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Chapter 3

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Frank's POV

You might think getting off stage after an amazing show, you’d feel like nothing could bring you down.
Well, yes it can.

We were all hyped from playing a good 90 minutes, when we got back onto the bus. The first thing I did, was getting a beer from the mini-fridge in our mini-kitchen, so I didn’t notice Gerard and Ashley walk by hand in hand.

I definitely would’ve dropped my beer in dismay.

Thank god I didn’t care enough to see them, though.

Anyway, I half sat, half lay down on the couch, trying to enjoy my beer with no one interrupting me, but I was sorely mistaken.

When I was about halfway through my first bottle, I heard noises coming from the bathroom. The nosy guy I am, I got up and tried to figure out whose moans that were, while my ear was pressed firmly against the bathroom door.

Sometimes I don’t know why I’m that nosy and curious about everything. My life would’ve been a whole lot better, hadn’t I been listening to Gee and his bitch fucking.

While I couldn’t stop standing there listening, I felt a weird feeling coming up from my stomach. I was about to puke.
Why in this goddamn world did I have to witness that? Just why?

Moments later the door opened, almost knocking me over in the process and revealed a surprised looking Gerard. He was standing right in front of me in only his boxers.

What the hell?

In only seconds my mood went from curious to disappointed to just plain angry. I was mad at him. Like really, I could’ve slapped him right then and there. That’s how much I hated him in that moment.

“Umm Frank…”, was all he could get out, his cheeks flushing.

“Just get out of there, I need to use the bathroom.” I really tried to stay calm and not show my displeasure too much, but I guess I failed, considering the volume of my statement.

“Chill dude, just give us a sec”, he mumbled, shutting the door in my face.

How much I hated him for saying ‘us’. Did he really have to call them a ‘them’? I already knew they were, but why did he have to remind me of that over and over again? I was trying to forget it.

Gee seemed to take his time getting dressed, because it took some minutes until he finally opened the door again, stepping outside, holding Ashley’s hand with a stupid grin on his face.

Oh god, how I hated this grin.

I really didn’t. I loved his grin, his smile, the way his small, white teeth would show every time the corners of his mouth lifted.
My heart melted at just the thought of it. Before I could stop myself, I started imagining how it would feel to have those lips near mine and kiss them.

Why can’t his girlfriend just die? I wouldn’t mind if she just vanished and never got back again. That way I could make him mine.

Although, I still can. And I will. It might take a while and a lot of convincing, but I will do it.
He will be mine and Ashley will be gone.
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