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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine

He cautiously entered the house from the basement and looked around. It was dark, the air was so much clearer than the basement and despite the lack of light nothing was hazy. However he was still on guard, he wasn’t sure if Shannon would come behind him or be waiting for him somewhere. He was scared because he didn’t know what the hell was happening, why he was here, what the hell they wanted with him. Knowing would have given him the advantage, in the meantime he just had to get the hell out of there.

His boots creaked the wood floor beneath him and he reached out to make sure he didn’t bump into anything. Once he was outside of the house he let out a long sigh of relief. He had made it which meant that Shannon was no doubt not in the house. He closed the door quietly and then turned around to walk away from the house but he stopped in his tracks. He felt fear creep up inside of him again, he felt weak feeling all that again.

Shannon stood leaning back against a car, a small smirk on his lips and his eyes full of a silent mockery. “Going somewhere?” He asked, letting his crossed arms drop to his sides.

Jared didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t run now, could he? He had managed to stop him before. Or maybe the fear of getting bound up again was what kept him there.

“Scarlett must have let you go.” He was so calm as if he had no problem at all with his captive leaving.

Jared glanced at the house behind him and then back at Shannon without saying a word. He saw the air sweep through Shannon’s hair. Again he was so damned jealous he couldn’t feel it.

“Well I’m not going to stop you.” He pushed off the car and approached Jared where he stood on the front steps. He smiled at the furrow of Jared’s brows. “My job is finished here.”

“That’s it? You’re going to let me go?” Jared hated the way he stammered but the surprise was strong.

“Of course…Why would I keep you here?” Shannon moved past him and towards the door.

Jared stared ahead of him unsure if this was a trick or something. He was afraid that if he took a step away from the house something terrible would happen.

“Enjoy your last days…” Shannon said before disappearing into the house and closing the door.

Jared turned to look at the shut door and swallowed harshly. Those words had been so cryptic and the fear that had gripped him because of it was worse than the fear that had overtaken him when he had woken up in chains.

What the hell had that meant? Death suddenly seemed closer and everything around him seemed more threatening than it had before. He still walked away though and he still tried to taste that small bit of freedom of being let go from his captivity.
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