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The guys meet some new friends and some secrets are shared.

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]Sorry I haven't been updating but I've been struggling with depression and some bitches that once were friends. So anyway, thank you so much for reading, and yeah, on with the story![

Frank's POV

Mikey's jaw dropped and yelled 'OH. MY. GOD. What even?' Ray and Bob looked confused and looking behind me, I saw Gerard blush a bit. I can't blame him, cause I suddenly felt like centre of attention and Mikey had guessed what was going on between us.

'Well, if you don't tell, we won't.' I say quickly, meaning that if Mikey tells Ray and Bob about us, then we tell Bob about Ray and Mikey's special relationship. Haha I feel so evil.

'That's blackmail. It's not allowed!' Mikey protested, and I could see him getting quite worked up about it.

Me, Gee and Mikey started bickering about whether we were allowed to blackmail them, and really it just boiled down to insulting each other, until Bob cut in 'Why don't you just tell me both secrets?' and we paused our arguement for a second to yell 'NO!' before continuing.

It carried on like this until Bob kind of forced us to stop arguing and tell him. It was agreed that we'd tell him our own secrets, and we had to go first. Unfortunatly.

'Well, the thing is... Um. This is kind of hard. Gerard, can you think of a way to put it?' I begin.

'Basically, me and Frank are gay, and we're going out. Don't tell anyone though, I don't want I getting out.' Gee rushes rather fast, and turns the colour of a tomato. Bob just raises his eyebrows and says 'I always knew it.'

'Your turn now' I remind Mikey.

'Um, me and Ray are, well. Erm...' Mikey trails off at the end, and Bob finishes for him 'Gay?'

'Yeah. To put it simply.' Like Gee, Mikey turns bright red and Ray looks at his feet uncomfortably.

'Well, this is good news, because I think I'm gay as well. I've got a crush on a really hot guy called Bert, and he's in the same year as me, so it's cool.' Wow. All of us are gay. Wow. At least we can't discriminate against each other now. Yey!

The conversation turns to finding all about this 'Bert' guy, and apparently Bob has been stalking him for quite a while now. I guess it was quite easy over the summer holidays.

Gerard's POV and they're at school

I've got Frankiekins on my lap, and I have to say, he's quite comfy. As far as people sitting on your lap go. We all agreed to try and keep our gayness under wraps, which was going to be harder now that we all know about it. I'm quite impressed that Bob managed to keep his stalking thing from us, because he's been doing it for a few months and we should've noticed.

We notice some guys walking over to us, and there are five of them in all. They don't look like they'd beat us up, so I wonder what they're doing.

'Hey, are you guys decent? Like, won't beat us up or anything?' The one at the front says. I'm surprised, because I don't think we look like we'd beat them up. Mind you, I look like an emo, Frank has his red eyeliner on, Mikey's hair is terrifyingly straight and Ray's fro is big enough to scare the shit out of anyone. Plus Bob's lip ring seems to scare some of the jocks for some reason.

'Er, no?' I say. I'm a bit wary of what they want, so I don't give them any more information than required.

'Cool. I'm Josh, this is Max,' The leader says, pointing at one of the others. He introduces the rest of them as Dan, Chris and Matt, and say they're in a rock band called You Me At Six. They sound pretty cool, so I open up a bit more.

'Awesomeness, I'm Gerard, this is Frank, Mikey my brother, Ray and Bob' Pointing at each of us in turn. 'I really don't want to sound rude, but why exactly are you here?'

'Oh, the people we were hanging out with were being total bullies and we had enough of it. Is it alright if we hang out with you?' Dan answers me, and after looking at Mikey and Ray, we agree.

We tell them about our band, which we don't have a name for yet, and that we LOVE horror movies. And we're very into zombies and stuff like that. It turns out that they like that as well, and I can see that we're going to get on well. The bell goes and we hurry off towards our different form rooms. Me and Frank discuss Josh and co in form, and we come to the conclusion that they're decent people and we should try and be good friends with them. Bob isn't included in the conversation because he's busy listening to Deaf Havana. He's recently got into them and won't stop listening to them.

Frank's POV

In my first lesson, I'm with Gerard, Chris and Max and we all sit in a row I front of the computers. We muck around, looking on band websites, looking at funny band pictures and searching for places on Google Earth. We have a really good time, and I go to PSHE with Gerard.

We find Josh and Matt waiting outside, and we join them. We're learning about alcohol and Josh looks uncomfortable, as does Gee, when Mrs Elloit starts teaching us about how it'll cause liver failure and you will die. I guess that Gerard has a few secrets of his own, and so does Josh. I'm not going to try and find out about Josh, but I need to know about Gee seeing as he's my boyfriend.

The lesson finishes and we head back to the bench. Me and Gee stand up so Dan and Chris can sit down, and I wish I was sitting on his lap. Gerard's lap, I mean. Yesterday we booked the music room for band practise so we agree to share the room and hear each other play. Break finishes and I go to RE with Ray and Max.

An hour later, I make my way to Chemistry on my own, knowing that Gee'll be waiting there, perhaps with one of the other guys. I find that Gerard's talking with Josh about singing, and I'm pleased he's found someone who does the same sort of thing as him.

At lunch, we quickly grab lunch using the special passes the music teacher gave us, and we run up the stairs. In the room, I spot Gee's guitar that I brought in, and get it out of it's case. Bob sits down at the drums, and Mikey and Ray get out their own instruments. Josh, Max, Matt, Chris and Dan make themselves comfortable as we start tuning our guitars.

Once we're done, we decide to play Skylines and Turnstiles, because it was the one song that we could all put everything into, plus it was the only song that was ours. We start playing, and as Gerard starts playing, the other's jaws drop. Not that I notice, I'm too busy getting lost in the music. Seriously, it sounds so beautiful, I might cry. But I won't.

When the song finishes, we look up as the other's sit there in amazement. I didn't think it was that good, but apparently it was. 'You wrote that yourself?' Josh asks, and we all nod.

'Now it's your turn' Ray grins, and we all sit down while they get their own guitars out. Josh says to us that they've written this song themselves, and it's called If I Were In Your Shoes. That's a pretty good name for a song, and it sounds good already.

They start playing, and they're really good. Vocally, I couldn't fault Josh, Max and Chris were really good at guitar, Matt kicked ass at bass, and Dan was amazing playing the drums. However, I couldn't find that deep connection that we had when we played Skylines and Turnstiles while they played. Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome song, but it didn't have that raw energy in it.

We play some Greenday together (they love them as well) and then the bell goes, meaning we have to stop playing. Afterwards on the bus, I try to explain to Gerard what I meant about If I Were In Your Shoes not having the raw energy, and he agreed with me. Ray started humming American Idiot, so we had to start singing it really loudly. As usual.

Gerard starts writing a new song when we get home while I practise on his guitar for a bit. I looked over his shoulder once and I caught the words 'I could blow my brains against the ceiling' and I think it's gonna be just as great as Skylines and Turnstiles.

That was so random, putting ymas in there, but oh well. Does anyone else read Mike or Milky as Mikey? Anyway, I hope it was alright, and please R&R because it makes me feel so much better that people are enjoying this (I think) so yeah. mychemicalpony :D
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