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Go To Hell, Bimbo

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Gerard picks a fight with a bimbo, and the bimbo tells of what she and her Barbie doll friends did on the weekend. And who is left to pick up the shattered Gerard? Frankieeeee!!

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Gerard's POV

I was so happy Mikey was back. He was my best friend, my little brother. I loved him. I didn't think I could ever love someone more than Mikey. I was grinning like an idiot when Ashley 'accidentally' bumped into me. Shit. Shit shit shit. I, uh, I batted for both teams and this girl shouldn't even be ON a team. She thinks I adore her, y'see. I don't. Trust me.
"Oh, hiii Gerard." Her voice made me want to run my nails up a blackboard.
"Piss off." I flipped her.
"That's not nice." She pouted, more looking like something with an infection rather than sexy.
"I stick by my words."
"I heard your little brother came home."
"He was a fun toy. But now he's broken. We've had our fun."
"What do you mean, slutface?"
"Honestly, for someone so cute, you're really dumb."
"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER?" I screamed at her. I saw her bra under the see through tank top. Her shorts were too short and her makeup was done trashily. Even I, the dude here, could do better eyeliner and mascara than that. All in all, her appearance screamed, "My bedroom is a taxi ride away".
Then she leaned over into my ear and whispered three despicable words.
"We. Raped. Him."
I struck out. I punched her in the nose, then held her against a wall. I pulled a small knife out of my pocket and asked her again what she did.
"W-we raped your little b-brother. Me, Tara and Ruby."
I cut her forearm just enough to bleed.
"Go to hell, bimbo slut whore." The words kept coming. I had derogatory verbal diorrhea.
I cut her again and and again and punched her again and again and again. She was in tears of agony.
"If you dare tell anyone what just happened.. I will come do to you what you did to Mikey." I snapped. She ran away, heels clattering. I ran to the bathroom and thought over what had just happened. I had physically assaulted a girl for raping my little brother. Sounds perfectly fine to me. I sank under the sink and let the tears flow. I hated Lindsey, Tara and Ruby now. Three blonde bimbo slut whores. I heard the door open. I kept on crying.
"Shit. Gee, you alright?" Frank's voice cooed in my ear.
"F-Frank.." I sobbed. He put his arms around me and I cried into his chest.
"What the fuck happened?"
"Y-you know that blonde s-slut Lindsey?" He nodded.
"S-she and her whore friends.. raped Mikey." I sobbed even harder.
"What. The. Actual. Fuck?!?!?" He shouted.
"I-I cut her. And slapped, and punched.. And I told her if she told anyone what I did to her I would did what she did to Mikey." I sobbed, feeling guilty and horrible.
"Calm down.. Calm down.." Frank cooed. I looked up at him and what I felt for him was love. He was really cute, and really nice. I laid my head on his chest and he stroked my hair. I sobbed some more and we stayed like that for about ten minutes. He pushed my chin up and kissed me softly. I melted into his lips and we stayed like that for a while. Then, he must have realized what he'd gotten himself into because he got up, looked at me then ran away. I just cried even more under the sink.

Frank's POV

What the fuck did I just do? I kissed the guy I like. Now I bet he thinks I'm a complete freak. I just went home. I was too busy worrying.

Gerard's POV

When I went home I sat and listened to sad music. How could I think that Frank could ever like me? I bet he had a girlfriend. He was hot enough for it. I felt horrible. No amount of coffee could fix it. I knew the thinmy only hope of feeling better. I got out a piece of paper and drew. I drew me and FrNk under the sink. I wanted that blissful moment to last forever and it could, now that it was on paper. Too bad it was never ending for the illustration of me kissing him. I wanted to be the one kissing those lips. He tasted of nicotine and peppermint..
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