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Cemetery Drive

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Kind of a filler chapter, but read it anyway! MCR and YMAS hang out together again.

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]Sorry if this chapter is really badly written, I'm getting over an overdose of paracetamol and I'm really depressed right now. And I figured writing this would help. Anyway, this is just a filler chapter so it might be a bit shorter than usual. Also the title doesn't really have anything to do with it XD[

Gerard's POV

'Josh, that is SICK.' I say to him, after he expresses what he would like to do with an orange girl that walked past. And it involved certain methods of torture. Which isn't nice.

'You do know I would never actually do that, right?' He answers me. So I pretend to not hear him, and he pretend punches me. I giggle at that, and I glimpse Frankie looking a bit hurt. I make a mental note to make him feel really special after school, seeing as he's my boyfriend.

We're sitting on the bench at lunch on Friday,mainly because we couldn't do band practise again. Josh is a really nice guy, and we're really good friends now. Ray seems to be getting on with Dan and Max well, and Mikey and Matt are pretty much best friends. Frank and Chris don't seem to get on amazingly, but then again, Frank isn't really friendly with any of them. I wonder why.

Mikey's POV

Matt is so funny, it's unbelievable. He's got me in fits of laughter, and now I can't breathe. I feel a bit guilty about not paying much attention to Ray, but he's too busy talking to Dan and Max to notice really. Gerard and Josh are getting on really well. I mean REALLY well. He's kind of ignoring Frank, and he's (Frank) looking a bit dejected. I guess he could talk to Chris, but he doesn't seem to want to make contact with any of the ymas guys.

Frank's POV

I can't believe it. I mean, I thought I was Gee's boyfriend. Not Josh. I feel like everyone's happy except me, which they probably are. I mean, Gerard's got someone to talk to about singing and writing lyrics, and Mikey, Ray and Bob seem happy enough talking to the others. I don't want to get close to anyone apart from Gee, Mikey, Ray or Bob, simply because I can't trust anyone else not to hurt me. Mentally or physically.

In fact, I wonder if Gerard still wants to be my boyfriend. It's not like he does anything special with me out of school, so he probably doesn't like what he's got himself into. That's it, I'll break up with him after school.

Yeah, this chapter is weird. In fact, it's Pretty. Odd. Haha, see what I did there? I'll stop trying to be funny now. I hope you enjoyed, and I'll hopefully update again today. Thanks for reading! mychemicalpony :)
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