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51. False Comfort

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"Gerard should have felt relieved, but his sensation fear only rose. Surely, this must be some sort of maniacal trap." Suggested by Heartbreak_Beauty

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A/N: Hey there, well I guess this chapter is sort of the "rest period" after last chapters ride. But after this, it's back to the onslaught.

PS I'm glad to say that I have received generally positive reception from those who now know how this all ends, in case you were curious.

51. False Comfort

The meal had changed.

Why had the meal changed?

Gerard looked down at his paper plate, where instead of his usual sandwich and rotting fruit or vegetable, there was a chicken leg -- a whole, even hot chicken leg. And at the side of it, a small plastic container of mashed potatoes with a plastic spoon.

It's a trap. It had to be. But his stomach growled at him, telling him to ignore his paranoid instincts to feed his primal ones. Gerard allowed his mouth to water from staring at it, before he finally gave in and dove for it.

As he chowed down, he lamented on the other things that had seemed slightly different as well. He wasn't sure how, or why, but even the room he was in seemed slightly different since he had woken up from that heinous dream. Yet if you asked him, he would not be able to put his finger on what details he specifically thought were different, except maybe that the door seemed more off to the right than usual.

He had not seen the healer since. He seemed to have passed out from his injuries when the blackbirds had roasted him, and when he awoke, which was not too long ago, he was already wrapped in bandages.

Gerard was nearly done eating the meal, when the dreadful sound of the door opening caught his attention. And in walked a single blackbird.

One single one, which Gerard was happy to see. This meant no one would be holding him down today. Of course, more could follow -- but he felt optimistic.

The blackbird came towards his mattress, and Gerard searched it's hands for any sort of object. He looked to his pockets and found something small and square looking causing it to protrude, but that was all.

When the blackbird reached him, he sat down next to him. The mattress creaked in an eerie way, and Gerard's skin crawled with the blackbird being so close. And then the blackbird asked him possibly the strangest thing he had heard anyone say since he had arrived here.

"How are you?"

It had no hint of malice, no sarcasm. Gerard should have felt relieved, but his sensation fear only rose. Surely, this must be some sort of maniacal trap. Doing what he felt was best, he kept his silence in response to the question.

"I know it's been tough." the blackbird raised an arm, and Gerard flinched, but the arm came down gently upon his bony shoulders. "But don't worry, it'll be over soon."

The voice was that of an ordinary man, one that had no real identifiable qualities like roughness or high pitched tones. He couldn't tell if he had met this one before.

"Just a little while longer." the blackbird continued on, "And you'll be going home soon. Here, I brought you something."

The blackbird reached into his pocket, and Gerard thought that surely, he was in for it now. It would be some sort of taser or blade or something that would blow his eyes out somehow. He held his breath as the blackbird pulled it out, only to realize that it was in fact, an iPod Touch.

"I don't have headphones for you. But you can play music on the speakers." the blackbird told him as he unlocked it. The lock screen had a cartoon bunny's face on it, and the wallpaper was a simple black. He pressed on the music icon, and songs titles came onto the screen. Gerard looked closely and recognized all the ones that he saw -- because they were songs from his own band. The blackbird jumped down to the S section and selected Summertime.

The acoustic intro began to play, filling the room with its sweet sound. The blackbird put the iPod down on the mattress and simply began rubbing Gerard's back as the song continued its course.

"There we go..." He purred at Gerard, caressing his back in circular motions. "Just relax, everything's going to be alright."

Gerard was, as one could imagine, severely confused at this point. He tried his best not to let his guard down, but the blackbird was soothing him in all the places in which he ached, as though he knew exactly where to go.

At one point, the hands that had been rubbing circles on his skin moved upward onto his shoulders. This was the beginning of a truly amazing massage. Gerard almost found himself moaning with relaxed pleasure.

"They'll let you go soon kid, they have no reason to keep you here. You just need to focus on regaining some strength so you can find your way home. You might even be let go tonight." the blackbird told him, as he continued his message of ecstasy.

He was making him feel so lovely, whispering words of comfort.

"Shh, I know... you're okay... you're okay.... it's almost over. You're almost there, Gerard. Don't give up now."

Summertime ended and Interlude came on.

Saints protect her now...

"I - I don't want to be here anymore. I'm so tired of being here."

The words escaped from his lips before he could stop them.

"I know honey, I know. You won't be for much longer, I promise."

Come angels of the lord...

"All I can see is pain. All I can feel is fucking pain..."

"You're going to be just fine, Gerard. You'll go home to your daughter and wife, and you can be a family again. "

Gerard suddenly felt drowsy, his eyelids heavy. He decided that he felt safe with this blackbird , and so he succumbed to the tiredness. He fell asleep before he heard this last line, his eyes focused on a faceless man.

Maybe, the next time he woke up, their promise of salvation will have been fulfilled.

...Come angels of unknown.

Next Chapter: "It's been so long, feels like pins and needles in my heart! So long, I can feel it tearing me apart!"
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