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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

He had relentlessly attempted to get free of the chains binding him there but all in vain. The trying only made him weaker and the weakness only made him less ambitious. He just wanted to get out of there, get back to his normal way of living, and try -if possible- to forget all of this had happened. Including Scarlett. The thought for the moment seemed pointless. He would never forget this, not for the entire eternity he was bound to suffer through.

He heard her footsteps again coming down the stairs and for the moment he wished she would go away. He didn’t want to see that beautiful face, didn’t want to know that she had him wrapped around her finger as if he were a ball of yarn. He hated her. He was allowed that wasn’t he?

“Jared?” She called out as she came into view, the hazy light stifling her features.

He didn’t answer, he slid his eyes shut and tried to feign sleep of some sort. He didn’t want to play the fool again, he was supposed to have learned from all these years of life. If that was even what it was.

She softly sighed and went up to where he was. He could feel her eyes on his face and the thought that he wasn’t going to look at her nearly drove him crazy. Her hand touched his cheek and he bit back any reaction. He couldn’t give in and remain a prisoner to wicked intoxication.

“Jared…” She whispered, her voice somewhat broken. Hadn’t she been broken before? When she had so intricately asked for his help? Look where that had led him.

She stayed like that for the longest time. Looking him over as if she wanted to study his features, wanted to understand something about him that she had yet to discover. But the thought that her presence there was that innocent was ridiculous. This whole situation was ridiculous and he hated her for dragging him into it.

He felt her hands go to his and lightly touch the chains at his wrist. He heard a dangling of something and then the click of the bindings unlocking. His arms went free and for fear of stumbling he opened his eyes and tried to gain some sort of balance.

“Go.” She ordered. She didn’t meet his eyes, the keys hung from her fingers.

He didn’t know what to say. He was afraid of what may be awaiting him once he tried to escape. Was he really supposed to trust her? Was he supposed to really think that she would let him go so easily after spinning this web? It made no sense but freedom tasted better than intelligence and so he darted towards the staircase, restraining himself from looking back at her.
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