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Okay, okay.

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An authors note.

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So a few people have brought this up. I can now give you the ending to this story if you really want it. BUT the thing is I haven't written it yet. I'll just tell you the ending if you're pretty much done with this story and just wants to know what happens. I understand that I sort of "screwed" with some of your guys' emotions, and a few people seem to want this done. I guess this is my way of making it up to you lol. But I'm not going to post it anywhere, since some of you had said that leaving it in the open would be too much temptation for those who still want to wait. I think this is the best compromise possible. If you want to wait until its an actual written chapter, then you'll have to wait a while -- but I'll hopefully be able to write it soon.

I am just going to trust you to not spoil it for everyone else.

Hit me up over here: or on my tumblr: (If you'll be on anon though, I won't answer it. Just email me in that case.)

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