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Hard Knock Life

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Gerard gets fiesty!

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Hey babies! :) xo

Franks POV
" You did fucking what?!" Gerard screams at me as i watch him pace from the couch. We've just returned home from some lame ass bar named motherfuckers or something like that and we're having our first argument. Over some dickwad named Lewis who just so happened to be looking for someone to have sex with and me being the lucky fucker i am, was his victim. Obviously i didn't sleep with the dude, i'm only a whore when it comes to Gerard or maybe if i was friends with Pete Wentz, but that's another story. Anyhow, he like swaggers over to me thinking he's the sex or something. I'll have him know, he has nothing on my new boyfriend and i like big penises, not little peckers that are the same width as my pinky finger.

"Gee, i squeezed his ass okay? I pinched it and my plan worked because it hurt him and he nearly cried!" I squeal victoriously at my raging boyfriend. Man, i prefered him when he was being a romantic fucker and singing Taylor Swift outside my front door. By the look on his face it's my turn to be all lovey dovey and sickeningly cute. What a fucking hard life i have. It's not my fault my hair went right today and my eyeliner was freshly sharpened, i mean i have a square face, no fucker wants to wake up next to a four sided shape. Well if it had eyes greener than grass and a nose Micheal Jackson wanted so bad, it's an advantage because it's four sided and fucking gorgeous. Like little cherub babies that your Mom drools over when you're food shopping. Ah, if me and Gerard had a baby it would be a total square head! That's worse than a spade, not as bad as a spoon but still pretty fucking awful.

"You should have told me!" He wails, his bony hips swaying impatiently.
"Gerard you would've kung fu'd his ass,we would have been banned for life and then we would have nowhere to drink and no fun besides sex. Not that that's bad or anything but I have drank in there for years!" I reply imagining endless days of pure sex and never having to leave my bed. Oh fucker! I don't have a job.

"I interrupt my boyfriends ranting and yell " Gerard i lost my job!" He grows quiet and throws me a baffled expression. "What the fuck does that have to do with you molesting some perverts ass!" He growls.
"Well it pretty much means your ass is going to be molested by Miss Blonde Bombshell. Oh yeah and it'll be every fucking day." I emphasise, shit, he looks petrified.
"Well maybe i'll like it. The way you liked touching him!" He gets all sassy with me as my jaw hits the cold hard floor.
"For fucks sake! I didn't like it at all! And you know what? Go, go fuck her, have babies with her. But you leave you don't ever fucking come back, you understand me?" I snarl as he unxpectedly walks out of the door. Oh fucking hell, i didn't even mean it.
I stand in the hallway beside myself feeling nothing. Just pure shellshock.
I am interrupted by a knock at the door and i reluctantly open it, expecting it to my either my neighbour who has a fetish for borrowing my radiator covers or my mother who likes the bring me a vegetable of random choice each time she visits me. Instead it is my ex boyfriend. "Oh you forgot your coat i realise as i dash off to retrive it."
I almost throw it at him as my stomach begins to drop and my eyes sting slightly. Shit i'm so whipped.
"Frank." He says simply. "I'm staying with you. But you fucking owe me." He says bluntly as i throw my legs around his waist and we tumble to the floor, right next to my strict religious mothers feet.
Oh Shit.
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