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The Aftermath of the incident with Mama Iero!

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Hey guys! First of all i want to thank some very special people! Basically anyone who has reviewed any of my work! For this story particularly though i can't help but notice that Chasingpavementsxoxo, TERRIBLETEEN and YouCanRunAwayWithMe have been completely devoted to reviewing and i am so so gratful! ;) Thankyou! xoxo

Gerards POV
Franks soft and lightly muscled body is sprawled across mine as we both look up to be met by a red faced greying woman in her mid fourties. Our tangled limbs twist her face into somewhat of a scowl. She almost looks like an out of date prune cake. If there is such thing as a prune cake anyways. But then something strikes me like lightning. The eyes of the man i love so much mirror this woman's perfectly, flawless dark whirls of mystery and play. Only her's seem to resemble horror and disappointment and Franks appear to be laced with pure shock and utter humiliation.

He scrambles up off me and quickly brings himself to his feet, me hot on his heels and blushing furiously. I look like a fucking tomato, and what's even worse? His Mother is going to want answers, and guess what? We don't have any. Life's an evil bitch.

Franks POV
We all trail inside, my Mum with her face like thunder and Gerard trying to cover his hip movements whilst he walks. "I don't want to seem arrogant." He mutters under his breath responding to my questioning glare.
"Too late for that." My mother almost snarls. Okay well two things are certain right now. One, my mother officially and already detests my new and first boyfriend. The second? She is fucking furious at me and is probably going to have me sent to some straight camp and/or have me castrated and use my balls as her door knocker.

"Take a seat Mom." I say leading her into the living room and running a hand through my hair.
"Frank, you do not have to tell me what to do. Here's how it's going. You are a liar and you think you're gay. But you're not. No son of mine is a fudgepacker." She says surprisingly calmly. But how wrong she is? I don't know myself? I'm not gay? And she used a homophobic comment like calling her own son a "fudgepacker"? Well fuck me sideways and call me crazy.

"Mom, you don't know a thing. I am gay and how dare you call me a fudgepacker." I say just as calm although on the inside i'm shaking with fury.
"Son, i thought you were a capable adult. Thought you knew yourself well enough to live alone. It's clear you're still a little boy, a silly, immature baby." She was almost mocking me and man, did i feel small right now. "You have a career, you can marry a great girl and have beautiful children to bring up happily." She added her voice now dreamy and musical.
"He ain't got no job no more." Gerard oh so smartly and helpfully drops into our conversation.
"WHAT?!" My Mom was raging even more now. Oh thankyou boyfriend, you careless motherfucking idiot.

Gerards POV
"I put you through college! I gave birth to you! I defended you when your Dad was grounding you for being too loud or lazy! I spent the last twenty years on you! Does that not mean anything to you at all? Your father divorces me and now you decide you're a-a.. FAG!" She wails flailing her skinny arms around in the air angrily, her black hair standing on edge as Frank cowers in the corner of the couch his mother was once elegantly perched upon. Like a turtle dove embracing the warm summer sun, thinking back she should have looked like a huge massive ugly woodpecker banging her head off the wall repeatedly. At least then she may fucking shut up. Not that she's even ugly, she's just being a total witch right now.

"I DIDN'T MAKE DAD WALK OUT DID I? I WAS A FUCKING BABY! AND I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO GIVE BIRTH TO ME AND I DIDN'T ASK TO BE GAY AND FALL FOR THIS SILLY TWAT!" Franks yells, his voice cracking slightly. What? He called me a twat? What the fuck did i do? Oh well maybe i shouldn't have dropped the unemployment card, that would have helped a little. After a far too lengthy awkward silence, Franks buzzsaw resembling mother pipes up. "I'll let myself out." Well i guess he only has this silly twat now. And to my horror, he bursts into tears.
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