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It's Brothers Before Others, Mikey

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Its Mikey's turn to explain what happened when he ran away.

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Mikey's POV

I wished I had never run away from Gerard. And I never wanted to go back to school, thanks to the sluts who had... I shuddered and hid under my blanket again, it was rare for me to skip school. I missed it. I pushed my glasses up my nose again, and flicked through the channels on TV. As I raised my cup of coffee to my lips, Gerard burst through the door. His face was tear stained and his eyes fixed wildly on me.
"I didn't want to worry you.. I'm sorry, Gee." I was on the verge of tears myself.
"I-I beat up one of the sluts that hurt you. I cut her arms." Hold on- what?
"You did what?"
"I physically assaulted your attackers."
"GERARD FUCKING ARTHUR WAY, YOU ARE MY FUCKING HERO!!" I squished my weeping brother into a hug. His tears soaked into my shirt.
"W-why? I hurt a girl."
"She RAPED me. A few little cuts won't hurt. I didn't think you had it in you." Gerard looked up at me.
"I-I made her bleed.." He cried even more.
I lifted up my shirt to show him the cuts across my chest and stomach.
"That makes for two more slurs to go attack." He smiled faintly.
"Jesus Christ Gee... So what happened after you attacked her?"
"I went and hid in the bathroom. Then, Frank came and hugged me and..." He trailed off.
"What did Frank do?" I wanted to know what Frank had done. He and I had hung out a bit, he fended off the bullies that literally had to line up to punch me.
"He... he kissed me." Gerard whispered.
"WHAT?!?!?!?" I shrieked. My glasses toppled off my nose and onto the floor.
"And I kissed him back..." Gerard whispered before launching into more tears.
"So.. You're gay?"
"No!!" He sat up and blinked.
"So what the fuck are you?"
"In the middle.. I don't know anymore." Gee sobs into the couch. I shush him but it doesn't work and it ends up as he falling asleep on the couch, crying his fucking eyes out and me doing the same.
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