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Chapter 4

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Gerard's POV

I woke up in an empty bunk. I freaked out for a minute. Where is Ashley? I found a note, 'to Gerard' it read.

"Went out to see my friends today. I'll be back before you'll notice. xoxo, A."

I sighed. It seems like she has friends in every city we tour. That girl is a social butterfly, I swear.

I pulled on a random worn out t-shirt, but I couldn't spot a pair of pants so I decided to stay in my boxers. It's just us guys, so it doesn't matter. I went to the kitchen. I noticed Frank sitting by the table, reading something in his lap.

"Whatcha reading, Playboy?" I grinned. He turned noticeably redder than before and hid the magazine.
I made myself a cup of coffee and sat on the other side of the table. I noticed him staring at my legs.

"You're not uncomfortable with me wearing only boxers, right? I figured it was only us guys."

"No, no I'm not. I-i just wondered maybe you'd be cold or s-something.."

"Nah, I'm good." I smiled. There was unpleasant quietness between us for a few minutes. I calmly sipped my coffee, when Frank decided to interrupt.

"Where's Ashley?" he asked.

"She went out to visit some friends. She'll be back soon."

Frank grinned after I said that. Then his expression turned more hurtful and angry. Finally he sighed, turning sad again, as he was before.

"What we're you thinking about? Two girls one cup?" I laughed.

"Eww, Gerard! Who the hell watches that??!" He laughed. Finally, I hate seeing him sad.

"S'not my fault. Mikey sent me the link, saying it was 'funny'. I can tell you one thing, it was definitely not funny." I smiled.

"And who are you to judge, you we're reading Playboy when I came in." Frank turned red again.

"Hey, don't feel bad about yourself. It's completely normal. You feel lonely, I get it." Then I got an idea. A pretty brilliant idea, if you ask me.

"How about we go out tonight. Just me and you." I smiled.

His smile grew, he seemed actually happy.

"And then we could go to a club. I'll be your wing man. Whatcha think?" I smiled, feeling accomplished.

"Umm, okay Gerard. I'll think about." His smile fell.

"Take your time, Frank. I'll be watching TV." I winked at him.

I don't care what that boy decides, tonight I'm taking him out.
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