well i guess it's a good job i like it." I smile at him in the mirror. He spins around and puts his hands on my waist. "I'm dying it red soon." He smiles at me, as i lean down a little to lay my forehead on his. " That will look hot." I say bluntly. Of course it would look hot. He could look hot wearing a bin liner and a leopard print G String. Haha Fuck, or a Gee String Maybe?

"I wonder if people will pick up on what we did last night at work, especially bleach barbie or whatever her name is." He laughs and my face drops.
"I have something to tell you Gee." I say quietly, looking at the floor, accidentally burning Gerards Neck with the straighteners as i do so. "Bitch!" He wails falling off the stool onto the carpets.
"Ah fuck i'm sorry!" I flail around, ripping the straighteners' plug from the wall and running for a first aid kit. When i return he is silent. "Love is Pain." He laughs a little, still hands on his neck.
"I'm sorry Gerard." I say shuffling slightly.
"It's okay, and i didn't mean to call you a bitch, you're not a bitch. Well you could be my bitch actually, i was going to ask if you wanted to er.. maybe...d-d-" He began and i smiled widely.
"Date you?" I finished for him taking a wild guess.
"Yeah, it's ok if you don't want-" He doesn't finish as i fling myself at him, locking our lips once more. "I do." I laughed at him as he picked me up from the floor and carried me back to bed.
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